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  1. At this stage of the game, I don't really expect him to be anymore than 3rd D-pair material but if he can step into the occasional 2nd D-pair role I'd be pretty happy.
  2. Jack Rathbone had 1 primary assist last night in a 4-2 loss to Boston College
  3. Nope I don't follow any of Toronto's articles. This is based on my own research. I really liked him before the draft and was hoping Canucks would draft him.
  4. The early returns were really promising but he's seemed to have cooled down quite a bit. I'm really hoping he ends up being a really good player for us but I really wanted Nicholas Robertson at the draft. Of course he has to go to Toronto of all places. Similar in stature to Hoglander but almost a full year younger. Currently lighting up the OHL with 1.64 ppg average. Typically speaking if a player can keep up that pace that is 1st line material in the NHL.
  5. Let's put it this way. If that goal went in you'd be looking at another highlight viral video and you wouldn't be saying that. I'm just glad he has the guts to try these sort of things in a good league while he is young. Will give him lots of confidence to try these things heading to the NHL.
  6. If Rathbone makes the NHL I wonder if their family will move to the west coast. It'd be difficult for Rathbone to make the trips out back east on a regular basis to see his brother.
  7. There is definitely a difference in the quality of competition. Their league (ECAC) is a lesser league than hockey east which includes teams (Northeastern, Boston College and Boston University). There is a reason majority of the USNTP go to hockey east because it's a better league. What difference there is I cannot say but I wouldn't say the difference is too extreme.
  8. Yup, both passes were quick he looked up and it was off his stick. That will be a valuable asset to the Canucks going forward.
  9. An amazing start by Rathbone. Let's hope he can keep it up!
  10. 96.5% of "facts" are made up..
  11. Also, at least from his photos it seems like he's leaned out a lot. I remember him being particularly stocky for such a short guy. Perhaps going more lean has helped him gain a step as speed and skill should always be his game.
  12. Wow amazing, I didn't even know he had exploded offensively. 16 points in 10 games in Finnish Liiga is definitely on par with at least 1.2 - 1.3 ppg avg in the AHL. Maybe he isn't a bust afterall...but will he get a chance to play in our deep lineup? It's highly unlikely...
  13. Just not on the same pairing :p
  14. Definitely one of my favourite prospects. He's ahead of many other prospects who we've drafted in the second round in my mind, at least at this point in time (ie. Gadjovich,Woo, maybe even Lind).
  15. I will also add that it was the presence of mind to pull this off with a defender nearly right on top of him. I've never seen anyone do it with anyone in close proximity and that's what makes him special in my mind.