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  1. Overpaid. He is too old for this kind of contract. Will bite them later. Some GMs will never learn. In Washington’s defence though, they haven’t really dealt with this issue as much as other teams. Unless your an Ovechkin, Crosby or McDavid, players in their 30’s should not be getting close to 10M per year for multiple years. When their skills and abilities drop, they drop quick and teams are stuck with their salary cap situations.
  2. Considering Kovalchuk has not become their saviour, let’s hope the Habs are still interested in Baertchi
  3. Really? No thanks, if I liked washed up hockey I would watch that Spenglers Cup tournament (or whatever it’s called). Might as well watch a beer league game at 8 Rinks...
  4. McDavid and Mathews on this matter: Two of the NHL's biggest stars are voicing their hope that the league will return to the Olympics. Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers want a chance to represent their respective countries on the world's biggest stage. They expressed their feelings one day after IIHF president Rene Fasel said the NHL has been given until the end of August to determine whether it will send players to Beijing in 2022. "A lot of guys take a lot of pride in playing for their country, so the Olympics is top of the tops as far as that goes," Matthews said on Monday ahead of his matchup with McDavid, according to Sportsnet's Luke Fox. "That'd be a pretty amazing experience to be able to put on the U.S. jersey and play in a tournament, for sure." McDavid feels the same way. "Anytime you get a chance to represent Canada on a best-on-best tournament, it's always so special and makes for the best hockey. So, I definitely hope that I get that opportunity one day," he said. The NHL didn't send its players to the games in 2018 for the first time since 1998. Matthews and McDavid are just two of the numerous players who have said they'd relish the opportunity to play in the Olympics. However, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman remained resistant to the idea when asked about it in November, saying the tournament is "incredibly disruptive" to the NHL season. The most recent best-on-best tournament for players over 20 years old was the World Cup of Hockey in 2016, when Matthews and McDavid dazzled as linemates on Team North America. Both players have also received a taste of international play at the world juniors and world championship. Matthews is currently second in the NHL in goals this season with 28, while McDavid is tied for the league-lead in points with 65 through 44 contests.
  5. We the fans are grateful. Hockey players are also generally very patriotic people and come from several power house hockey countries that they can represent. The NBA for example is predominantly US players, so it makes no sense in having a country rivalry anywhere near the scale of what is in the NHL.
  6. Well I’m the eyes of Bettman and the owners and still is. They may not have said it but when they say disruptive to their schedule, this is definitely a factor in their minds.
  7. The Olympics is a display of the worlds greatest athletes and is enjoyed by every hockey fan when our best are in there. The business side of of delivering the NHL to China for those couple weeks is not cost effective for them. The good of the game I speak of is doing what the fans and players want, not just the damn dollars. I think a lot of what Bettman has done is a natural progression of what was already going to happen. He is a little snake lawyer type who has absolutely no emotional ties for the game of hockey.
  8. I have no faith in Bettman doing anything good for the game. All he cares about is his greedy owners and himself.
  9. IIHF president Rene Fasel has set a deadline for the NHL to decide whether or not the league will participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Speaking at the closing press conference at the world juniors Sunday, Fasel said he needs a decision from commissioner Gary Bettman by the end of August, according to The Canadian Press. "We would like to have a decision as early as possible if they're coming to Beijing - 'Yes' or 'No,"' Fasel said. "In Pyeongchang, there was a late 'No.' Especially the North American teams, U.S. and Canada, had some problems to find the players and to build up a good team." The NHL informed the IIHF that it wouldn't be participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang 10 months prior to the event. It marked the first time since 1998 that the league didn't send its players to the Winter Games. In November, Bettman remained resistant to the idea of sending players to the Olympics, saying participation is "incredibly disruptive" to the NHL season. However, Fasel believes there's no greater stage for the game of hockey. "The first mission is to promote the game of ice hockey," Fasel said. "The Olympic Games is the unique platform we can use, especially in Asia, with the best on best. Asia is two-thirds of the population. I consider Gary a smart person. "He's smart. At the end, he will come ... I hope." There hasn't been a best-on-best international hockey tournament since the World Cup in 2016. The NHL said in December that a proposed World Cup in 2021 won't work, but the league is aiming to hold one in 2024.
  10. Seems as though World Junior officiating has always been an issue. We should have been penalized for that high stick and having their team go down 2 players as a result of the misconduct is ridiculous. Still pissed about Hoglander ejected in the first during the Sweden game. He was just bracing himself. Was so obvious!
  11. It’s just 700 freaking grand. Relax. The potential is well worth the signing. If he sucks you just drop him. Easy peasy
  12. Wow for league min and a 2 way contract? How can anyone say this is bad?!?!? If he just scores 10 goals, this contract is a success. Benning, where the hell were you on this? If Green has issues with his defensive play then he can use him mostly on the PP.
  13. This is embarrassing. The GM who selected these kids needs to re-evaluate. Were these the right choices? The coaching is very questionable when the players have no step from the beginning. How can the players not be jacked for this? Aside from possibly the wrong group being out there, perhaps they are not being coached right.
  14. He was a pylon on at least a couple of their goals. How could you say that? There is NOTHING pleasing about Canada’s game or any of their players.
  15. He should have been on this team last year but not so sure this year. He kind of dropped a step, which concerns me as a Canuck fan!