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  1. OK, I was under the impression that because the NHL recognized contracts from other leagues that they were considered SPC as well but after doing some research, like you said, it refers to an NHL contract and includes players on loan to European leagues, thanks for pointing that part out.
  2. It's not about where he will be when his next contract ends, it's about where he is right now, right now he would be considered group 6 based on his age, pro years played, games played in NHL
  3. 1) He is 25 ( Born Aug. 30 1994 ) 2) He has more than 3 professional seasons ( European pro leagues count ) 3) He has only played 79 regular season games in the NHL https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=159881 So with that I believe that right now he would be considered Group 6 meaning any contract he signs would make him a UFA when the contract expires no matter how long it is.
  4. If he is considered a Group 6 free agent, as some on here have suggested, he would become an unrestricted free agent after his next contract regardless of how long it is and how old he is according to the CBA "Any Group 6 Player shall, at the expiration of his SPC, become an Unrestricted Free Agent and shall be completely free to negotiate and sign an SPC with any Club, and any Club shall be completely free to negotiate and sign an SPC with such Player, without penalty or restriction, or being subject to any Right of First Refusal, Draft Choice Compensation or any other compensation or equalization obligation of any kind."
  5. That's pretty funny that they list them as the Coyotes, the Devils, and the Hurricanes
  6. Back in the late '70's early '80's it was the top 16 teams in the league that made the playoffs regardless of divisional or conference standing with the first round being a best of 5 series. In 1981 the first round featured the Vancouver Canucks against the Buffalo Sabers, the Sabers won the series 3 games to 0 but what I remember most from that series was Tiger Williams accidentally on purpose wacking Scotty Bowman over the head with his hockey stick
  7. Don't they also come in the pirate pack at White Spot?
  8. I've been re watching Battlestar Galactica because of Battlestar Galacticast with Tricia Helfer as she watches each episodes and gives some incite into the series, loved that series, and catching up on the latest season of Black Sails
  9. I wonder how much influence former NHL players who are returning to KHL front offices are having on these decisions, on a recent Kess and Juice podcast where they had Markus Naslund as a guest he was talking about his time as GM of Modo in Sweden and he tried implementing a more NHL structured system, more professional as far as how the team was run and he got a lot of resistance. Regardless it's good to see, better for hockey over all
  10. I think you are totally correct on this, the last thing JB wants to do is antagonise Avtomobilist or the KHL in anyway and that's why we have nerd nothing from the Canucks regarding his status As for the KHL going to smaller ice size I wonder if that has anything to do with the IIHF coming out and saying they would like all future tournaments to be played on the smaller ice surface https://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/international-hockey-competitions-may-move-to-nhl-sized-ice-iihf-president-1.4241909 It would be great if the NHL and KHL can finally come up with a transfer agreement, and the KHL being run more professionally will be great for European hockey, looking forward to reading the article.
  11. I do not believe he would be considered a defected player (group 4 free agent) because of two lines from the CBA under group 4 free agent, the first one is "who, having had an SPC with a Club, the provisions of which have not been completely fulfilled, contracts for a period including any part of the unfulfilled portion of his SPC" He did fulfill his contract to the Canucks, the 2nd part that would suggest he does not fall under this category is this line "A Player who plays out his final season and enters into a contract for a period including the following season with an unaffiliated club or with any other professional hockey club shall not be deemed to be a "Defected Player". So to me that would mean he does not fall under this category. There is a line in the Group 6 free agent category that makes me believe he would not be an unrestricted free agent and that line is "Any Group 6 Player shall, at the expiration of his SPC, become an Unrestricted Free Agent and shall be completely free to negotiate and sign an SPC with any Club" So to me that means he is still the property of the Canucks, that and the fact that he is on our reserve list but once his next contract is done, regardless of how long his next contract is, he will become an unrestricted free agent. I too am no lawyer but the wording does not seem to complicated, I've actually been enjoying reading it. I agree with you discussion is good especially when we have something to back up our points.
  12. Congrats, I think you may have found something in the CBA that could allow him to sign this year if there is a resumption in play, the first sentence in the group 6 free agent says "Means any Player who is age 25 or older who has completed three (3) or more professional seasons, whose SPC has expired and: (i) in the case of a Player other than a goaltender, has played less than 80 NHL Games" NIkita is 25 and according to hockey stats has only played in 79 NHL games. Thank you for using the CBA to base your argument
  13. In other words what you are saying is you still didn't read the post
  14. Read the whole post I made where you found that article and it should be pretty clear why I brought it up.
  15. A group 2 free agent is what everyone refers to as an RFA, after a player plays out his ELC he becomes a group 2 free agent or RFA (restricted free agent), which means we own his rights. When his contract ends or is terminated by his current club he will become an RFA or group 2 free agent, because he is not 27, has not played 10 years in the league he still falls under the group 2 free agent or RFA
  16. If your quote from the CBA means he is not a group 2 free agent then that is great, I really hope you are right, I really want you to be right, I want to see him back this year.
  17. You are obviously just picking stuff out without reading the whole thing, like I have said many times, that whole section does not apply to Tryamkin because he is not going through waivers and he is not on loan to any club. When his contract ends or is terminated he would then be a group 2 free agent, according to group 2 free agent rules if he is not signed by signed by Dec 1st he can not play in that season, please find me something to show me he will not be a group 2 free agent
  18. Did you read the title of that section: Waivers and loans of players to minor league clubs, Tryamkin will not be going through waivers and he has not been loaned to any club. That is why I said this whole article has nothing to do with Tryamkins situation
  19. From what I understand the reserve list is for keeping his negotiation rights, I want to be wrong, I want to see him play for the Canucks this year and help us get into the playoffs, I want someone to show me something that says he can play this year and I'm not talking about a fan site or an article about the Leafs signing players that quotes part of the CBA that has nothing to do with Tryamkins situation
  20. And when that contract expires or is terminated by his KHL club he becomes a Group 2 Free Agent
  21. Are you sure, did you get that from the CBA? I hope you are right, I would love to see him on the team for the playoff push, but what I have been reading suggests no.
  22. Show me in the CBA where it says it doesn't matter. Section 8.6 is titled Reserve List - Exclusive Rights, show me where it says it doesn't matter