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  1. Battling it right now, it is frustrating to say the least
  2. He put forth a better counter point than ignoring facts and moving goal posts...
  3. Why listen to an NHL coach when you could listen to @CptCanuck16?
  4. This is just it, something doesn't suit their false narrative they just move the goalposts.
  5. Like try and pull more bs from your back side?
  6. They're not firing the coach. And he's done absolutely nothing to warrant firing him. Best to get over it and move on...
  7. canuck73_3

    NFL thread

    Ball hit the ground INT should be overturned.
  8. Still gotta make my way down there. Keep telling my gf we need to get rich and get a winter home in Malibu done with this cold crap
  9. Congrats Sharks you only “kind of” suck now lol
  10. Of course they're trying to find a way to even this out...