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  1. 10x$2.50=$25.00 $25.00-$21.00=$4.00 $4.00/10= $0.40 Where in the hell did you get that you are only saving a nickel??
  2. Wait just a minute!??!!? What about all the naysayers that said it wouldn't get enough ridership?????? Surely they couldn't have been wrong!!!! HUGE WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Great! Hopefully they will also start boring a tunnel out to UBC in the near future as well!!
  4. What I like is that this will shut up all the naysayers who said they were vastly overestimating ridership!! But you know what? Even if they were, we need transportation like this for the future.
  5. I work in one of the stores at Crossroads, and have been inside this room. Actually part of it was the first aid room for the site until they finished building Whole Foods. Basically at this point it is a large concrete room with a ramp coming down from the ceiling (sidewalk). The ramp is obviously what the stair/escalators will be cut into, at least for the first level. I'm pretty sure they would need to cut a hole in the floor and extend the ramp down further to get to the trains.
  6. happy b-day!! again :P

  7. Haha, that website was way better when it popped up a couple of boxes floating around the screen, and then when you tried to close it, more would pop up, so there would be like 150 little faces floating around your screen saying "you are an idiot hah ha ha ha aha"