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  1. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    that movie was fantastic, you're off your rocker
  2. The Workout Thread

    great thanks for the tip!
  3. The Workout Thread

    Hey gents n gals, where are the most affordable places to buy Protein Powder/Creatine? I'm new to the whole supplement/vitamins game. Thanks!
  4. [PGT] Bieksa wins by domination!

    I'm sorry guys but neither side landed ONE PUNCH. Good on him for sticking up to the bigger guy but this wasn't even a fight, not one punch connected on either side
  5. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    Is there a pre-sale password that will be required? Is it the same lineup each night? And if it's $99 for two nights, how much is it for a one night ticket? I looked on the site but couldn't track it down Any assistance is very much appreciated!
  6. Any group involved in hurting other people, peddling drugs and breaking the law constantly are bad people. They may chum it up with you from time to time, but that doesn't make them good. I think you've been watching too much Sons of Anarchy my friend
  7. Another attempt at the HA to create a more positive societal image for themselves, a group of scumbag criminals
  8. ^rides a crotch rocket. Becomes forever biased against non-crotch rocket drivers. You probably ride a bicycle through red lights and then flip off honking cars too don'tcha?
  9. Dan Russell takes some heavy shots on his show last night

    thank you ^ I thought I was the only one who remembered! It was this AMAZING brass section type intro, people always used to call in and ask but apparently someone just sent it in randomly once and it was so good that they decided to stick with it
  10. Dan Russell takes some heavy shots on his show last night

    I haven't listened since Don Taylor's INCREDIBLE Sports Grill ended it's two year run in the early 2000's. He and the Pauser made it entertaining as HELL to listen to nightly talk about how much Felix Potvin sucked. Absolutely amazing radio, and quite literally THE BEST intro song ever. And then Dan, the world's boringest talk show host (other than rick quinton) came back and ruined everything
  11. The Workout Thread

    Plyo-based and/or machine-based (either or). I've done some burst-workouts on the eliptical and tread mill lately, but I also do lots of sandbag/plyo combination type workouts
  12. The Workout Thread

    what's the best cardio based workout on youtube that any of you use?
  13. too bad they didn't cut the end of the season after the previous episode, one of the boringest GOT episodes ever, and other than last episode, the entire season was a snore fest. Hoping for a return to awesomeness next season
  14. I was shocked, though I never emotionally bonded (so to say) with the two main characters that died (sorry, i'm terrible with names), apparently they were the main characters but I guess I just always foundt hem to be amongst the least likeable on the show
  15. YouTube Thread 2.0

    Does anybody know these retards?