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  1. Sicario - 8/10 Strange to watch that particular genre of movie and love it based almost 100% on the visuals/ cinematography and barely give a damn about the plot. Also, not sure how I feel about this trend of movie scores having one deep rumbling note blaring out like the walker things from War Of The Worlds or something ... I remember it happening in Gravity as well when the debris came flying at them and tore everything apart. (it also drowns out quiet actors like Benicio del Toro , I barely heard a thing he said, which stinks because I dig that guy)
  2. Yeah, I really like all the Connolly shows (though, sad to say, the Route 66 show was seriously effected by his age and Parkinson's, imo). And speaking of Scotsmen on motorbikes, have you seen Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round? I love that one as well. Oliver is different though, much more focused on history (he's an archaeologist) and not nearly as funny as the other two. (no motorbikes involved either, he's always on foot) But you'll learn a hell of a lot, and be entertained by the accent and flowing hair, haha.
  3. I watch about 400 different shows all hosted by the majestically windswept Scotsman, Neil Oliver. (Coast, Coast Australia, Two Men in a Trench, A History of Scotland /Ancient Britain /Celtic Britain, Bannockburn, Celts, Vikings, on and on, he has so many)
  4. That's, hmm ... I like that, (and I always like reading about fellow CDCers) but at the same time revealing personal stuff is scary to me because we're posting in public, not in a PM. (plus I'm a low-post-count guy: mustn't ever cause a scene as a low-post-count guy, haha) These last two pages, where is the (how shall I put it?..) "cutoff" point for the mental illness we're talking about? I assume we've been meaning delusions and hallucinations and "worse", correct? (just making sure, because if it includes "lesser" things, then half the people I know have a mental illness and I have helped friends get through depression, a couple of them extremely bad cases, one of which took a huge toll on me because it slowly wore me down over the course of a couple years [though no resentment there, it is what it is] followed by one that was on the verge of suicide but helped her change her outlook on life) (I am the one who everyone comes to, people tell me everything, I am also a huge magnet for "colourful characters" everywhere I go, I'm not totally sure why but it has something to do with me being very calm and quiet and a full-eye-contact with strangers person haha). Sorry about all the brackets, I kept adding thoughts as I typed. I like how he was pleading with his daughter in that scene and you could see him being crushed by her unsure hesitation and a growing fear of him. I almost thought he was going to grab her in a fit of anger for a split second, but he didn't, which made it somehow even more heartbreaking knowing that he was a gentle guy. A lot of great acting in it from those two. (maybe even "those three", ha)
  5. Aah great stuff. And great that you still donate time to help as well. Your reasons for loving the movie make so much sense you could have done a mic drop and walked away from the keyboard in slow motion. (and I was worried that I might have asked you too personal a question) My lack of experience with helping those with mental illness (and not having any friends or relatives with [severe] mental illness) combined with the fact that I could only compare the way the marriage was portrayed to long term relationships I've been in (though not even half as long as your 12+ years) resulted in me being left to focus almost solely on his "artless, humourless, repetitive life" as I saw it. That's why I didn't connect with it and also why until ten minutes ago I wasn't sure what it was you could relate to. (but I did get to amuse myself by constantly trying to guess the colour of the next shirt in his Mark's Work Warehouse spring collection) So, with your knowledge of marriage, what's your opinion on Blue Valentine? (that one I actually did quit, it was such an awful relationship that I couldn't bare to watch it anymore, though will likely give it another chance one of these days)
  6. I just watched it, spoiler tag ahoy:
  7. The thing that I remember the most from '92 was the 11-0 beatdown we gave Calgary. It was completely unreal, the goals just kept coming and coming. Actually, that might be the only thing I remember from '92 ...
  8. The Spectacular Now - that kid from Whiplash is decent but there really wasn't any point to this movie. 5/10 Dope - did nothing for me ... just didn't like it ... 4/10 A Somewhat Gentle Man - Norwegian dark comedy staring Stellan Skarsgard. He had a sex scene with pretty much the mama from Throw Mama From The Train and I can't even go on typing this ... the horror ... Castaway on the Moon - Korean comedy/romance/drama from 2009, one of the best things I've seen this year. Hilarious, and sad, and moving. Just plain good. I loved it. 8.5/10 (highly recommend it if you need some laughs and a sniffle or two)
  9. Yeah, I understand. For me it's the gore, can't watch it. Also don't like realistic looking depictions of torture and suffering in popcorn gross out flicks. I think that kind of thing, mindless cruelty, should only be in serious war movies. It shouldn't "entertain" people. 3 Demolition Man fans on 1 page. That's 6 screws loose in total.
  10. Nice, I'll check it out. And I like Shannon. Neat face. Bad (and cheesy) can be great but that one just looks so ... hmmm, Super Mario Bros The Movie level of bad. (please don't do a third sad face, I feel so guilty)
  11. Second time in a row I've caused you to make a sad face, haha. Love your 1st and 10th. I haven't seen Take Shelter, looks interesting. That 9th one ... um, as long as it makes you happy.
  12. One plays the bagpipes and thank god I happen to like the bagpipes, and thank god she's not a beginner. One plays the saxamaphone and the clarinet. One grows hops for a little brewery. He plays the long gross burps. He's louder than the bagpipes.
  13. That's why it becomes a top 125, then a top 150. (it started as a top 40) Also my list is partly due to insomnia, something you will soon be getting a large dose of with your MiniMonty. Plenty of time at night for you to make lists, (kind young happy) Monty. (and what's your top 10?)
  14. Yeah make one for sure, I'd like to see it. Repo Man is a must. The whole vibe is fantastic and hilarious. So many classic quotes. Great soundtrack with Iggy and Black Flag, etc. But the slow reverb dripping surfabilly guitar that meanders throughout the movie is why I truly love it. And the generic cans of food and beer labelled "food" and "beer" ... It's pure greatness. Brazil is classic Gilliam at his Gilliest. Master and Commander is based on my favourite book series by Patrick O'Brian. They did a fantastic job on the movie. Paris, Texas is very very very slow (and good). Harry Dean Stanton stars in both this and Repo Man. Yup, not a fan of the horror genre.
  15. Haven't seen Coffy haha, looks good. And here's my Top 100: (unlike mean old grumpy Monty, I think it's worth the time)