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  1. End of Edler’s first contract 37pts Start of second contract 42pts End of second contract 22pts Start of third contract 22pts One of our most consistent defensemen of the last decade...
  2. The only problem with this Edler contract year narrative thus far is he has either matched or exceeded point totals after signing a new deal and is generally fairly consistent.
  3. I was at 2 of them and watched the other 80 at home, he was most definitely mediocre at best last season. Sorry @Timråfan there is no defending loui’s apathetic play last season. I gave him the benefit of the doubt after year 1. Year 2 he played decent until injury shortened his season to 50 games he was on pace for 49 points still not great for the money he was making but a better season nonetheless. And last season which was awful.
  4. He is owed $9mil actual dollars and his remaining cap hit is $18mil that is exactly the kind of deal Melnyk would consider...
  5. Schaller even finished the year stronger than Loui and he had a bad year for his standards too...
  6. Exactly why Loui won't. Also Beagle, Sutter, Motte, Leivo, Schaller, Ferland to name a few. Ferland, Leivo and Motte have the speed to counter attack as well.
  7. Because we have better defensive forwards that can play on the PK and defensively that aren't slow and $6million cap hit is astronomical for a “PK specialist, cause he sucks now offensively” player... He's mpre than earned his paid vacation to Utica NY...
  8. Weird, the Sedins didn't hit and no one thought they sucked. Because well, they didn't... Loui has been average to awful offensively for 3 years now, if you disagree, you either haven't watched him play here or have no clue what you're talking about.
  9. Really? Because I find it fascinating how someone as clueless as yourself about the rest of the team, can continually fault management and coaching when it comes to bust Dahlen and has been Loui. I’m sorry but you have zero clue what is good for this team. There is a reason Loui is done in Vancouver and it all falls on him not even remotely living up to his deal, then having the nerve to blame lack of ice time for his struggle. He more than earned his lack of ice time with 3 seasons of mediocre play.
  10. He couldn't play much worse tbh