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  1. Where’s Auston and Double Flamingo allergic to board battles Nylander and Jake “Pizza” Gardiner
  2. I haven't noticed him all game actually
  3. Marner has been really impressive though. I'm a little shocked at Matthews lack of production.
  4. Easy to say in hindsight. At least they still got a really good player and not the second coming of Hugh Jessiman.
  5. DeBrusk turning out to be quite the gem love the way he plays.
  6. YES!!!!!!!!! DeBrusk after another soft play by Nylander.
  7. If I'm Cassidy I bench Nash for that, so stupid.
  8. The other 4 could change smarter would be gain possession and set up fresh legs.
  9. I say yes if they come back and win it might spur some confidence in him.