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  1. Hmm, would love to get the Classic but my contract's not up until October...
  2. Haha! They were definitely the forum hotties. Looking back, they were probably like 15 at the time. Heh...
  3. Rofl I love that guy who would just post pictures of classic guitarists in every thread.
  4. Ok you win, yours is better than mine.
  5. Only time I ever used a Blackberry was when I had to carry one for about a month at my old job. It was a pretty old crappy model (don't know which exactly) but there was something about it I really enjoyed. Even though it was much older than my personal phone I found it was somehow way easier and more fun to use. Definitely more productive. My current contract is finally up in October and I'm pretty sure a BB will be my next phone. Not just based on my above experience but because I've played with some BB10 phones my friends have and they're pretty awesome & different and I feel the need to try it for myself. On that topic, two questions maybe you know - 1) when will the Classic be released, and 2) what are the odds that Telus/Bell/Rogers actually carry it?
  6. No idea, can't remember. I must have taken them for some reason. I randomly found them in my old photobucket account.
  7. It was the old white noise. I KNOW I WAS THERE
  8. The new Classic does look pretty sweet. I've been following BlackBerry for some time now. I think the new phone might win me over.
  9. Yeah, I hate her character in the series. She never does anything, all she does is go around whining and telling everyone that they need to listen to her because she's the "mother" of some dragon eggs that existed long before she was born.
  10. Haha. No but seriously, if you need to make a connection that involves a 5 minute walk, their trip planner will sooner suggest 3 buses and take you on a 15km detour instead.
  11. Hey why not, after all Broadway is a magical street with unlimited road space right? Let's spend money on this, why invest in a realistic long-term solution?
  12. That's a good point, I've never thought about it that way. It is really stupid that if you live at Joyce and want to go to Metrotown, you have to pay $3.75 for a 2-zone and spend 3 minutes on the train. I would drive too.