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  1. You're right, 2015. Whenever the FIFA Women's world cup was at BC Place.
  2. Not to be selfish or anything but any chance the smoke will blow in to the metro area like last year? That was very strange conditions as well afaik
  3. "says NDP Gov't priorities will be fentanyl crisis, softwood lumber, #BCed funding #BCpoli" lol so that's good for my property values.
  4. better be snap election, Libs with a new leader. I can't stand that NDP blowhard.
  5. I'm going to Vegas on Sunday... 45 deg C....
  6. choosing some non-fire-rated exterior cladding sounds like criminal negligence to me
  7. Yes, thanks I know how it works in Japan and HK. I don't normally leave my Compass card in the wallet to tap as with London's tube, Translink will soon accept contactless and it might scan your VISA/MC/Debit cards within. Plus, its a fare payment system, not a payment processing system so I don't see the need to use it for sundries/groceries etc... I do agree that interoperability would've been nice as with the PRESTO card in Toronto and Ottawa. I think they used the same vendor as well so it would've been awesome to be able to use the same card in Vancouver/Toronto/Ottawa.
  8. Other than the partisan hate towards the system, I don't understand why people dislike Compass so much? I have been to systems all over the world - London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Diego, San Fran, LA, NYC, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton to name a few and what stands out to me is the ones without a smart card fare system. They feel like the 60's where you have to fish for coins or tokens or play with paper tickets. Linking a CC to the smart card and having it automatically top up set amounts, or cap at a daily rate is way more convenient.
  9. Most strata's have rental restrictions. Units with those restrictions in their strata bylaws are exempt from the empty home tax. It's just mayor moonbeam meddling where he shouldn't be yet again. Nothing will change. I can't wait to vote him the crap out of council asap.
  10. To get my condo downtown I had to be prepared to go way over asking and all cash, no subjects. I was prepared for that but it sucks for people who don't have the means to compete in a multiple offer scenario.
  11. the loser waited in the foyer for everyone to start exiting the venue. there has to be a perimeter somewhere and he waited just outside it.
  12. Got in on the great deal last boxing day - Fido (12 year old account) $40/mo, unlimited canada wide voice, unlimited international sms, 4GB data, cid/vm Koodo $48/mo, unlimited canada wide voice, unlimited international sms, 5GB data, cid/vm -10% off monthly
  13. recount in comox