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  1. I’m not a doctor but from watching the video and this update, it looks like Quinn has a minor foot or ankle sprain. Hopefully he can be ready by tomorrow.
  2. Yup but if a Canuck did that, he would be suspended rest of the Stanley Cup playoff Finals when we are already down a defenceman. Thank you Bettman for 2011.
  3. Lol, no he wouldn’t. Dumb remark. This isn’t game seven of the Stanley Cup finals.
  4. Edler is a good defenceman but terrible on the PP.
  5. What I don’t get is why they would let him fly home. Shouldn’t he rest a few days before flying? The air pressure can’t be any good
  6. Given his history. This could be real bad. Poor guy
  7. He has been the only disappointment thus far into the season. I think he was trying to prove himself. Unfortunate result. Like I said in another post though Roussel is going to come back so, if Ferlund continued to disappoint, he would have been replaced regardless.
  8. I suppose the silver lining in all this is that if he is out for the season and we won’t worry about the Cap once Roussel returns.
  9. Good game. Looks like they checked EP real close. The others got to pick it up if that happens. Impressed with how Markstrom continues to play well. That bad start may hold off Demko because we need to wins to get ahead of of the other teams. Playoffs are the number one priority!
  10. We are blessed to have a great owner that cares about winning and less about finances.
  11. Hated Canucks by Canuck fans and both way over paid who gave no effort.
  12. I remember him like it was yesterday. I was one of the fools who thought we have a guaranteed cup and bought an ice pack. I know it very well. You are still not getting the point.
  13. You obviously did not read what I wrote. LE is a cancer. He shows the team you can sit on a 6M salary and not put any effort. Do you have any clue on what a team cancer is?
  14. I agree. Jake needs to take responsibility here. I also heard on 650 that the analytics when Jake is with EP and Brock show a decline in EP and Brock’s production. Therefore the argument of Jake needing better players has no logic for the team. Jake gets a slight increase in his own production but at the cost of losing production from our stars.
  15. Not since Messier has there been so much hate on for a Canuck player by Canuck fans. Messier, just like Loui, was way over paid for his production but it didn’t end there. His lack of effort, drive and motivation was so obvious as is with Loui. This unfortunately is infectious on team morale, giving a bad example to others on the teammates and line mates. To be paid so much and contribute so little, that becomes a poison on your team and creates a situation where others fall into the same lack of effort. Regardless of what Louie brings to the “PK”, he ought to have been cut for the sake of the team. (On another note. If both were signed to league min salaries none of us would be enraged as we are now. The worst part about Louie is that his contract is based in a cap world that Messier was never a part of).