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  1. Wayne Gretzky This is the one most talk about and I was a huge fan of his but, I’m not so sure acquiring him would have earned the Canucks the Cup. 1988 - The Coilers got 3 firsts, 15M, a and a top end young player (Carson). The Canucks didn’t have the money and no one on the team that was to the level of 100 point man Jimmy Carson (it’s ironic how we got him a few years later on a reclamation project that never panned out). 1996 - free agency was blown by McIdiot’s take it or leave it offer in the middle of the night but would this have been a smart move by ownership in getting him at this stage? Gretzky wanted a piece of ownership and only ended up playing just 3 more seasons with a much lower level of play.
  2. Just heard the sports guy on Global News saw that they may look at ending the season later in July. Wow
  3. I don’t get why the season is “suspended”. It ought to be cancelled. It will get worse and there won’t be a vaccine for about a year. This thing is spreading real fast and very easily. A lot more immune compromised and elderly will die from this.
  4. I loved Messier and honestly thought he would bring us a Cup. Terrible years. Hated him for how he floated with out the passion they mentioned. The good thing we got out of this was trading Linden for Bert and McCabe. Linden was on the decline while Bert ended up being the greatest power forward in Canuck history and McCabe who was a fantastic defenceman. This began a legacy of all legacies in sport trades! Bert a few years later got traded to the greatest goaltender in Canucks history; Luongo. McCabe got traded for a pick that later turned into one of the Sedins! But wait! Like in those info commercials, it’s not over yet! Luongo in about 10 years gets traded for Marky who is the current Canucks MVP. I’ve never seen a trade continue to pay such incredible dividends in more that. 30 years later!
  5. Suspended. It’s going to follow the NBA’s lead. I’m sure they will have a playoffs later if things calm down. Could be in July, who knows...
  6. As of after tonight’s games the Canucks are in the playoffs if the NHL does a playoff only resumption later:
  7. So what happens if Marky comes back in a few days? Would we be over the Cap? Does someone else need to be on LTIR for his return?
  8. Saw him walking into the tunnel and it looked normal. I’m sure he will be ok.
  9. I think we ought to focus on locking up Marky and TT first. Hopefully one of the prospects step up and replace one of the 7’s. Myers is here to stay. That contract is locked in. His mobility is crap but his size and stick are next level. He just needs good coaching and more confidence. I see flashes of greatness in him. Let’s hold off for now on casting him out as the next Del Zotto/Gubranson!
  10. They better get rid of them shorts then and start wearing their big boy pants!
  11. We are in the first wildcard because we have one more win than Nashville. 36 versus 35
  12. Those refs were brutal on all the non calls with the interference that went on. Canucks got so many posts and cross bars I thought I was watching the game in a metal shop! Demko let in 4 but he played huge tonight. That 5 on 3 barrage was outstanding goaltending. Glad to see him play Markyesk like that. TT and JT are such high end top 6 players. JB did a great job bringing these guys in. So impactful. The Canuck top 6 forwards look next level...