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  1. OMG Windy?

    Unless power is out in Burnaby for over 7 days, our generator will take care of the datacenter I'm good.
  2. Provincial Election Thread

    So topple the NDP government and the Liberals get re-elected and approve the LNG dev projects anyway? makes sense...
  3. 1130 for local news for 10 minutes then back to sirius XM for me
  4. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    Excellent. My hatred for Horgan has decreased slightly.
  5. The McD's thing. Just replace them with the automated teller machines.
  6. You can disagree all you like. Likewise, I 100% disagree with you.
  7. Government should not regulate what employers pay as a 'livable' wage. If the employee needs more money, go find a better job. This isn't a socialist society.
  8. How about we not fill every thread you post in with BS about Surrey? No one cares.
  9. Remove all the bike lanes and stop work on the ridiculous one directly in front of the ER at VGH. What a totally moronic idea. Restore the priority dual turn lanes at Nelson and Howe, and expand those. Any party that does that gets my vote. I commute through DT to West Van every day and it has 100% gotten worse.
  10. I look forward to seeing how fox news tries to dance around bannon's allegations.
  11. how will you remember 2017?

    2017 was fake news. I'm glad to be living up on this side of the border. Glad to see my DT condo has appreciated 100K in just over a year.
  12. OMG Snow?

    Took 90 minutes to get from Park Royal to Burnaby today lol...
  13. OMG Snow?

    CoV saying the snow will likely keep up until 3pm. The drive home should be fun.