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  1. Okay I will bite... 1st - Edler and Stecher 2nd - Hutton with Gudbranson (they were starting to develop some good chemistry before Guddy went down for the season) 3rd - Del Zotto and Tanev Your extra two D are likely to be Wiercioch and Chatfield. Jalen has played exceptionally well and I could see him getting his shot at the bigtime.
  2. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    Not really, but he made an over-generalized statement about SC Champions that was not entirely accurate. I pounced on it because a lot of those elite players (aside from Seguin) were not drafted by Boston in the top 5. They were either drafted outside the top 5 or were traded for (Chara). Chara was elite for them but he was drafted by Ottawa in the top 5
  3. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    Me too but I had to do it to make a point
  4. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    The problem with that is even coming in last is no guarantee of a top pick. The 2017 draft is a prime example of that, with the two worst teams in the league picking outside of the top 3. You can go back 40+ years to when we entered the league and we lost out on the top pick then also. Running your team to be last in the league is NO way to generate loyalty out of your players. Many will decide to walk and then we are back to where we started from. Your route is the Edmonton route. Look how long it took them to do anything of note: 10+ years. Do you want that for this club? I sure don't. I am happy with the direction we are going. We are building a club that will play as a complete team. Not catering to a bunch of elite guys looking for over the top payouts. I would love to have talent like Bure's in our system once again. Or another Linden or another Kirk McLean (both of who were difference makers in the '94 playoffs), but I am not willing lose quality players to do it, nor to pre-judge players before they have finished developing. Until Horvat has peaked, I am reserving judgement on where he will wind up. But Boeser, on the other hand, seems to be picking up where he left off last season. There is a VERY good reason why people see him potentially taking the Calder this year, a trophy usually reserved for elite players I am sure you would agree. Back on topic, definite hard pass on Duchesne until at least we have a better idea of what our opening roster is going to be.
  5. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    Boston 2011 says "hi"
  6. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    Okay and how are we going to draft that when we continually draft at 5th or lower? Most of those elite centres go in the top 2-3 every year. The only way we could guarantee a pick that high would be to trade for it, but that would cost us a Horvat or a Juolevi and, to be honest, I am not willing to part with either of them. So tell me how we magically get lucky enough to pick that high without "sleeping" with Bettman???
  7. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    Elite in what way? Horvat has the potential to be elite as he is consistently improving every year. He May not be offensively elite, but defensively he will likely be up at the top. Wingers? Boeser says hello. The most offensively gifted winger in our system if it is offence you are talking about. I will cede you the point about the Dman though
  8. [Discussion] Why Don't We Recreate 2011?

    I don't always find myself agreeing with you but I have to give you credit. You hit the issue square in the head. Having a strong offensive defender with a big shot is one area we have not been able to address properly since Salo left the franchise. He had his health issues (much like Tanev does) but when he was one the ice he helped drive the play. I can only name one former Canuck who had as big of shot as him: Adrian Aucoin. This is why I was hoping we were going to land Liljegren early, or snag Callan Foote later in the draft. It wasn't meant to be this year, but I do hope they address this going forward, either through the draft or through trade. I would love to see us be dominant from the blueline outwards again.
  9. [Proposal] JUST DO IT!

    Kindly explain to me how trading Tanev, a RHD, opens up a spot for Juolevi, a LHD? They play opposite sides. The picks coming back are ok but we say no. Not enough value for us and, as has already been said, there is no incentive for us to trade Tanev right now. Please kindly stop making these redundant threads.
  10. Looking back at the Gudbranson trade

    Forgot about Stecher too. Subban is also an offensive D
  11. Looking back at the Gudbranson trade

    Dude, Juolevi projects as a first line offensive D. Your comment that we do not have one is inaccurate at best. Back on topic. One year later I still like this trade and would do it every single time. Gudbranson did and does fill a need in this organization. His size and defensive ability allow guys like Hutton and Stecher to do their job. I was not expecting him to be an offensive threat to begin with. He is your prototypical stay-at-home defensive d-man. Think Kevin Bieksa without the offense. From all reports at the time, McCann did not want to be here anyway so I am glad to have him gone from our system. I wish him well in the NHL but there is/was no point in holding onto someone who does not want to be here
  12. You just made my day with this post Harvey. I literally fell out of my chair at work because I was laughing so hard. That guy looks as though he ate several anorexics!
  13. Awesome post. have to say I agree with you on all points. To me what Benning has done so far is outline his long-game. The deals he made today do not break the bank in any way and ensure we have appropriate depth going into the season. It also ensures that our prospects are developed properly before playing in the NHL. I applaud this approach. It is about time that we had a management team that was concerned with proper development. Even if it means that we scrape the bottom of the barrel I am ok with that in the short term. The product on ice though, is going to be exciting to watch.
  14. No he is saying MDZ, Wiercioch and Burmistrov struggled last year