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  1. I can see Yzerman be a little PO'D, and if the NHL is looking into that, then fine with me. If the NHL is looking into tampering for the MTL/Subban situation, well that's just ridiculous plain and simple and I don't see how it would be tampering at all considering Subban is not going to be UFA. How can it be tampering if a GM admits that he's interested in a TRADE for a player? He's not trying to sign him before UFA, but aquire by trade transaction. Bergevin could have and kind of did come out and say Subban wasn't available, and by that time he'd probably received calls from 28 other GM's. IMO, if he was secretly pondering a trade, this would have have helped by driving the price up a bit because everyone wants the forbidden fruit. Ron Wilson/Toronto was tampering because they said they were going to SIGN the Sedins, not trade for them. Really, if Benning gets anything out of this as it pertains to MTL/Subban, Bettman and CO. Should probably stick their foot in their mouths, we all remember when the NHL let that little Gem of a video of the Maple Leafs war room where Burke outright spoke of us offering Bieksa, Burrows and our 1st to Tampa for their first get broadcast on TV, and nothing was done about it.
  2. Has anyone heard from Gudbranson since the trade? I haven't seen any reports or articles from his pov.
  3. *ring ring* Caggiula: "Hey Connor, just signed up, can't wait to get the season started, think we're gonna be line-mates. That's what Mr. Chi-" McDavid: "Yeah hold on a sec, just gonna put us on three way call for a min!" Hall: "Yo" McDavid: "Hey Hallsy, say hi to my new "line-mate" Drake Caggiula!" Hall&McDavid: "ROTFLMMFAOLOLRAWRHAHAHHAAAAaaaaaa...good one Drake! *click* Caggiula: "Guys????"
  4. *ring ring* Caggiula: "Hey Brock, Brotha looks like we'll be playin against each other... Can't wa-" Boeser: " Hold on a sec, gonna put us on a three way call for a min, a "friend" wants to send his regards!" Shultz: "YER DUM!!!" *click* Caggiula: " hello?...hellooooo?
  5. Said it the GDT, and I'm repeating it. How many times did we see the Sedins controlling the play down low and how many times did we see Hansen vacate to the blue line. Get a goddamned skilled winger for these guys in the off season. Rumour is Kovalchuk wants to return to the nhl, ship some people out of here and get him here for the remainder of the Sedins contracts. When the Sedins retire that's when we'll see an actual rebuild me thinks.
  6. WTH is Hansen not going to the net or down low for that matter. That's 2 shifts where the Sedins are controlling the play and Hansen disappears. Nice goal from Sbisa though.
  7. Is it just me or do the flames have some really goofy looking players ?
  8. Somebody needs to do an Edler reverse check on Ferkland, I've noticed he doesn't go near Edler, wonder why???
  9. This is the best GIF I've seen in a very long time! I really lol'd
  10. Tim Brent... Next season. I work with a pile of leafs fans, that's my first go to reply to any hockey related question at work, thought I'd keep in character. Lol
  11. You do realize the tourney is being played in Toronto/Montreal right?
  12. I know most of the team has bee playing well lately, but LA plays a rough hard hitting game, we seem it again tonight, have to wonder why WD didn't play either Kassian or Sestito even just for size and grit. We got man handled tonight in every facet of the game, maybe evens on face offs. And let's face it the refs didn't do us any favours either.
  13. Right now I think he'd be an upgrade over anyone on our second line, wanna send a message sit one of those 3 for a game because we've been a 3 line te for a little while now IMO.