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  1. Seriously though, you are the most ignorant fool to think that way. Tell that to the countless victims in France, England, Germany and US. We are lucky to not have had an incident here. It's just a matter of time
  2. There is no future peace with an enemy that wants to destroy you. You need to remove that fantasy from your head. ISIS needs to be destroyed and all those that support them. This has nothing to do with bigotry.
  3. I would laugh but given all these recent atrocities, I would rather not. The world united against the Nazis, it's time we do it again.
  4. What should be done about these people? Please keep in mind that most Muslims are peaceful and good people, it's not the religion but rather the extremists (if it was the religion, the world would have already been conquered by the 1.5 billion Muslims). My opinion is that all these people need to be identified and destroyed. There is no other way. They pledge to kill us. We need to protect ourselves and show global unity against this. When I say we, I mean ANYONE that is not ISIS. Anyone being found to be a part of ISIS,in a group that is associated with ISIS or support ISIS in any way needs to be erradicated. No laws, no rights, just pure death. The world needs to act. Things have gone too far.
  5. You don't think a lot of this money is being sheltered from their home countries as opposed to "investments"?
  6. True. They will get their family to take care of things.
  7. Yeah it is a lot. I want it to be that way so we stop all of this. 50% is something a rich foreign buyer will think twice about as opposed to 15.
  8. My fav show to watch with the family. Lots of great acts this year. We are loving this season the most (love Simon as well) i don't like the fact that there are singers on this show, there are several other shows for that but I have to say that guy who sang the queen song and later radio head is the best singer I've ever heard.
  9. What an idiot and in the end, she cost her mom's life due to her stupidity. So dumb.
  10. Doesn't go far enough. The buyers have lots of money so make it a harder hit. 50% would be a good starting point.
  11. You may be waiting all summer. JB is in no rush. The FA list is exhausted, nothing but plugs left. Any improvement from here on is via trade (looking at some of the fan proposals, I would be a bit hesitant in doing one).
  12. Ok, I apologize if I was a bit harsh
  13. It's a report from a well known sports network and falls under the guidelines for proper threads. I think the mods do a very good job here. Way to throw them under the bus. Hope you get banned for your stupid comment.
  14. As per the Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports Canucks looking for big winger who can score Navin VaswaniJul 4 2016, 2:24 PM The Vancouver Canucks added Loui Eriksson in free agency, but they want more. In dire need of goals, Eriksson's going to help. He scored 30 times last season, and will form what should be a formidable all-Swedish first line with the Sedin twins. But Jim Benning knows the Canucks - the only team to score fewer than 200 goals in the Western Conference - need more offense. While the Sedins are around, Vancouver is going to chase a playoff spot. That much is clear early in an offseason in which the club has tried to get better for the immediate future. "If I had a crystal ball, I would say we'd try to add a winger who had some grit and size to him, who can score," Benning told The Province's Jason Botchford. Those players aren't available on the free-agent market, which means Benning is going to have to get what he wants via trade. And that won't be easy. Gone already is forward prospect and 2014 first-round pick Jared McCann, traded to Florida for defenseman Erik Gudbranson. Here's a look at the Canucks' depth chart up front: LW C RW Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin Loui Eriksson Sven Baertschi Brandon Sutter Jannik Hansen Alex Burrows Bo Horvat Jake Virtanen Ronalds Kenins Markus Granlund Derek Dorsett Emerson Etem Brendan Gaunce There isn't much to trade from that group. Prospects and/or draft picks could be used to pluck one of the pending 2017 unrestricted free-agent forwards, who are up there in age and who could help in the short term: Patrick Marleau, Patrick Sharp, and Jarome Iginla. None of those players fit the description Benning is looking for, though, with Iginla coming the closest. He scored 22 goals as a 38-year-old last season, so there's still game left on his stick. While Eriksson's bringing 30 goals to Vancouver, the Canucks are losing Radim Vrbata's 13 goals, and 44 over the last two seasons. Any way you look at it, there's still work to be done, which means the summer may still hold intrigue out west. - With h/t to Pro Hockey Talk Tagged in this article VAN NHL
  15. If you seen him at Mean Poutine then I'm not so sure he is fit enough to be playing anymore!