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  1. Keep up the fight, best of luck to you!
  2. So much for if Vegas beat us 9-4 what will the coilers and phlegms do... #preseason.
  3. Went and saw the Rockets play 2 games in Vic Severson was the most impressive player on either team in both games by a long shot was disappointed we passed on him too.
  4. Really don't get the hate on this possible move it's just a PTO if it doesn't work out we don't sign him if it does we do, then have either a solid roster player or an easily movable trade piece for the deadline for a mid pick on a relatively cheap contract.
  5. $34 mil tied to 5 players with only 15 players signed. Had to do something.
  6. As if the $ and term is not bad enough full NMC in ALL 3 years to boot. Terrible deal for the Leafs.
  7. out of pluses
  8. He's tradeable oh wait NMC
  9. Will be weird to see Marleau in another jersey. Shocking he got 3 years.
  10. He turned lotto tickets and project players into NHL ready or near NHL ready players. I have zero issue with what he's done so far here. He's brought in solid players without gutting the team or mortgaging the future and drafted well on top of that. Even with hindsight his only bad move is Eriksson and he has 5 years to turn that around but to the right team he's a moveable asset even if we sell low. I don't even count Vey as a bad move because he at least played a couple of solid seasons for us while the draft pick sent away (Roland McKeown) has yet to crack an NHL roster. As of this moment this trade is a win at best a wash at worst.
  11. When the vets left are diminishing assests at best left over from previous regime and have NTC that they're unwilling to or hesitant to move what is Benning supposed to do? You can't make Edler waive his NTC nor should you let him go for free via expansion draft. Hamhuis exercised his contractual right to block a Washington trade and Vrbata was as usual at the deadline as he was on the ice. He did well with Burrows and Hansen this year but hands were tied with the three above mentioned as well as Kesler and Garrison.
  12. Utter garbage WD may have not been a perfect or great NHL coach but he's been a championship coach in the WHL and AHL so please stop with these gross and terrible over exaggerations you spit around here. You'd honestly be much easier to talk to on here without these ridiculous baseless over simplified comments.
  13. With Benning's drafting I'm not worried at all about that. We got 3 solid players that were projected to go in the first round with only 1 1st round pick.
  14. This
  15. Good luck in Anaheim Miller 2nd favourite goalie for me behind Rask. All the best in Anaheim.