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  1. [PGT] Ducks 4, Vancouver 0

    Post game thoughts get Cory Hirsch of my god damn screen he is so bloody stupid.    As for the game itself all Ducks we were chasing all game and just let the Ducks play their game.
  2. Beleskey hit was fine just unfortunate result. As for Marchand he did initiate contact with Lundqvist, that was a Mike Smith like dive.
  3. Best BC born player?

    Steve Yzerman
  4. Need For Speed PS4/XBONE

    Overall I really like the game my only issue being limited to a 5 car garage. Right now I have 5 fully modified cars (minus the handful of mods i have not unlocked yet) and $200,000+ banked... If you're wondering what cars McLaren 570S, Acura NSX, Nissan Skyline R34, Mazda Miata (own one in real life) and right now the Volvo 242 coupe though I have been rotating what car I use with the 5th spot.  Please EA give us more garage space.   
  5. [PGT] Canucks 3, Wild 2

    Rocky start but good 2nd and 3rd period in a building we generally struggle in. 
  6. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    I see the resident whiners have pretty much vanished again. 
  7. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    Shorty "Canucks PP has been hot as of late" Weber gives the puck away...
  8. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    His ceiling is definitely higher, outplaying him so far this year. 
  9. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    Nice pass by Higgins so close 
  10. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    There were no legit 5-6 mill defenseman available, and dumping our legit number one goalie for a band aid dman is a terrible idea...
  11. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    Clearly we should have signed Beauchemin and Franson with our limited cap space 
  12. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    Good play by Bartkowski 
  13. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    Tanev and Edler chasing never got setup.