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  1. Brentwood is half closed off anyway due to the massive construction they have on site
  2. So aside from a good chest thumping alpha male video - why was she trying to bring a stroller aboard when they are not allowed in the cabin?
  3. lol my riding's candidate is Sam Sullivan...
  4. Gunman has killed himself in jail.
  5. that's awesome. I can probably flip my DT condo which is under 5 years old for $1000/sq foot which is over $800k
  6. I really wished they would have finished off the season with the saviors in the finale. This storyline is dragging and the comics have moved on to more interesting things.
  7. I'm 0/12 great year...
  8. I have wawanesa. Haven't had to use it yet (hopefully never).
  9. They need to subpoena him to provide the evidence and out will come that he's full of bs and doesn't have any.
  10. lol never mind trying to discredit the CBO, Spicey has to find a way to discredit his own House. lol if this turns out to be true, it's hilarious.
  11. I normally go to 20 games a year, and watch almost all of them on TV. This year, I've gone to 1 and have watched maybe 3 in their entirety. lol.
  12. So is the NDP going to side with the corrupt taxi association? I thought they wanted the millennials to vote for them lol.
  13. Tomorrow's commute is going to be an interesting one, apparently.