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  1. you have the list for the other awards? I wanted to see who voted for three Canucks players in the Hart category.
  2. Sorry man..I wasn't specifically targeting you. I was reading through the first few pages and people were saying the likes of "It is easy to keep both, just sign Mark to 3-4 years with no expansion protection and have no "NTC/NMC", it will be fine. I mean it is quite impossible to think he will agree to that.
  3. I still don't understand how people believe Marky will accept a contract with no expansion protection. If I was him and since I am 30, I will (deserving) ask for a higher amount with a longer period with expansion protection.
  4. She did go to my highschool in Vancouver, Lord Byng Secondary. She is in no way a Leafs fan!
  5. That's like saying if you put BB6 or Petey on the 3/4th line or for similar big men, i.e. Bertuzzi, Pastranak, Tkachuk on the 3rd/4th lines, they will most likely be ineffective too (although Petey might be the exception thou, haha). I am not trying to compare Jake to anyone of the aforementioned players but I am just trying to say that some players are offensive players and only play better when given an offensive role. Although his body is fit for a 3/4th line role, it doesn't mean he has to play on that line. However, if he is put on the top 6 and doesn't even produce, then you can say we have a problem. However, he has played decent from being on the 1st line all to way to the 4th line while being better on the first two lines.
  6. I think no one here is not excited about Podz as I am also quite excited for him. My view is that keeping Virt here in Vancouver is not going to hurt the Canucks (financially or games won) and if Pods overtakes him (in terms of effort/passion/stamina/points/etc..), then we can trade Jake or we can push Jake to the 4th line. I mean everyone is saying Podz is going to be the next GOAT and will be the next [insert crazy good player here] but can you be 100%? I feel that if we trade Jake now, it is going to be a mistake.
  7. I hope you aren't jumping off his bandwagon based on that? And the worse thing is "he isn't surprised" which means he doesn't even ok
  8. I understand and do acknowledge your points but my point is not rebutting what you are saying throughout this thread, it is giving you another point of view of the situation. In relation to it being a silver lining, it won't be a silver lining if he broke out and only asked for a low amount. That will be a home town discount/bad agent and not a "silver lining". What I am trying to say is, maybe view it in an optimistic way. He wasn't as good as his draft position so we don't have to pay him top dollars but he has definitely contributed to our success (based on the stats) and it doesn't hurt our cap situation and maybe when he finally breaks out, and we need to pay him top dollars, we will have money for that. In terms of being out of shape, I still don't understand how people got this theory after reading a lot of interviews and articles. The only time he truly was over weight was when he came in one year, totally out of shape, and then was demoted to Utica to shed weight and become a better player. After that, this year at the beginning, he wasn't "out of shape", he only missed a few goals. I'm sure Travis was super strict on his requirements and his punishments (i.e. if Travis told him to come in at 200 pounds but he came in at 205/210), that is missing a goal but not being "out of shape" and I'm sure Travis didn't give any leeway and was strict in his punishments. When people hear "missing goals", they quickly assume he was "out of shape". In terms of the restart, i have read a lot of reports saying teammates and management were unhappy he went out partying and was kind of irresponsible (which I totally agree as it was really irresponsible on his part but only on the irresponsible as he might have been training hard during the day and wanted a break but no one knows but everyone loves to assume) but when he was on the ice, none of the clips showed that he was slow or "out of shape". He definitely missed a lot of his timing since even Tanev toe dragged on him and needed time to get it back as he is definitely not as fast a learner as Petey/Hughes et al. In terms of him being less committed than the top 6, sorry, let's just agree to disagree on that. In terms of takeaways, I know you are merely basing on stats but to be fair, I saw at least a few per game that were not recorded in the stats line. Even hits, unless the commentator caught it, it won't be recorded due to the lack of personnel per game to keep track of stats. Furthermore, Motte having more shots is indicate of him playing almost 17/18 minutes to Jakes 11/12 minutes a game. If you have 6 WHOLE MINUTES more, you are bound to have more shots. That's like saying Oh, Petey has more shots than In addition, we all know Motte is a defensive specialist but he was a hobey baker finalist and a scorer in junior, I'm sure it took him time to transform into a defensive specialist. This also brings me to Miller who I do believe is a trajectory that Jake seems to be following. For me, he is definitely not hurting the team, so why not keep him here as he is one of the few players who can play throughout the whole line up (except defence/goalie obviously) and he is at a cheap price. Not that many 2 million players can give you 40 points a season. However, one thing I definitely agree with you on and cannot provide you with a different point of view is I do believe that him being in Vancouver is definitely hurting him more than helping him as I think he concentrated the most when he was in Utica, away from his friends and pressure. So maybe he does need a change of scenery but the fan in me, wants to keep him as he definitely has been trending upwards. (A point to your statement is that you say since he started at zero (in terms of whatever aspect you can think of), he can only go up but to be honest, I have seen players just keep it status quo and not improve on any aspect, at least he is improving).
