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  1. Who goes on Pettersson's line to protect him?

    One of the issues with this is that the team and coach claimed they had no idea what happened, so a reaction was not possible (other than a poster saying that Stetcher was on the ice and appeared to have clear vision). The other problem is we can’t call up a goon. Those days are gone, we need a player that can play in this modern NHL who also has a bit of size and can fight well. God rest his soul, Rick Rypien was the best we ever had for this role. I don’t think there is anyone close to this in the Canucks organization.
  2. Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    He has apologized. Good work by all the fans who sent the tweets and emails to him and his employers. I think it’s time the mods lock away this thread.
  3. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    I thought Sam Gagner would have been called up considering how much that guy is getting paid! Lol. I wonder where Gagner is on the debt chart for returning to the club...
  4. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Agreed. I am am so upset that no one on the team stepped up and did anything. I am embarrassed for the kid to be on a team like this. Just pathetic.
  5. ESPN rates Canucks forwards...

    This team will be $&!#. Our defence is the worst in the NHL and now they are saying the forwards will be as crappy. Wow.
  6. The Canucks have never had a superstar elite defenceman in its history (we would have won a Cup if we did). We came close with B level D-men but that’s all. Meanwhile, Ottawa had 2 of them in their short history (Chara / Karlsson) and just let them slip away for just peanuts...
  7. Wow. Ottawa gets crap in return for the best defenceman in the NHL. Meanwhile folks here were saying Ottawa would never have taken some of the offers we could have made that did not include the JB’s untouchables.....
  8. Well there it goes. Very unfortunate for the Canucks. I really wanted him here but also agreed with JB’s list of untouchables at the same time. This whole saga was ripping me apart! Lol
  9. [Signing] Stars re-sign Tyler Seguin

    I still can’t believe why the Bruins traded this guy. Same goes for Hall in Edmonton. Both these players were projected to be elite superstars from the beginning. How the hell dis the teams that drafted both these guys just let them go?!?!?!?
  10. Nope. Ottawa is in a jam like when we were with Kesler. We would have got more if the world didn’t know he wanted out. We got a bum deal out of that as will Ottawa with this.
  11. Getting tired of this. I wanted him here but at this point I just want this to end. I don’t know who is stalling this. Whether it’s Ottawa asking too much or EK not wanting to go at certain destinations, enough is enough. This sort of drama brings a black eye to the sport in my opinion.
  12. Pretty much. I never understood how he initially gave up a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd for Tatar in the first place. Now this?
  13. [PTO] Dennis Seidenberg with Islanders

    Still pissed about that. Not even a penalty. That idiot ought to have been suspended. But no, Rome delivering a one second late hit where the actual damn puck was, ended up being a suspension for the entire finals.
  14. You really think the Canucks are 3 years away from putting out a competitive team? Also, do you really think the ownership would be that patient? This game has a lot to do with the dollar. There is no way this ownership allows half empty arenas to go on for 3 more years. There is no way they are going to be focussing on collecting prospects and picks for another 3 years. The time to stop that will be a lot sooner (I think by end of this upcoming season). The good thing about acquiring EK is that he will likely remain elite for another 5 years and be better than any of our current roster defencemen for another 5 years after that. Hughes stands to learn a lot from EK and will hopefully turn out as so many here fantasize.
  15. Hughes turning into a EK is not a certainty. Be reasonable here. This guy is good with lots of great potential but the NHL is a whole new level. The second issue I have with your post is that even if we tanked, we are likely to get a raw deal in the lottery like we have been since the lottery began. A tanked season will help with the prospect pool but ownership will not be happy. The third point you made also doesn’t make sense regarding Price. There is no indication that Price is or will be available and his value in being a top tier elite goalie has dropped significantly. Not sure what your hate is on with our prospect goalies but they seem to be quite recognized. Yet again, as my point about Hughes, the NHL is a whole new level so they ought not to be too excited about until we see them in Canuck uniforms.