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  1. That's a pretty simplistic view. Should we punish rapists by raping them? If you rape someone you no longer have the right to not be raped.
  2. That's why we have an organized justice system and not just individual vigilantism doling out punishment.
  3. I think I'll vote for Trudeau. Sure I'm a bit disappointed about Bill C-51 but if I take an honest look at both sides - what are the odds that I or anybody I know will be the victim of a terrorist act, or on the other hand, a victim of civil rights abuses because of this bill - the answer to both is minuscule. Whereas there are dozens of other major policy positions which are guaranteed to affect my life, and I find that the Liberals most align with my views (Greens 2nd, NDP 3rd, Conservatives 4th). So I'll vote Liberal, and if they really mess up the campaign then probably Green.
  4. If you get an iPhone prepare to be locked into the Apple ecosystem for life and to spend $1,000 when you need to upgrade in a year or two. And yeah you'll want the $1,000 because they'll never include an SD card option and you'll want to fit all your music and photos on it. Go for the Android, but maybe not Sony, they have pretty crappy quality control and support. Honestly if you've been happy with the Samsung S3 and you want a cheap no-contract upgrade, just go for the S4.
  5. Wait, would you support the tax if it was to fund police on the bus? Also name me one transit system in the entire world that you've been on where police ride on the bus. It would be a colossal waste of money since 99% of bus routes don't regularly have any problems, not to mention people would be up in arms about the constant police presence. The logical solution is to install plastic barriers on "problematic" routes such as the 20 and the 145, and they're already rolling out a pilot program to do just that. I like how people complain about wasted money and then propose things that would be enormous wastes of money.
  6. LOL awesome. "The system needs upgrades. Let's vote to not give them money." I'm sure all those No votes are going to do wonders for the WCE down the line.
  7. I'm a bit late to the game but - I moved out when I was 18. I was living in New West and attending UBC and the commute was killing me so I moved to Point Grey in the summer between 1st and 2nd year. My parents were also divorced (like the OP) for what it's worth. I moved with a roommate, a friend since elementary school. We lived in a pretty run down basement suite but the landlords were cool and we were 2 young guys so we didn't care. I worked 20 hours a week and had no problems with money (I was lucky that my parents saved for my tuition and I didn't have to pay that, but I paid my own rent, groceries, etc). 20 hours a week might sound like a lot if you're in school full time but bear in mind, I cut my daily commute down from 3.5 hours to 30 minutes, that's 15 hours a week saved. Personally - and this is contrary to the popular opinion in this thread - but it was the best time of my life. I experienced so many more things and learned so many more life lessons than I could have living at home in New West. If you feel like you'll be able to handle it financially and you have the maturity to balance your school and social life, I recommend it 100%. But those are big "ifs" for many people.
  8. You are absolutely correct, we'll pay one way or another. So the question is, do you like this proposed plan for how you're going to pay and what you're going to pay for - bearing in mind, again, that either way you're paying. If you do, vote yes; if you don't, vote no.
  9. About a year ago I switched to only buying meat that is locally sourced and ethically raised. It took quite a bit of research to figure out the right butchers to buy from and what to look for. The meat I buy now is more about 3x more expensive than before; I compensate by buying less than half the meat I used to. (Same goes for eggs, cheese, milk etc). I don't mind the idea of killing animals for meat; I think that's part of the "circle of life". We've just become very good at it. The things I don't like about eating meat are: if the animals suffer their entire lives, and the environmental implications of a planet of potentially 7 billion meat eaters. By buying ethical meat, and way less of it, I feel I'm doing my part. Should I give up meat all together? Probably, yeah. But I really enjoy food and cooking, it's part of the fiber of my being, and I don't want to give that up. I do what I can with that in mind.
  10. "Start at the top and work your way down" - OK well they already fired the CEO, isn't that high enough at the top? Yeah, they still have to pay him for a bit because of his contract, that sucks, but you can't deny that they made a move at the top. Every time I hear about Translink's wastefulness I never hear numbers to back it up, which is funny because the numbers are out there and pretty easy to find. Here's a news story with some summaries: Or you can find a much more detailed independent efficiency review online if you don't mind hundred-page documents. But either way the story is the same - Translink comes out as one of the most efficiently run transit organizations in North America. Those are independent, non-biased findings. It's too bad we have to pay 2 CEOs and it's too bad about Compass (you can blame the province for that one) but in the big picture all the grand talk about Translink's wastefulness just doesn't hold up. Hopefully Translink keeps getting better but in the meantime we need these service improvements NOW. I'll conclude by repeating inane's final line, sometimes perfect is the enemy of good.
  11. That wasn't the first point, it was the first sentence in the first point. Other facts in there: ridership is up 56% in 15 years while car trips are down; Translink is 3rd in North America in per capita ridership, 1/5 commuters use transit to get to work, Vancouver pays the lowest cost for transportation in the country. Those are pretty impressive numbers IMO.
  12. Ah well if you "believe" it then surely it's true. By the way why do you doubt their numbers? Take the skytrain or virtually any bus during rush hour and it's packed. The system is largely over capacity across the board. I know people like to criticize Translink for everything but it's pretty clear that their ridership is high and growing.