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  1. Full disclosure, I recced both. Because there's never too much laughter in this world. : P
  2. 500 here we come!
  3. Nice response. Too bad the quote got a bit botched. Can't be bothered now to sift through 20 pages to find the source and give my minus one, but three wins in three games with 0 seconds aggregate in the lead? Ya right, no cause for excitement there! Snark, lol, etc. Anyway here, have a +1 for your efforts in fighting the fine fight...
  4. Good call, cool thread, and... AWESOME start to the season! Just loving seeing the flashes of Sedinery: playing keep away and breaking through with the tying goal in game one; gwg in OT in this one. All three games come from behind wins too. Isn't that about how many we had all last season? Ok unlikely, I know, but sure would love to see the Sedins go out in style by taking the team from dead last (per professional airhead prognosticators) and leading them all the way to Stan-gri-la... Oh well, for now just got to love the positive vibes for a change!
  5. So true Nice for once not being bummed by a loss though!
  6. @ hearditall irony. detected.
  7. And another +1 for truth, lol, and tears.
  8. Ditto. And OP +1-ed for first post since 2011. Word.
  9. The sense for dark humour does have its place, to be sure. But yes, sounds like lesson, um, learned...
  10. If it was in the defense is boned comment, I saw no hint of malice... Just poor timing after what sounded a bit gruesome. Normally people wouldn't be quite as sensitive... Way to own up though. Better in the end than trying to defend a comment that clearly backfired.
  11. lol, is it giving you the post countdown now?
  12. Won a period and lost a period. The beauty is it's enough now to just draw in the 3rd. Play to win though, couldn't agree more.