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  1. When you have a proven coach like Joel Quennville available, you take it over a Travis Green. Amazes me how you don’t see that. Also, refer to the priority list. Never said this was the first thing to be done. Maybe you should learn to read before you write.
  2. Priority should be as follows: 1) Re-up Edler and Markstrom for 2-3yrs 2) Sign Boeser to a long term contract. He is the real deal. 3) Sign a couple good to high end FA defenceman. If EK is available, then just do it. He is still a top 5 D man in this league. 4) Trade Eriksson to a cap floor team. He needs to go and after his bonus this July, his real salary is about 2mill per year to end of contract (very attractive to low budget teams). 5) Fire this coach. He had his shot, time to move on. There are more experienced coaches that need to come in here. Quenneville should be the target. If we miss the playoffs again next year, JB needs to be fired.
  3. This guy should play last few games of the Canuck season along with Quinn. Enough with Pouliot, that guy has got to go.