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  1. Making my way through Fire Emblem: Awakening. Fantastic game.
  2. Haha, I wanted to play that when it came out and totally forgot about it. It's that bland eh? That's too bad. Anyways currently playing League of Legends Guild Wars 2 At some point in the future I need to beat Final Fantasy XIII-2.
  3. I think the developers said that this game is 40 square km in size. That's a lot of exploring for sure.
  4. Pettinger is in the DEL and Krog is in the AHL.
  5. just got home from SFU...roads coming down weren't too bad, most of it seemed to be melting away...if you got a car, you should be able to make it down nice and slow...probably took me...15 min getting down the mountain?
  6. yep...stuck in the library...