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  1. How is Bolland a locker room cancer? Because he made fun of the Sedins once during a heated playoff series? Overpaid? yes, locker room cancer? Doubt it...
  2. Granlund already is a useful NHL player as he played in the NHL and was pretty solid at the end of the year here. Gaunce is still a question mark no matter how much you pump his tires up. And as old news mentioned they play differnt positions as Gaunce is gaining comfort on lw, so your point is redundant.
  3. Sorry to burst your bubble but as of now Granlund is higher on the depth chart than Gaunce.
  4. PK would make our team much better so not sure why the losing team part gets brought up. We were in second in our division until injuries piled up last year.
  5. Hearing Roy left due to feeling like he wasn't heard regarding players he wanted drafted/signed.
  6. No wonder vice sports is irrelevant.
  7. He's not lazy though, nor is he a third liner. He's also much better than any player I've ever seen in the ECHL.
  8. While I don't want Vrbata back this comment is pretty ignorant, Radim is a legit NHL player...
  9. Well Hamhuis and Vrbata had NTC and Hudler would not have one so there's that...
  10. Wouldn't even take him for free.
  11. Benning please stay away from this piece of garbage.
  12. Virtanen repeat of last preseason you're up first.
  13. It was 5 years ago ffs get over it already...
  14. I never said he's not better than Vrbata, he's lazy and there's a reason he was bought out. Not a bad deal but not a player I wanted here.
  15. Meh no big deal, Vanek's always been a bit lazy we don't need another Vrbata