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  1. This DLC could not have come at a better time. I've been addicted to this game, and been playing it almost exclusively since launch. I was just starting to get bored with the game, and then DLC came: it locked key activities, it requires really cumbersome steps to upgrade weapons and armour, and probably the worst part is, the new legendaries are awful-- there's isn't a single weapon I want to purchase. Thus, I have very little interest in the game right now, and I can move on to different games.
  2. Obviously, you were not worthy. Or perhaps there were brief moments in the match where you did not show your opponents the true meaning of war. That can affect exotic drops.
  3. I had a choice between exotic bounties for Bad Juju or Thorn, and I chose Bad Juju. Yes, you may go ahead and laugh. I really want Hawkmoon, I know it's a PS exclusive, but does it just drop randomly? Wow, really? The rate of fire on Invective is key because you can play aggressively and not rely on camping tight corners. I have the New Monarchy shotgun, Judgment, which has a stellar impact but terrible rate of fire. It really forces me to play more conservatively because if there is more than one person, I'm probably dead. Also, Invective has a perk that allows it regenerate ammo over time, like the Ice Breaker, which is invaluable for strikes with the "Juggler" modifier. I desperately need a good fusion rifle. Other than an exotic because the bounty for Pocket Infinity is absurd, what legendary one do you recommend?
  4. Oh my, the Invective is a beauty! I love shotguns in PvP, so IMO, this is the best weapon I've used-- nothing even comes close. The full auto perk is not even fair. I can confidently go into a group of 3 opponents and come out alive most times now. Also, since the update, I'm loving my scout rifle now. It feels a lot like the DMR from Halo.
  5. I made a colossal error last night. So, I usually dismantle all the crap gear I get right after I complete the game/mission from the various activities, but last night, I accidentally dismantled a fully upgraded legendary chest armour for my warlock. I was not upset really, just disappointed because I remember thinking that this would happen sooner or later with how regularly you have to dismantle gear you get that you don't need. Sigh, I know it's a little thing, but if Bungie was wise, it would have change the button scheme for dismantling legendary/exotic gear so that it was not the same as other items. That way you can't dismantle it accidentally. So be careful folks, don't make my mistake.
  6. No fucking way? So I have to grind XP for the next level and half of Vanguard, and I will not earn another mark before I can even spend the marks I already have? That means a minimum of another 70 strike missions before I can even spend my marks. Vanguard bounties give you less XP too compared to Crucible bounties, on average. I have zero motivation to play another strike now. Thanks for telling me. I've done a few patrols, but I found those kinda tedious. At least the strikes are a little more challenging, and you since the update you can pick up a lot of engrams. But yeah, I agree, there needs to get another playlist with higher level strikes. SAME PROBLEM! And, they are usually really bad legendary snipers with a really low impact rating so it's like throwing rocks at people when you use them in Crucible. All you do it make them angry, and telegraph your exact location on the map. Also, can we discuss how awful matchmaking is in this game? First, why isn't there matchmaking for the daily/weekly/nightfall strikes? I'm willing to forgive the Raid not having it because to some extent, I understand the logic, but for strike missions, that's totally unacceptable. Furthermore, when there is matchmaking like in the Crucible, it's totally unbalanced, and never is this more obvious than in Iron Banner. I consistently end up on teams where I am carrying the team or in the top 2, and if I'm being completely honest, if I'm carrying the team, that's a fucking woeful team.
  7. This is my dilemma with the Regime and Gjallarhorn. I don't have another good primary weapon that I'm comfortable with in Crucible, so I only ever use my Gjallarhorn when I'm playing strike missions. This is also why I've not been in any rush to complete the Invective bounty, which I've had for over 3 weeks now. I wish Bungie would take the cap off the exotic limits. I grind the Tiger strike missions regularly, but there's seriously only so many times you do the same mission over and over again before you lose you mind. By the time you got level 2 Vanguard XP, you must have had a hell of a lot of marks to spend eh? I'm at 200, and I'm halfway to level 1, which means I'll have a minimum of 800 marks by the time I get to level 2. I've resigned myself to stop buying exotic engrams. I've bought 2 myself, and both were useless. You're gonna hate me, but if I'm being completely honest, both the times I had exotics drop in Crucible, I finished in the middle or near the bottom in score on my team. I feel for you man, there's no way that people should not get rewarded handsomely for completing the raid. What is your cryptarch rank? That matters too. The higher the rank the greater the chance you'll get better loot from engrams. Also, what about when you levelled up-- both cryptarch level ups and crucible/vanguard level ups give you free legendary stuff via the postmaster. Did that not give anything either?
  8. This is the Vanguard auto rifle, right? That's a great gun. I regularly get cut down with that gun-- it's one of the few guns that matches the Suros Regime in PvP. IMO, the Vanguard has best legendary weapons across the board, but getting to level 3 XP is going to take forever! I already have over 200 vanguard marks, and I'm just half way between level 0 and level 1.
  9. So it seems to me that Bungie has increased the frequency of legendary and exotic drops now or I've just been very lucky. I've had 2 highly coveted exotics weapons drop from just playing the crucible (Suros Regime and Gjallarhorn), and I've received another 2 exotic bounties (Invective and Thorn)-- one of which I've ditched because I don't care for hand cannons. Furthermore, with the exception of my shotgun, all the legendary weapons I have were NOT purchased: this includes 3 snipers, a scout rifle, a pulse rifle, and a machine gun. What do the rest of you have in your arsenal?
  10. The story missions are awful and very repetitive. The best way I can describe Destiny is as a jack of all trades and master of none. It feels like the focus was quantity, not necessarily quality. Don't get me wrong, I like the game and I've enjoyed playing it, but I play PvP almost exclusively. I'm a huge Bungie fan too, and since making the move to Playstation for the first time ever this generation, Destiny allows me to bask in some good-old Halo nostalgia. Also, the grinding you have to do after level 20 is pretty ridiculous, but I've heard that's standard for MMOs/RPGs.
  11. Yup, I feel the same way. If you use the Sunslinger loadout it's even more ridiculously OP because every time you kill someone with your melee, you get an overshield for 10 seconds after.
  12. Fusion rifle is a lot like the Rail gun from Halo 4, except without any splash damage. It really depends with the weapon-- if it has a low impact rating, you'll need more than one shot to take out someone in PvP at a medium range, which can be problematic because of its charge time. I always try different loadouts, but I always come back to shotgun+melee; it's just too good to give up on (in PvP). I've never used the shotgun in PvE.
  13. This is by far the most frustrating aspect of game. Beyond the fact that purple engrams almost always get downgraded when they are decoded, it's even more heartbreaking when one finally becomes a purple and it's for a different class. I bought an exotic engram from Xur (knowing the risks) and it was a helmet for a different class than my character. I knew it was possibility, but it still sucks because of how much grinding goes into getting motes of light. I think this week's patch will change cryptarch's nature of decoding too. From now on, all engrams will decode at their given colour, at the very least, with an increased possibility now for blues to become purples and purples to be yellows. With this update, if they don't patch the new cave, it's gonna be a gongshow.
  14. It was patched on Wednesday.
  15. This cryptarch is a real a-hole. 8 legendary engrams and 1 legendary sniper to show for it, which wouldn't be so bad, except I'm terrible with the sniper in PvP and almost never use it.