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  1. Sure around Broadway there is potential for density up until Arbutus. After that the bus service inbetween arbutus and UBC in there sucks almost as much as surrey. Also, the property values in that area will make rental units super expensive. My family owns several properties in PG and shaughnessy and we have seen that first hand (not complaining though lmao). And back to the topic of the thread, my condo will increase in value just a couple of blocks away from this new amenities development at the plaza of nations. So that's all good.
  2. You said major transit lines. That is the 99 and pretty much nothing else. And that line is always full.
  3. So where is the major transit line in point grey you want to densify around? There is none so you just contradicted yourself.
  4. Car Mod Thread

    OP's modding a civic... half way there already
  5. ICBC Situation.

    Wouldn't requesting the driver's abstract from ICBC after OP's supposed suspension period was over be the quickest and easiest way to confirm ICBC's system shows him as unsuspended? I know my abstract showed my change of address pretty much immediately after I did it at the licensing center...
  6. Seems his tremendous eyesight may need glasses... He's squinting to read the prompter tonight lol
  7. Reading the summary of the current proposal, the UK would still be tied to EU courts, remain in the single market trade zone, and have an almost 'open borders' policy with EU citizens... What was the point of all this then? Such a waste of time.
  8. OMG Heat Wave?

    sounds good. I'm flying back from Florida on sunday and bringing along the heat
  9. Cool. I hope their technology scales well and is successful.
  10. Emergency response test

    All 3 of mine received the alert at pretty much the same time. Fido/Rogers/Telus.
  11. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    So not a good time to sign on a brand new presale condo then lol?
  12. Urban Planning / Transportation

    ^ Sweet. The values of my condos in Marinaside will be going up.