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  1. We most likely won’t be able to use him until the next series at the very earliest. Let’s hope we get there!
  2. He skated on his own off the ice. I think he had to go under the mandated concussion protocol or he separated his shoulder. Both of which, I think he would be ok enough to play in 2 days time
  3. LE has to stay with Bo. I doubt TT will be available for this series anyways. Let’s make it to the next round before we think about that!
  4. As much as I have been upset with LE and even argued his demotion to the minors, he has done one good thing with his “little things”. His defensive play has allowed Bo to flourish offensively. LE must stay on that line (for now).
  5. I hope that the Canucks lodge a complaint on this ridiculous officiating. It is unbelievable at how awful it was. Sutter boarded (which led to a penalty against us!) Myers boarded (which led to an injury) Edler high sticked (which led to a goal) Marky get run over (we get the penalty when it happens the other way) What the bloody hell
  6. NHL doesn’t want the Canucks to win. Refs are definitely biased here. Unbelievable. Purely disgusting