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  1. The Rolling Grateful Zeppelins, obviously.
  2. (Twilight Sparkle is going to kill you)
  3. I just finished The Nibelungenlied, the medieval German "extended version" of the saga of Siegfried and Brunnhilde (and the one that inspired Wagner's The Ring cycle). The final confrontation was 50 pages of heroes and kings and knights and warriors slaughtering each other ... it was absolutely nuts. I'm sort of chuckling about it now, but at the time of reading it was pretty damn intense and almost on par with The Iliad. Really liked it. Picked up a tonne of Willie Shakespeare yesterday. I don't even know where to start ... I'm exited for Hamlet and Macbeth, but can I actually bring myself to read Romeo and Juliet?.. Anyway, the real point of this post: where do you guys/gals go for reliable common sense reviews of modern books to check out? I don't know which *new* books are truly worth it. (goodreads and /rbooks seem to be 90% teenagers, so not much help there, and I doubt I could fully trust a book critic who works for a left or right leaning newspaper [which is mostly what I'm getting when I google for an answer])
  4. I recently went to costco and came back out to find that someone had tossed two empty Tim Horton's coffee cups and the cardboard tray thingy into the back of my truck. All I won was a renewed dislike of Langford. (it was only three items, all of them dry, so it wasn't the end of the world, but still ... why are people so inconsiderate?..)
  5. ^ I liked Paterson so much that I went and picked up some William Carlos Williams after watching it. (the plums in the icebox poem) My favourite 2016'ers: Sing Street Paterson Swiss Army Man The Handmaiden Love & Friendship La La Land Arrival Hunt for the Wilderpeople Shin Godzilla Have yet to see Silence and American Honey. Moonlight didn't do it for me.
  6. Hmm, I thought Amy Adams completely carried Arrival all by herself. Even had Whitaker's bloated body dragging along behind her trying to bring the film down, as he always does. Surprised she isn't on there. Also, The Handmaiden should have been nominated for best Foreign Language Film. Hell, it should be nominated for Best Picture. Why does it feel as though I watched The Lobster about 3 years ago ?...
  7. The Handmaiden, so far, is my #1 for 2016. (haven't seen Moonlight or Affleck By The Sea yet) Just so amazingly beautiful to look at and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. But yeah it did go down a bit for me in the end as well, to an 8.5 It's also the one I was about to recommend to g_bassi for something different ... so uh, g_bassi, you've got to watch it, it's amazing, sorry Hugor Hill completely destroyed my enthusiasm. hehe And since I'm at it: I watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople last night and wow did my opinion seasaw up and down after the first 30 minutes (mostly due to the kid's acting and some odd bits of cheese here and there). But I loved the wife/auntie, and the heavenly doorways to delicious snacks and Fanta and the double door of tricky Jesus. By the time the credits rolled I was feeling happy, so that's always a good thing. The ol' 6.975/10.
  8. Aah, and completely terrifying docs like Tickled. (it sounds so creepy) Was it Amélie herself that you didn't like, or just the whole vibe? Or was it the little guy with the false teeth? I do actually hate him. And geezus you know your insomnia is bad when you're seriously contemplating watching shark movies for the sole purpose of insulting Monty afterwards ...
  9. ^ You are on quite the movie and doc rampage lately. I recently watched a really cool one from 1946 called A Matter of Life and Death, by the director duo who did The Red Shoes and Black Narcissus and many more that I want to see ... It's a fantasy/romance/drama with lots of neat special effects. All the scenes in heaven were black & white and all the scenes on Earth were in colour ("glorious technicolor!"). Had a fun story as well. Really liked this one and would recommend it to anyone. 8.5/10 Some images of heaven from it: Also, I finally checked out the Before trilogy (Sunrise/ Sunset/ Midnight), and found the dialogue so painful and embarrassing and uptight that I don't know if I can bring myself to watch the third one. I even flushed the first two out of my system with a different French girl by re-watching Amélie and loving it.
  10. Been years since I've given anything a 10, but if that Little Sister is a 9 then yeah Hunger was like 1000. Anyway, XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, I'll pick you up, say 8 o'clock? IMAX screen at the Royal Museum. Then we'll fight dudes in the parking lot after. (wear your war-manbun)
  11. I watched it a few hours ago: Great stuff. A slightly shaky 9/10. Love when recommendations in this thread work out. (I was a tiny bit worried going in since I know you like Foxcatcher, the dullest movie on Earth)
  12. Haha, okay it's a deal. Then do me a favour and don't watch Nocturnal Animals, I'm sadistically proud of my 0/10 rating and would hate to have my viewpoint changed to a 1/10.
  13. A year already ... It still feels so (horribley) recent. My favourite:
  14. Cinema Paradiso and Jaws? Were you watching movies at Giancarlo Montyobelli's house? (Monty's uncle from Napoli) Watched a doc on that situation years ago so I definitely am interested. (been trying to find the doc online just now but can't, maybe it was a one hour PBS "Frontline" type of deal or something) But yeah, I'll give it a watch. I like the cast as well, Liam Cunningham and his frown are always entertaining. Also I probably would've brushed Little Sister aside as "oh god, another quirky one" if I hadn't read your post. (and by probably, I mean definitely)