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  1. Not someone i'd really miss if he left
  2. i hate stupid people who can't drive in the how hard is it to drive slower..this idiot almost hit my car today cause he was turning so fast
  3. yea delta schools suck..when i was in high school, in those 5 years my school only closed once
  4. yayy i had 2 exams today that i wasn't ready for at all :D
  5. :D...but i hate driving in the snow
  6. Shh

    dont confuse me k?

  7. umm..sorry what?

  8. I like your song

    too bad you're a great big phoney

  9. sorry didn't notice you left a comment..Happy New Year :)

  10. Happy New Year!! hope you had a good one

    someones too busy latelyy:(

  11. loveee it
  12. yayyy i love snow..awww it looks so prettyyyy