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  1. Balotelli is crazy!
  2. wtf all games end 0-0. come on! haha I think Ronaldo was dissapointed after the game. he was talking to himself it was fun when he faked an injury to stop an attack from spain. and when he was laying down crying and then suddenly ran away hehe if ronaldo is playing it is always exciting!
  3. lets go Ronaldo!
  4. oh my god England sucked. Italy deserved to win. what a fantastic goal by Pirlo! by the way Kim Källström should go on a fat camp becuase he looks as fit as a fat 70 year old fat injured man
  5. Go England!
  6. Sehr gut!
  7. Ronaldo the king!
  8. IBRA KADABRA! nice goal!
  9. oh my god. another sleepless night after another failure Mellberg is the king! this was his last big game for sweden frack, i think we deserved at least 1 point but england scored some fantastic goals it was a really exciting game anyway
  10. maybe that is a swedish tradition. we did that thing last summer i remember sweden-england tonight. should be exciting. but i think it will be a very difficult game for sweden ohh the weather..
  11. oh my god what a terrible game by sweden. that was horrible i could not sleep last night after the game how could we let that old man score two goals? zlatan is still my hero
  12. some big games tomorrow. that will be fun oh someone got a red card. oh my god im getting excited. cant wait til monday.
  13. Poland get a good start
  14. GOAL!
  15. scot,my guess was 18