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  1. So how did she get the cash in to buy the property in the first place? I'm sure CBSA is curious to know if she declared it while crossing the border.
  2. Good. The two who voted in favor should go suck some helium.
  3. Hey Kellyanne, you didn't answer Rob's question at all.
  4. The only positive things I remember about '90s NDP are - Millennium Line and No Smoking in restaurants/public places
  5. Clickbait title . They've postponed it for an independent review. $66M has already been spent on windening the highway approaches to it so they would be stupid to scrap all work on the project. It will be back. The tunnel is a disaster zone at rush hour.
  6. This weather is great. Should be sunny and hot all year.
  7. Yes I realize that, but we pay those to them regardless. Not like we are transferring more to them because of this.
  8. Sounds to me like the provincial government is providing the welfare. Not the feds (yet). That's good, keep them in QC and then kick the illegals back to TRUMP!! asap.
  9. way to go Orange. Pardoning a bigot who defied a court order and was convicted for it.
  10. So expect an increase on the translink portion of property tax to cover these toll removals. Idiots.
  11. Cool. Never experienced a total solar eclipse but this one at 88% was cool.
  12. They're not calling it a terrorist attack in France but another crazy rammed his car into a pizzeria today.
  13. Yes, quickly.
  14. They could still get that $100K M5 but don't drive like an idiot. Mission accomplished.
  15. What if the punishments were not monetary? I'd think it would be more fair rich or poor if you had multiple offences, the DMV would suspend your license for longer and longer duration. IMO the inconvenience of not being able to drive the car for a period of 1 week/month/6mo/year would be far more deterrent than a $200 fine.