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  1. Canucks always lose on the draft lottery. No way we get the 1st overall. We also are less likely to finish bottom 3, reducing our chances dramatically. Meanwhile EK is not a lottery. It’s a purchase knowing you will get him. That, my friend, is bigger than a 7% chance at landing Jack.
  2. I find it funny that people are saying still why not wait till he is a FA. That’s not happening people! Ottawa has given permission for teams to negotiate a new contract for him before any trade. Let us also examine the value of pics and prospects. Say we give up a first and a defensive prospect like OJ (maybe even QH). Do any of you really think either of those two will become a EK? Let me remind you, EK has been and still is a top 3 D man for several years and will continue to be so for several more. He is the type of guy that will last the entirety of his next 8-10 year contract. Not only will he last, he will be still a top D man for most of those years. This is a no brainer for the Canucks who have one of the WORST defence squads in the NHL (half our defence doesn’t even belong in this league).
  3. Don’t say never! If it means getting the top 3 defenceman in the NHL....
  4. This reminds me of when the NHL knew that the Canucks were unloading Schneider. The longer it went the less we got. We eventually got a first and lucked out with Horvat. If the trade happened a year sooner, we could have gotten way more. Highly doubt this goes as long as that soap opera but I totally agree with you.
  5. [Report] 44 players elect salary arbitration

    My takeaway from this is that 1) Vegas is going to pony up big time for William Karlsson. He has earned a big raise. His regular season also translated into the playoffs and was arguably the best Knight other than Marc Andre Fleury. 2) Stetcher will be disappointed in his award as his season relatively sucked (this is kind of laughable that he filed). I say let him walk and let’s see what OJ and Hughes does.
  6. Exciting times for EK. He can pick and choose where he wants to go. Hmmmm, Tampa, Florida vs Ottawa, Ontario....he and his family must be giddy with excitement to leave that crap city and crap team.
  7. Nylander is no longer available. Their GM is keeping him: Dubas: 'We can, and we will' retain Matthews, Marner, Nylander Tanev for Kadri?
  8. Not sure but I would accept it as a Canucks fan. They may insist on Quinn Hughes rather than OJ. Would folks here be ok with that? I’m not sure...from all accounts the hype on Quinn seems rather high, mich higher than OJ.
  9. There goes my pipe dream of him landing here.
  10. Islanders got nothing for Tavares because they thought they could re-sign him. If they knew it would have turned out this way, I’m sure they would have traded him by the deadline and scored a nice return. Ottawa is being smart and know they are not going to be able to re-sign Karlsson. If you think Karlsson, a top 3 defenceman in the NHL, will go to free agency, you are dreaming. That will never happen.
  11. This would be JB’s best move if he could pull it off. I say EK would be a stud on this team for the entire duration of the contract. EK has been a top 3 Dman for several years and will be so for many many more
  12. [Signing] Penguins sign Jack Johnson

    Wow!!! Torts was on fire!!! He is mad
  13. Wow!!! St Louis overpaid big time. Berglund alone scored only 7 goals shy of O’Reilly! This in only 57 games while O’Reilly played all season. Then they also throw in a first and a second? Wow
  14. [Signing] Kings sign Ilya Kovalchuk

    This plus Doughty’s 11M and doesn’t Kopitar make 10M? Over 27M on 3 players!!!! How?