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  1. Vatranos head hot the glass pretty hard. With what we know now about head injuries you can't call him a bitch over an impact like that.
  2. Well thanks for the loss Guddy.
  3. Forgot about the Nichuskin>Horvat people
  4. Nice try blunt would say the same thing if it was a Miller on Baertschi.
  5. I agree instigator should have been called baffling it wasn't.
  6. No matter how you slice it that hit is 5 and a game.
  7. Dumb play by Vatrano to put himself in that position but that's an automatic 5 anytime you make that hit. Zero issue with that hit being called.
  8. Height doesn't play any part in a boarding call...
  9. He turned but numbers were facing Guddy the whole time. Stupid play by Gudbranson that's all.