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  1. Schaller-Beagle-Motte is a line with great chemistry and Schaller is playing really well this year, can't see any logical reason to keep Loui anymore.
  2. Except he's not good enough and it's a complete waste of time and a roster spot. Pass.
  3. Except Detroit would just claim him back and put him in the minors... So get over it we're not claiming this dud. He can't even stick with a BRUTAL Red Wings roster....
  4. I remember when cdc was ready to sell the farm for this dud.
  5. Tampa wasn't thrilled to lose Miller that's why he cost what he did. They were shopping Killorn, Benning paid a tad more to get a much better player.
  6. If Brady was so tough he'd actually square off with him instead of jumping him. December 21 will be the rematch, will be pvr’d as I'll be going to the Canucks-Pens game
  7. Laughton will be fine and it'll be a different story when he doesn't have a broken finger and isn't being jumped from behind and down on the ice.
  8. No that was gutless. 100% not old school. Old school he would square off instead of hitting him from behind then jumping him while he's down. Take of your Tkachuk homer goggles for a second man.
  9. Was gutless of Brady to crosscheck him and jump him while down. That's not old school that's a b**** move.
  10. Actually it was a 1st and a 3rd 10/10 would do that trade again. And I was one of the few here that liked it from the get go.
  11. He wasn't trying to scrap anyone he's got a broken finger right now, Sens were going after him all night though
  12. Tough one depending which Leafs team shows up. 4-3 Canucks 1st Goal Leivo GWG Beagle