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  1. Just curious but what's been your return after the last month or so?
  2. I get the sense that this series will benefit Vancouver if only because of the long layoff. The way I see it offense tends to be the first thing that returns, while defense takes at least half a season to get back into the groove. With our young guns I think we can overpower their defense early on and steal a couple of early wins. Hopefully that will be enough to get us into the 1st round.
  3. I know. However for the uninitiated reading these threads and the euphoria going on they could be suckered into a long term position. Therefore I felt it appropriate to leave a disclaimer for those who have not posted.
  4. Exactly as long as you remained disciplined in your trades whether the stock jumps way up after you've sold it you've still made a decent chunk of change. And with AriGold providing all the tips there is always something new to jump into haha.
  5. For sure Remark has a longer shelf life than most Pharmas because they actually have something they can sell to the public (vs Pharma that is a hope and a dream). They still don't have a sustainable business model because after Covid no one will be buying temperature scanners and I imagine they don't have a recurring business model. Typically when it comes to small cap companies like this whenever I see over 75-100 million$ in daily volume it's probably time to get out (Multiply daily volume by stock price). I am no expert on the matter but generally that is the case. Now could I see Remark going higher? Probably but it'll most likely revert back to it's trendline around $2 before making another move up.
  6. The problem with any company related to Covid is that these are all pump and dumps. Pharmaceuticals, Biotech companies, ReMark etc. None of these have sustainable businesses at super high valuations and should never be held long term. I remember during the whole Ebola craze when pharmaceuticals jumped couple hundred percent and eventually never to be heard of again. There is no money to be made there. Also there will always be good news like "Oh our vaccine works or our drug works" but 99% of the time they never pan out.
  7. In regards to QLGN it looks like there is significant support at the level it is at right now so if it went down it shouldn't be by much. This looks like a sell the pop stock like all the stocks that have been listed here the last few weeks. I have no idea what the news or fundamentals of this company are but there could be a chance it has another pop in the next few months and then I'd be getting out. Don't get greedy. As for ABIO, that was a crazy last three days and you should definitely not beat yourself over it. You made money...end of story. Had you held till the next day as all temptations do you'd be down 30%. I know you say you wouldn't have held past that day but your saying that in hindsight.
  8. LOL none of these stocks are considered 'safe' and this thread should really be renamed the Gambling thread. Most of these plays are day - weekly trades and should be played that way.
  9. I'm at the point now where we are really stuck between a rock and a hard place. To be honest we can't keep everything shut down and while I don't own a business I know that it's not feasible to stay shut down forever. In reality we will most likely have to deal with higher death tolls. Even the process of opening and shutting and opening and shutting is too drastic for most companies to survive. What closing down for the last few months has done is prepared us and bought us some time to bring in important supplies such as PPE and ventilators. The rules we have in place for businesses will have to suffice. Perhaps make mask wearing (of any kind) mandatory. At the very least it will help cut down infection rates in public.
  10. Buffet sold them at least 30% higher than todays prices.
  11. Yup I have Canadian Apartment REIT and while I believe there will definitely be some tenants that can't pay rent I think it might be slightly overblown how many won't be able to. At the very least management will be working with the tenants to ask them to pay what they can and with the subsidies and other income they should be able to collect majority of rent.
  12. If that was done in January was it done on VTIQ? If so why don't I see the outstanding shares reflect that and the corresponding cash balance? Doesn't really make sense to me.
  13. If the 525M raised is based on a $10 share place then Nikola is implying their own shares are worth $10 each. This also implies VTIQ shares are also priced at $10 each. Also with a total market capitalizations of 3.3B it would imply that Nikola shareholders plan on retaining over 80% of the company with the other constituting VTIQ shareholders and the other being the institutional shareholders that buy in at $10. I could be totally off base on this as this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this being done and I just don't understand the ownership structure.
  14. Yah no I'm pretty sure that's not how it works...