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  1. OMG Snow?

    I gave myself a snow day so I could enjoy some football. Great timing!
  2. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Now that's what you call an ass kicking.
  3. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    If they get taken down they would be done. Maybe not Tyson I would love to see the crazy Tyson in a MMA fight. It would be like unleashing a caged animal.
  4. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    I don't know why people would think a boxer would beat a mma fighter in a mma fight.
  5. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    I caught the last 2 fights and they were boring as hell. I can't believe people actually paid for this.
  6. Attn: Invalid Sources

    He stole the Mitchell information from Murph. I've said all along this guys a joke and he showed that again today.
  7. Attn: Invalid Sources

    Are you related to him or something you're taking this real personal. Any1 with any common sense can figure out this guys a bigger fraud than Eklund.
  8. Attn: Invalid Sources

    Eklund and him are both jokes but Eklund is 10 times more reliable than him.
  9. Attn: Invalid Sources

    He blocks anyone that calls him out on his BS. He blocked me when I called him out on him reporting Spezza got traded to Columbus. He then deleted the tweet and blamed the false report on a blog. You know if the report was correct he would take credit for it.
  10. Attn: Invalid Sources

    He also says he's been told Mitchell narrowed his teams down from 12 to 4. Again he portrays it as his news when Murph first reported it.
  11. Attn: Invalid Sources

    Np .. I thought he was legit at the beginning but then a noticed a pattern of him stealing other people's reports or just making up BS
  12. Attn: Invalid Sources

    I follow all the TSN, Sportsnet, Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, ESPN hockey guys and at least one beat writer from each NHL team. Should I keep going ? Mostly it's the local beat writers that break the stories. I'll give you another example Steve Kouleas tweeted: marty turco to chicago...1 year, 1.5 M approx IF IF IF, the hawks trade or walk away from Antti for this over the coming days on July 30th 1:20 PM At 5:20PM NHLsourcessay tweeted: Marty Turco and Hawks have made a verbal agreement, 1 year worth $1.5 million...this is if they walk after Niemi arb. hearing or trade him. There's no credit given to Steve Kouleas for breaking this story. This is all he does take information from other people and post it like he came up with it and if anyone calls him out on it he just blocks that person. You don't know how many times I've read a local article with a rumor in it and few hour later he tweeted it as his story.
  13. Attn: Invalid Sources

    I couldn't have said it better myself. If you follow enough people on Twitter you know he just takes their stories and portrays them as his.
  14. Attn: Invalid Sources

    He said that after TSN said the report wasn't true. Even go check in the time line. He also said his sources said GM Place would be named Telus Arena and he also deleted that once it was reported Rogers got the rights. He's a joke among all the real experts on Twitter but keep believing him if you want.