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  1. No one is doubting it is not a dumb move. it is definitely a dumb move especially for being famous. However, a lot of people here have definitely looked away from the road (similar to his 1-2 seconds). But even if it is a fine, a CDN$368 and 4 points is not to say it is the end of the world.
  2. This was a segment done by where they would interview a few families on wishing their mom's a happy mother's day and to share their experiences with their mom. For the Hughes family, it starts at 9:18 and ends at 17:20.
  3. For people interested in the article
  4. That's why he wasn't on the list. Because he shouldn't be on the list...should be considered for other awards except most improved.
  5. I remember he did a video in Washington where he would tell people he is Jim Carey and no one would believe him and said he doesn't look like the famous actor..haha (The explanation on the rise and fall of Jim Carey)
  6. I don't understand why Rooster and Gauds are the first forwards out on the 2nd PP unit =/
  7. Anyways, Jake has been unlucky in the past few games in terms of scoring but has been doing everything else right. He has hit like 3-4 posts in the past 2 games?
  8. If you posted this like a week/week and a half ago, I would somewhat agree. But lately, although he isn't racking up points, he has been quite noticeable.
  9.'s dentist appointment, ask if you can get a selfie stick and hold the phone above your head so you can see it! I have a lunch meeting at 1..harder for me.
  10. Wow..rejected offers from Harvard and Princeton..damn.