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  1. If he trades Bieksa during this season I'll leave CDC.
  2. Don't group Gillis with other GM's. Give me one example of when he has done this ?
  3. Gillis has pretty much told the beat reporters there's no chance he'll trade Bieksa.
  4. You really need to know when to give up. He was amazing tonight and I'm not even a fan of his.
  5. Defensively the best game I've ever seen him play. He made Ovie invisible out there.
  6. I wouldn't put too much stock into that article after seeing who wrote it.
  7. Probably betting on how many times AV will giggle in the post game scrum.
  8. Them shaking hands out of the blue was hilarious. They probably made a bet or something.
  9. If the Canucks plan on trading Bieksa his trade value has never been higher than it is now.
  10. Wait, wait are you saying Bieksa doesn't have good hockey sense ? You learn something new everyday.
  11. My first game will be next Sat. so I haven't paid him anything yet. I didn't get a chance to go to the Linden ceremony so I'm excited about this.
  12. I know all that but they have a lot of other income streams too.
  13. All that's fine, I just don't believe "we are all paying his salary". As long as people keep showing up the prices will keep on increasing whether he makes 1mill or 10mill.
  14. Those tickets prices would have increased whether he was making 10mill or 5mill. It's all about supply and demand. Saying Luongo's salary has a direct tie to increasing ticket prices is just ludicrous. I don't even think you believe what you just typed. Do you actually believe that if he just made 5million those ticket prices would of not increased by that 5% ? Come on now.
  15. I'm saying him being the highest paid goalie in the world has nothing to do with it unless you're in the Aquilini will.