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  1. TGokou

    Jett Woo | D

    It's still early but yes I can definitely see that. Woo had a pretty slow start too but hopefully he can continue building on his season. It'll be interesting to see who the better player will end up being.
  2. TGokou

    Jett Woo | D

    I had expectations for him to be close to ppg but wasn't confident he would achieve them. I'm hoping he can keep this up. Maybe Tim Hunter left him off the team on purpose to light a fire under Woo.
  3. TGokou

    Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Best commercial ever
  4. TGokou

    Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    ..and you need to have some sunshine in your soul
  5. So your projecting him to go 6th or 7th round? While I agree he may not be 2nd round as even Jonah Gadjovoch went mid second round and he was only D+1, I'm not sure he drops to 6th or 7th. That's the tricky part about drafting D+2, their offensive upside is severely limited. I would think someone takes a flyer at him in the mid rounds but realistically it all depends on his skating. If he can't skate he will be later round pick for sure.
  6. To be honest I think that teams are shying away from D+1 and D+2 individuals. I believe it is a trend in the new NHL. There are some teams though that will take it with a grain of salt. Pittsburgh and Vancouver being two teams that have not shied away from D+ individuals. There was an article not too long ago that talked about this and the projected expectation of where they might get drafted. There is no question he will get drafted. If he continues this pace my guess is that he will be mid second round?
  7. TGokou

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Not to mention goal of the year honours
  8. Who is everyone liking in the 10-20 range? Someone mentioned him before but I like Kaedan Korczak around there. I am a little surprised he wasn't listed in the top 30 consolidated but I'm positive he will be there by the end of the year. R shot D man that is putting up points with Kelowna.
  9. TGokou

    Ok Virtanen Haters... time to man up

    I don't have the official stat but don't forget the amount of penalties he's drawing. I'm sure it's more than 10. Also I still think it's a little early to judge Virtanen but he is definitely turning the corner. I still think he has a lot to give and I can only hope he doesn't regress. I had Ehlers as my pick during the draft but immediately supported the Virtanen pick and will continue to hope he can produce.
  10. I have been firmly on team tank for the past several years. I was continually disappointed when the Canucks would win their games at the end of the year. I can firmly say now that if the Canucks were to make the playoffs this year I would be fully on board. At this point if we were to finish 10-16th it's way better to make it to the playoffs. Show the kids what a winning environment looks like now and give them their first taste of playoff experience. I absolutely think it is beneficial for them to learn what it takes, and better now than later.
  11. 73? I think it's practically guaranteed as long as he doesn't get injured...
  12. TGokou

    Quinn Hughes | D

    Yup I know that Hockey East in general is a pretty good league but wanted to point that out that Makar has feasted on the weaker opponents so far. Nonetheless he will be a really good player.
  13. TGokou

    Quinn Hughes | D

    I noticed I didn't recognize most of the teams that Umass Amherst has played so far. Ohio east being the only one that I recognize. So far they've played Royal Canadian Military college of Canada (lol), Renssalaur x2 (who?), ohio state x 2, and merrimack. None of these I would consider to be quality opponents. The only ones that I truly recognize from Hockey east are Boston College, Boston University and Northeastern. Mind you I don't follow NCAA hockey so I may be out to lunch.
  14. TGokou

    Quinn Hughes | D

    He's progressing at about the rate I expected from him, which was a ppg. I'm still hoping he has more to give and can go at a higher pace that he currently does. I know Cale Makar is a a year older but he is just lighting the NCAA on fire. Is the division Makar plays in relatively weak compared to Big 10?
  15. I can't comment on his defence but based on his offensive production and size I would say anywhere between 10-16 as of today. Can anyone comment on his skating? That is usually the limiting factor for a guy of his size.