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  1. Team stuck in cave...

    To be fair this is pretty good..
  2. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    My guess and it is only a guess is that players who have been passed too many times every year eventually see the writing on the wall and eventually stop trying as hard to impress but you would have to be a bubble player for that to happen. I'm sure there were plenty of small guys who never made it to the big show but had they been given an actual chance they would've done well for themselves. However if a team doesn't want a small skilled guy on the team you would have to absolutely blow the doors off to get any consideration.
  3. Prospects Game Ticket Giveaway

    3:00 mark Quinn Hughes dekes around defender for the goal.
  4. Quinn Hughes | D

    Exactly. I am not against having him in the opening lineup but it has to be for the right reasons. He will have to have plum offensive situations, weak line match-ups to start and probably limited icetime to get his feet wet. Once he shows he can progress further than that you can move him up your lineup and in more situations.
  5. That actually sounds like it might work. Not sure on what the details might be but there is possibilities there.
  6. Tyler Madden | C

    I'm not even sure I see the Shinkaruk comparable. It's been a while but I recall Shinkaruk was a perimeter player. In Madden I see a player that goes into the tough areas which is made even more impressive by the fact that he is so lightweight. Also seems to have a tremendous amount of skill around the net. It's interesting that he had such a low point total but I can definitely see the upside, similar to how Gaudette made huge strides in his D+1 and D+2.
  7. Would have to guess it's only for season ticket holders and be really expensive as they have to quarter of the lower bowl for family and friends of draftees? Just my opinion.
  8. Quinn Hughes | D

    My guess: the red wings draft table
  9. Quinn Hughes | D

    OMG he fell!
  10. Thatcher Demko | G

    Btw just thought I'd post this here because I know a lot of posters would be so happy to hear that Mason McDonald, the goalie that was drafted 2 spots ahead of Demko by the flames, looks like he can barely keep an ECHL job.
  11. Matthew Thiessen | G

    I am really excited about this pick. I don't know much about the MJHL but they are a league with 20 and 21 year olds so he's already been playing against older players and had a massive season for that league. I think worst case scenario is you have a solid AHL goalie for your farm. I love the NCAA development route for goalies so I am really excited to see what he can do there.
  12. Artyom Manukyan | RW

    Exactly. I don't mind this pick. A 6th round was a long shot regardless but if we hit we will hit big...
  13. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Dobson was my guy but I had Hughes right behind. Time will tell who will be the better defenseman but I hope both can succeed to do well in this league.
  14. Artyom Manukyan | RW

    A russian kid who fights people bigger than himself? I can get on board with that. If he is anywhere near as feisty as that video suggests we got ourselves a winner.
  15. Tyler Madden | C

    If his dad was 190 at 5'11 there's a good chance Tyler will be at least 180-185 which is good playing weight with a guy of his speed and talent. If he has anywhere near the defensive talent of his dad combined with his 'better' offensive skills then we will have hit a homerun.