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  1. That sucks, but good to know. Thank you for your reply
  2. Does anyone here know if you have dual US and Canadian citizenship, are your gains on TFSA's protected from American taxes? My significant other is US/Canadian and we have had conflicting information regarding TFSA's.
  3. Give me some ointment I need an appointment
  4. To be productive you have to accomplish something. Signing the petition will not be productive at all because it will accomplish nothing. You can go ahead and sign it and give yourself a false sense of morality if you want, but if people really feel strong about this, it will take more than putting your name on a random internet webpage.
  5. The funny thing is, I wouldn't doubt that reasoning going through Gregor's head. He is probably giving himself a pat on the back over that and figuring out how he can shift all the blame to the provincial and federal governments
  6. I'm sure Russia doesn't give a flying f__k about that petition. Signing it is nothing but a waste of time
  7. What? On a Saturday night sometimes I like watching some hockey even when the Flames aren't playing. If the Canucks are playing the Ducks, I could care less who wins, but I like to wind down by watching a game. Would not not make me a neutral fan in that case?
  8. As was said, it happens in every arena at one time or another. When I was living in Vancouver, I have been to Canucks game while wearing my Flames jersey and been threatened and taunted and things thrown at me, where as other times, Canucks fans have been great to me, shaking hands after the game. I've seen opposing fans in Calgary get beaten up too. In the arena, no fans are anymore classless than any others.
  9. C'mon man. You guys need to stop pretending there is a league/refereeing/broadcast bias against the Canucks. There isn't. I have watched more than enough Canucks games as a neutral fan to see there is nothing wrong. As a Flame fan, I'm not going to say anything about this series because you will accuse me of my own bias. However, the rest of the country has the intelligence to not notice the bias that doesn't exist.
  10. It doesn't matter who is calling Canucks games, some of you will always think there is bias against them. To the people moaning about broadcast bias, I think your selective listening is biased to only pick up on negativity. Stop being crybabies and just watch the damn game like a grown up.
  11. Sorry for nit picking, but you need to cut that dollar figure in half. Exxon is spending $100 million a day. I see your point though, it's still an astronomical amount of money
  12. Are you kidding? This is huge for CDC and brings a whole new dimension to CDC's endless "Is God Real?" debate that quite honestly goes no where no matter what is laid out on the table. Look, from this news all it took was the first reply and the subject was already started.
  13. While I may not be a fan of pipelines, what's the alternative? Our society is dependent on petroleum and the stuff has to move somewhere somehow. The only other way to move oil in large volumes across land is by rail. I'm sure I know what the residents of Lac Magantic would prefer. With CN derailing another train in Saskatchewan last month, I don't think my faith in oil by rail is very high right now.
  14. All I found was a bunch of dolts on internet forums presenting baseless claims and theories with nothing to back themselves up, much like...