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  1. Moore is going to win. Those hicks in the south are bat-cray
  2. Don't tell the aliens that their ship looks like a flying turd
  3. Is it true that guy received his PR status via chain migration? #TRUMP
  4. Good. Now go ahead with the Massey Bridge, Patullo Bridge Replacement and Broadway Skytrain. Bring on congestion charging downtown and distance-based tolls. Also, get Translink some money to buy more skytrain cars. The 2 car MKII's running the Millenium Line are just pathetically small. Those should be 6 car trains, Expo 8 car trains if the station platforms support that. I'm serious.
  5. Hopefully the only thing this guy was successful at was blowing off his own junk.
  6. OMG Fog?

    This fog sucks because it seems they don't alternate the counterflow traffic on the Lion's Gate... I guess because they can't see the middle lane in the cameras lol...
  7. DC area raids reported to be gang-related so far. Why are you posting it in the Trump thread?
  8. OMG Snow?

    Either let it snow hard or be cold and blue skies. I've had enough of this rain that makes everyone be in a craptacular mood.
  9. buying outright vs contract cellphone

    Always purchase the phone outright. My current plan is $48 for unlimited nation wide calling / international sms / 5GB data. If I wanted to get an iPhone X on contract that would be $600 for the phone plus 2 years of the plan being $100. $600 + 24*(50) = $1800 And then after the 2 years, the plan remains the same monthly cost (rip off) Outright the iPhone X is $1300. NOPE.
  10. OMG Snow?

    Translink will be trying 'bus socks'
  11. Sears Canada Going Out of Business

    I cannot recall the last time I purchased anything at Sears.
  12. he'd be deported to somalia. I don't see a problem there.
  13. If that refugee is convicted, he should be deported imo and never allowed to return
  14. I agree with you, courthouses, etc there should be screeners to make sure no whackjob goes in there and tries to take out the defendant. But something like a hotel where there are multiple entrances and exits, with many people entering and exiting at any given time I feel a consolidated screening point wouldn't be feasible. If anything, it would cause a choke point and what happened in Manchester could occur. I agree that a societal change needs to occur, especially in the US to where people shouldn't feel like they have to own a firearm. Make them taboo to have.