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  1. Bob "The Moj" from Team1040

    You people are out of your minds. I'd rather have a guy with a strong opinion whom I disagree with on the regular (Pratt + Moj) than some goodie two shoes loser like Rintoul or Patterson snoozing up the airwaves. I'm so sick and tired of people constantly getting butt hurt over guys having adverse opinions on the way the canucks run their organization. and the other user is right, the Bro isn't like how he is on the radio in real life. He's a lot more soft spoken and is very kind and keeps somewhat to himself
  2. you know what, you're right. I've been sick and tired of it for years now. With that said who cares
  3. Most Random Canucks Gear Appearance Yet?

    @ 0:48 didn't see this one coming :-/ I can totally see the nucks skating out to this next season...
  4. Peaches Geldof dies aged 25

  5. The Grill with Don Taylor that replaced his show fo ra year was far far better, his battles with the Pauser were legendary
  6. So Avril Released a Pretty Coo New Song Today

    You just wasted it yourself by clicking on it numb-nuts
  7. So Avril Released a Pretty Coo New Song Today

    Here's the garbagio story my people, will also add to first post: Avril Lavigne slammed for ‘offensively racist’ Hello Kitty music video The Canadian singer’s latest music video, for single Hello Kitty, has been met with almost universal scorn, with the four-minute long clip decried by critics as everything from lazy and embarrassing to “the worst thing you’ll watch all week.” The video for Hello Kitty, the third single from Lavigne’s self-titled 2013 album, landed late Tuesday. In it, the pop songstress cavorts with a group of stonefaced Japanese women as she puts forward her best “arigato” and suggests that she and a pal “roll around in our underwear, how every silly kitty should be.” The U.K. Mirror seemed lukewarm on the video, designating it “so bad that it’s actually quite good, a bit like anything by Rebecca Black.” Hello Kitty feels like staring into the vacuum “Avril’s new song borrows some of Skrillex’s trademark noises,” The Mirror notes under a header claiming that Hello Kitty sounds like “a Skrillex song that got lodged in a dishwasher.” “but there are also bits where Avril is ‘shredding her guitar’ and strutting around and it all feels like several noisy things are trying to happen at the same time.” Idolator was a bit more concise with their criticism, posting the video under the headline “Avril Lavigne’s ‘Hello Kitty’ Video Is Probably The Worst Thing You’ll Watch All Week.” “To be honest, I kind of shut down physically and emotionally after the first four seconds here,” writer Robbie Daw notes, taking particular issue with Lavigne’s juvenile themes — and behaviour — in the track’s music video. “Has anyone reminded Avril that she’s nearly 30 lately?” Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly put on its best cultural criticism cap and made a very respectable attempt at explaining the video in the context of Lavigne’s career history and Hello Kitty‘s obvious similarities to Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girl-stocked Hollaback Girl — though writer Darren Franich still didn’t seem to be able to find any merits in the pastel-hued clip. “The simplest way to understand what’s happening here is that Avril Lavigne had her most iconic moment astride the pop zeitgeist over a decade ago, with Sk8er Boi and Complicated, maybe the most ’90s songs ever released after the ’90s ended,” Franich writes. “We like to ascribe context to our musicians, but Lavigne arrived sans context in the midst of whatever pop-punk was.” “There are serious questions about whether it’s offensive (expressionless Asian dancers, Tokyo-as-prop) or offensively obvious (this one’s for you, large Japanese fanbase!),” he goes on. “There are even more serious questions about the title, Hello Kitty, which is also like half of the lyrics, and which everyone agrees is a double entendre. … Hello Kitty feels like staring into the vacuum. Avril plays a guitar, but nothing comes out. She doesn’t really dance, but she doesn’t not dance. This is what pop wants to be, but also where pop came from: Alpha and Omega, retro-futuristic. Avril Lavigne never changed; the world just changed around her.” Policymic doesn’t mince words about the song, immediately decrying the video, which was yanked from YouTube almost as soon as it debuted on Tuesday — but can still be viewed on Lavigne’s official website — as “racist.” Related Did you ever wonder who world’s most famous Canadian is? Ontario pop rocker Avril Lavigne, MIT study says Avril Lavigne wore a black dress to marry Chad Kroeger, HELLO! Canada cover reveals “The song is offensively bad. The video is offensively racist,” the site claims. “Lavigne, who is one step away from squinting her way through this one, probably knows this is racist. Racism is good business.” “Before this video, Lavigne was the subject of approximately zero American attention. Now, she’s trending on Facebook because she was racially insensitive — and good luck getting the song out of your head.” Finally, Billboard has taken a similarly hard line against Hello Kitty, calling the video an “embarrassment” that is “even more abhorrent than the song.” “When she’s not commanding her vaguely offensive troop, Lavigne is clumsily playing guitar, wearing glasses, eating sushi, waving at admirers, taking a single photograph, and … not much else, really,” Billboard scribe Jason Lipshutz notes. “It can’t be worse than this, right? Right?” Decide for yourself — the video is here.

    somebody punt that little door knob in the third toe, that one in the middle, mhmm
  9. I'm sorry, but how on earth are people caRRing this racist? It is quite literally, the most sickeningRy horrible song written since "Friday" by our friend, the equally taRented, Rebecca Black, but it is not racist in the slightest. She's ceRebrating modern asian teenage culture if anything (though what there is to cerebrate, I'm unsure). article -->
  10. NEWSFLASH: Drake is a selfish @**

    dude was a drug addict, OD'ed, and left his family and kids behind. Great actor, but I get where Drake's coming from. Actually no. Both are idiots.
  11. Breaking Bad

  12. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    that movie was fantastic, you're off your rocker
  13. ^Trevor had a falling out with the producers/director during the last season or two. He wrote a huge blog thinger about his experience on the show and why he left. Obviously they worked it out with Cory recently. Google it
  14. PARKSY on team 1040

    just heard our old friend and his tell-tale accent call into Rintoul's weak-arse late night show. Basically called out other callers on their points and then that weak excuse for a sports broadcaster checked him up for not making an actual point other than "keep Gillis around". This guy should have stuck to his Vancouver Island roadie videos, those were great and gave a real taste of Canuck/hockey fever in small towns that the average urbanite/big city dweller wouldn't have otherwise gotten much perspective of. Attic Crown shots for everyone
  15. Anybody enjoy it less when it's in sparkling HD? Something just doesn't seem right. I heard Corey will be back though wwhich is a huge plus. Hopefully no Jacob though