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  1. [Discussion] Game 1 Oct 7th 2017. Coaching Takeaway

    Well said sirs/madams
  2. [Report] Complaint of Tampering filed against Benning

    I can see Yzerman be a little PO'D, and if the NHL is looking into that, then fine with me. If the NHL is looking into tampering for the MTL/Subban situation, well that's just ridiculous plain and simple and I don't see how it would be tampering at all considering Subban is not going to be UFA. How can it be tampering if a GM admits that he's interested in a TRADE for a player? He's not trying to sign him before UFA, but aquire by trade transaction. Bergevin could have and kind of did come out and say Subban wasn't available, and by that time he'd probably received calls from 28 other GM's. IMO, if he was secretly pondering a trade, this would have have helped by driving the price up a bit because everyone wants the forbidden fruit. Ron Wilson/Toronto was tampering because they said they were going to SIGN the Sedins, not trade for them. Really, if Benning gets anything out of this as it pertains to MTL/Subban, Bettman and CO. Should probably stick their foot in their mouths, we all remember when the NHL let that little Gem of a video of the Maple Leafs war room where Burke outright spoke of us offering Bieksa, Burrows and our 1st to Tampa for their first get broadcast on TV, and nothing was done about it.
  3. Has anyone heard from Gudbranson since the trade? I haven't seen any reports or articles from his pov.
  4. [Signing] Oilers sign Drake Caggiula

    *ring ring* Caggiula: "Hey Connor, just signed up, can't wait to get the season started, think we're gonna be line-mates. That's what Mr. Chi-" McDavid: "Yeah hold on a sec, just gonna put us on three way call for a min!" Hall: "Yo" McDavid: "Hey Hallsy, say hi to my new "line-mate" Drake Caggiula!" Hall&McDavid: "ROTFLMMFAOLOLRAWRHAHAHHAAAAaaaaaa...good one Drake! *click* Caggiula: "Guys????"
  5. [Signing] Oilers sign Drake Caggiula

    *ring ring* Caggiula: "Hey Brock, Brotha looks like we'll be playin against each other... Can't wa-" Boeser: " Hold on a sec, gonna put us on a three way call for a min, a "friend" wants to send his regards!" Shultz: "YER DUM!!!" *click* Caggiula: " hello?...hellooooo?
  6. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    You do realize the tourney is being played in Toronto/Montreal right?
  7. [GDT] Canada vs Finland, preliminary round game 3

    Luongo should have had the chance to lose the net, he earned that from the last olympics, when he took over for Brodeur! I like price, but you gotta respect the guy who did it before.
  8. [PGT]Another Loss

    I Like Gillis, and I don't think he should be canned yet, but I don't think he's followed the plan that got him the job in the first place! Moneyball was t what he stressed would make an elite team, he has not stuck to that philosophy. If you wanna see Moneyball applied to Hockey, Chicago has a system the whole NHL should be salivating over, they don't hold onto role player longer than they have use for them. With good drafting, they have the luxury to trade players when their value is high, like after winning the cup, and have young eager players to take their place, thus repeating the cycle. Keep in mind they tanked for a few years got the high draft picks, but Dale Tallon and Stan Bowman have done wonders for that team. We may need a year or 2 of the late 90's again for the high picks but it could really help this team in the long run, Problem is, can the City and fans of this team handle that kind of reset?
  9. [PGT]Another Loss

    Shoulda had the raymond goal, Don't know why he was still on his knees after MayRay skated that far from the net. He had no chance on the other 2, Corrado had to do a better clearing the front of the net, (he'll learn that in time) and Jesus christ Edler needs to learn to box players out instead of watching the puck, If he had turned the other way and took care of Kessel, the puck would have hit him in the back and dropped instead of having forward motion towards the net.
  10. [PGT]Another Loss

    the amount of times during the game he went on about his hand being slashed, you'd think his hand shoulda been broken. I counted 4 hand slash embellishments from him, not to mention as he and Burrows were getting into a scrum he grabbed his mouth, when Burrows slashed his arm...........and WE are the divers? Not gonna get into the officiating rant, but c'mon, you can call those too.
  11. [PGT]Another Loss

    I was excited for Torts at the start, thought this team needed a coach to call them out, but I agree that the players on this team are not suited for his style of game. IMO this team is still built for puck possession, not enough changers were made in the off season.
  12. [PGT]Another Loss

    +1, Goaltending is not the problem with this team.
  13. [PGT] Jets 4, Collapsers 3

    I have never seen a team that can make a complete mess of an odd man rush more than the Canucks! it's almost like they get so excited that it's happening and get nervous, always a shot from the outside or someone tries a highlight reel deke and the play goes dead fster than it began, very frustrating to watch. And what's the deal with Daniel and slapshots this season? his bread and butter has been wristers and one touch redirects, yet he's always slapping it now. I really don't think this is the team to play Tort's style hockey, Block and counter is not the way this team was built, so IMO either start the re-tool now or make another coaching change in the offseason, cause it ain't working.
  14. You know you're an old school Canuck fan when

    1. You remember the origin of the white towel wave. 2. You owned a black, yellow and red starter jacket with the skate logo on it. ( when starter jackets were stylish of course) 3. You know that the Canucks are most famous for players setting records whilst playing against the Canucks. Lol