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  1. What a pass by Daniel
  2. Maybe he turns out better than Laplante and is worth a flyer on at least.
  3. Chara and McQuaid seem to take a lot of complaints around here
  4. Also true
  5. Yeah why bother having our scouts look at all options right?
  6. I should have clarified I meant stick swinger in the 50's-70's sense of swinging at the face. My mistake.
  7. All slashes to the body and one high stick, I could make the same baseles claim that I could see Buurows doing what Nyquist did using your "evidence" compilation of Marchands. Also butthurt is applicable here as anytime the Bruins are mentioned half of cdc goes nuts with conspiracy bs.
  8. This is where the butthurt comes in, Marchand may cross the line from time to time but he's never been much of a stick swinger.
  9. 2 for Chaput!!!!
  10. Burrows doesn't speak french or english
  11. Suck it Lehner and O'Sullivan
  12. Shows tanking isn't a great strategy Edmonton, Buffalo, Colorado and Winnipeg all have some very nice pieces but perpetual losing does a number to players mentally.