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  1. So Asian fans are not "right fans" Ok. Good to know.
  2. Nashville sure needs a goalie. Pekka Rinne is terrible. Three of the goals were weak. I had very little confidence in Rinne watching the Preds in the first three rounds.
  3. Most Outrageously Underrated Canucks D-Men in History?

    I cannot believe this name hasn't been mentioned yet RORY FITZPATRICK he finished second in all star voting. Can any Canuck defenseman top that? I think not.
  4. Ugggh no. I shudder at the thought of the Laffs, Shames and the Coilers ever winning a cup.
  5. The series is far from over. The Ducks got blown outta pond and still bounced back. The Sens have arguably the best goalie out of the remaining teams, have a beast of a defenseman in Karlsson. Don't count them out.
  6. 'Canada's Team': Why do we all hate each other?

    I have no problem cheering for the Habs and the Sens if the Canucks are not in contention. I would cheer for steaming pile of horse turd before I cheer for the Laffs, Phlegms and the Coilers. Nobody cares about the Jets.
  7. Tell me about it. I have the pleasure of living in Deadmonton.
  8. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Let's hope McDavid pulls a Pronger before he hits his prime in Edmonton
  10. Still lots of time left and Coil have lots of fire. Insurance goal please!