  9. The last point about the trading assets for Toffoli if he broke out..that is the silver lining. He hasn't really broken out with 40 points and he only cost 2 mil. Now we can have both Toffoli and Virt. And if you want to say drive of comparing Jake with the top 6. Besides Petey, Miller, Bo, I would say his drive fits around the bottom of top 6. I might make an excuse for Boeser a bit more since he showed a bit more drive in the playoffs. But besides these four out of six, I wouldn't say Jake has less drive than Pearson or Ericksson. And you say he doesn't back check? Do you even watch the games? Excluding his back checking that everyone seems to see in the playoffs but completely forget that they might have saw during the regular season, I think his defensive work has improved immensely. As what another poster said, it seems like his game is being reinvented here. He went from being a scoring force in juniors to being a two way player. Look at Tyler Motte, he was a hobey baker finalist and now he is a defensive specialist. He was drafted I think one year earlier than Jake (albeit 121st overall) but I'm sure he took some time to redevelop his game (please correct me if anyone knows his trajectory better). Also, look at Miller, the Miller we see now is the finished product of many years for him to "get it". That's why Miller did say he sees a lot of himself in Jake.
  10. I bet you he only saw the stats and assumed it was a 3-0 score on Demko =/ Nor did he even watch/read the stats of the Vegas/Dallas series.
  11. Agree on the drive part. We all hope our whole damn team has Petey/Hughes/Bo drive..Even Bo has off days. If people are going to throw Virt under the bus and say he lacks Petey's drive, then you should throw (as oldnews mentioned above), half the team with him. Do I want Jake to have more drive..most definitely yes! Is Jake the worst player on the team/league that is only worth 950k? Definitely not. Even with not looking at the advanced stats, using the "eye-ball" test, there is no way you can't say Jake hasn't improved every year. When you look at his junior stats, he is currently following a similar trajectory. He was slow at the beginning and then became a first round pick. Even for the playoffs, he seems to be slow at the start. Yes..he is a first round pick and everyone's expectations are high but even Raffi Torres was drafted 5th overall. Got to tamper expectations and see him for him now instead of clouding your judgment with unrealistic expectations (esp since our recent high draft picks have done so well)
  12. Since you have made this observation, it seems that I can assume that you didn't watch Jake play the last two years and you are basing based on his first few years? Your arguments that he does not pass well or pass to fellow teammates was a knock on him when he first started playing in the NHL. If you bothered to see him play, you will see that he has held on to the puck much longer now and makes good passes majority of the time (albeit a lot of players make bad passes once in awhile).
  13. But no one would consider 950K for Virtanen to be justified (i am not quoting you because you said this, it is because you clarified about the RFA/UFA situation). Taking a hometown discount means keeping your current salary and not getting the raise that you should be getting. FOr VegasCanuck, please let us know which player in the league gets approximately 40 points and is not on an ELC? Please enlighten us!