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  1. Those buildings didn't burn AND get struck by a commercial plane...
  2. Great road game great start for Nilsson
  3. PP!!!!! *gets nervous*
  4. Love the look of the PP with Boeser on it
  5. Bad PP and Marky was average
  6. Amen!
  7. Solid game start to finish Marky let in a softy he should have had but made up for it in a big way the rest of the game. Derek Dorsett had a hell of a game also Bo being Bo. Sedins and Vanek pp looked good and had chances despite not being able to score.
  8. Be interesting to see what they do, maybe carry 3 goalies for now or maybe had/have a deal in place for Pickard.
  9. Good thing we had those lockouts to keep salaries in check? Am I right?
  10. Only when he's not playing Vancouver and not doing the stupid stuff. He's a hell of a talent when not doing the gutless garbage.
  11. I like this move will be interesting to see how Pouliot does with a bigger role.
  12. Not talking about age. Talking about talent.
  13. Yet Vegas picked him up and have arguably 2 better goalies than we do...