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  1. So you're saying they're always right because they are the ones who are responsible for those decisions and getting paid? Baaaah.
  2. I'd take Rome's invisible, safe plays, 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins... doesn't matter, over KB's 20+ mins of fire drill a game any day.
  3. he'd make Aaron Rome look like a defensive stud out there. it's been shown before, Romer does nothing great, but at least he doesn't score or assist in goals on his own net.
  4. whoever even bothers defending Bieksa by now is just a troll and/or blind fool. anyone with any knowledge of the game can see how consistently bad, and stupid this player is. mark my words, in 3 yrs this guy will be out of the NHL because he's just a freak show on the ice, and has shown no sign of improvement. he's too stupid to change, fix his game and probably his attitude also. there's no point thinking of trading him, because no one, at least, no WINNER will bother taking this guy even for minimum value... especially as long as AV is the brainturd coach.
  5. you're a fool, take off those rose coloured glasses. early in the 1st he already started handing the puck away in the defensive zone. but no, the majority has to be wrong about Bieksa for all this time, we all just like slagging the guy for some non hockey reasons because he's so unlikeable.
  6. garbage player, what else is new. nut hugging AV and Henrik to save his job and career here.
  7. you hate every player on our team wow hansen, luongo, etc

  8. you have -106 in one post..nice one

  9. All your topics have either been "someone sucks" or "trade for kovalchuk". Can't you think of anything actually nice to say? You say you've been a canucks fan for 2 decades... have you said anything good about the canucks fan in those last 2 decades?

    Please don't answer me directly, I don't even care. Just think about it.

  10. please leave.....troll

  11. lol, you got owned with that post. :) jk. well not really.