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  1. Watched most of this game, and I have to agree that coach isn't putting Juolevi out there much. Also watching the other D and forwards this is a really bad finnish team. Can't finish passes, too many preventable icing calls, forwards are too passive and can't stand up to the swedish D. If anything, juolevi has been one of the better D but just not playing enough.
  2. Seems like if Nico Hischier can keep up this pace and possibly improve on it he'll be in the same draft vicinity as Ehlers was (maybe higher since it's not as strong a draft).
  3. Expose Eriksson...even if he has an amazing season it'll most likely be because of the twins and it's not like he's getting any younger plus being paid 1st line salary. Bit of a risk but could be the right choice if Rodin and Gaunce have good seasons for us.
  4. Was checking out this map. If i'm reading this correctly it looks like right now will be the worst...not tmw? Obviously no expert lol...Victoria on the other hand will be getting it pretty good tmw
  5. If this were true, then what about Australia which put bans on foreign ownership. I'm sure there's many more examples but that's one that comes to mind. Either way, I can't see anyone winning this battle against the BC government.
  6. That's why I said the lack of supply argument doesn't hold any ground. When the time comes when markets are going down the tube..everyone will want to sell (not literally but anyone who bought purely as an investment) and tada...massive supply on the market and all demand dries up
  7. Sorry but in my opinion the whole supply and demand theory is a joke. Once prices start to tank, there will be a lot of sellers on the market who are trying to cash in before the investment tanks. When prices go up nobody wants to sell, when it goes down everyone wants to sell. 1.) You have all the speculative investments...maybe people who own one condo or even people who own muliple houses and multiple mortages. If prices tank, they will want to sell their units before they go underwater. In addition, I'm sure there's lots of people who buy 5x presale condo for $20k each with the intention of flipping it for $100k profit each...a 500% return on investment vs buying one condo and only making a 20%. Those people will drop the contract and take the $100k loss vs owning 5 condos underwater. Specifically the foreign buyers, Canadian law will have no recourse against these people who drop tail and run. Either way, these are the sort of people who will make what would normally be a mild correction into a big one. 2.) You have all the people who bought at the top, if their house goes to negative equity, you may have situations where they don't pay the mortgage and default. In addition, the needle that pops the bubble will likely be global related...thus many people could lose their jobs, making the situation worse. Btw, the whole part of parents passing their houses onto children is also a joke. You know what will realistically happen? Guess what, it's called estate tax. Second, it's called trying to split the asset between two or more kids. Assuming the older generation have a 2-4 million dollar house, how will you split that between two or three kids? They won't be able to because one kid won't buy out the house from the other sibling cause they can't afford it. So realistically they will sell the house and each profit 2 million. Problem with that scenario is, everyone will do the same when parents die...causing house prices to drop because supply is now high and there may not be any takers... Back to the estate tax, parents assets will be taxed before passing off of any assets. If there is not enough cash assets to pay for it, and in many cases that will be the norm because the older generation is house rich, cash will have to pay for it in cash. If you can't pay, guess where the money comes of the house. Either way, most houses won't be passed off to kids unless you've done some major tax planning ahead of time. Obviously if your cash rich not a problem but majority of people wont be.
  8. I think one must also see that it's not all about the points either. Juolevi is able to turn the puck around with a quick transition creating scoring opportunities and as Benning stated (quoted from Brent Sutter), "Juolevi is impossible to forecheck" because he just grabs the puck and it's in the forwards hands before the checking forwards know what to do. I project him to be a 30-35 point (5 goal 30 assist) D in his prime but if he can do better that'd be great.
  9. I think it's much smarter to send him back to junior. He will most likely get bounced around even if he adds a little weight this summer. Like others have said, London is the top junior club in the OHL and will compete for OHL championship and memorial cup again. Juolevi didn't have a great season points wise and with Marner and Dvorak gone, it will allow him to QB the backend a lot more and create more. Build up his confidence, let him dominate then send him to the AHL the following year. By the time he is 20 years old he can come in and be a decent weight class with tons of confidence. Nothing worse than destroying the confidence of a young playmaking D.
  10. Thought I'd throw this out here but there a ton of local speculators out there too. Take my parents for example. They are retired but never made much of an income. They currently owe a substantial mortgage on their speculative property (ie. Second) but have no intention to rent it out. Most of these local speculators fall under the camp of " the market will never have any meaningful drop in price" and thus are lulled into a false sense of security. I guarantee you though that if prices started taking a tumble they'd be out of that after it maybe hit 10-15% correction territory and I bet many would do the same. Once again these are not necessarily rich immigrants but old retired folk who feel justified now but when push comes to shove they have zero tolerance for risk. On another note I do think that any correction will only be a short year or two long...increasing with time as this bubble keeps going. Furthermore the more eastern suburbs will be hit a lot harder than the western areas of the lower mainland proportionally speaking. After all if there was a crash, i would like to move back out west as do many of us who currently own in delta/Surrey/Langley etc. There would thus be a glut of homes in those areas and conversely the Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond houses should be scooped up sooner.
  11. Not exactly. Many of these so called canadians are just satellite families that send their kids through school here and then head back to China afterwards. However, to blame people for selling their houses is ridiculous. Not to mention anyone that can sell a house for a profit and 'downsize' or move to cheaper location would be a logical thing to do. These canadians are not moving out of the city, they are just moving further east. However the effect is that they drag their new found 'foreign money' further east increasing everything in return.
  12. Thanks for the correction. You are right, I'm not trying to say that he is anywhere near as good as McDavid, just that he is in good company considering his age. Just as you could say that his linemates have 2 points per game or better it could be because of Tkachuk that they are playing so well. I don't deny his stats are most likely inflated but I highly doubt it's inflated by as much as people think.
  13. Just to put into comparison what Tkachuk has done so far this playoffs. He has 40 points in 17 games so far. The leading scorer in the last 10 years of the OHL playoffs is Connor McDavid with 49 points in 20 games. Second is Rob Schremp with 47 points (but that was in his draft + 2 year). Mitch Marner with 43 points so far is third (draft + 1 year), and after that you have Mark Scheifele with 41 points in 21 games which Tkachuk is going to easily beat. Patrick Kane and Corey Perry who were leading scorers in the playoffs in their year only had 31 points and 38 points respectively.