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  1. This. For me personally, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Boston, (I know unpopular around here but a great city nonetheless) Nashville, and Vancouver would rank high on my list. Add Seattle when they enter the league as well. Next tier would be NYI, (I like the Brooklyn side of NY) Raleigh, Vegas, Arizona, LA, and Anaheim the last 5 as I am a Nascar fan as well and they are close to Nascar tracks. There is no universal best NHL city to play in it is a very subjective choice depending on the individual.
  2. With Stevie Y there they'll pick a solid player 1-31 anyway.
  3. This is the Schaller I was expecting last year but he struggled with that hand injury, this was exactly how he played in Boston
  4. How's that for finishing a hit @Smashian Kassian?
  5. Eriksson is good defensively and on the PK but he's far from THE reason our PK was decent. Schaller has outperformed him this year.
  6. Sutter with some fight in him, love it.
  7. Schaller has been with Beagle on the PK almost all season so far and yes doing better than LE. He's a better option than LE 5on5 AND on the PK...
  8. Wadr saying he brings nothing when he's been a good piece to our PK is disingenuous at best.
  9. He's been doing just that for the last 3 games now.
  10. Wadr everything you said about Schaller is also applicable to Motte. Both are a better option than LE at this point too.
  11. Any other player does what Petey did there I would want to beat the piss out of him. Damn that is some skill.