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  1. and to think...Canadian cops do joint training exercises with American wonder Canadian cops are becoming assholes...beating people up...look where they are learning it from
  2. so they going to riot in New York tonight? Cops once again get off killing a person...
  3. The USA is looking more and more like Nazi Germany.....
  4. Holy...just saw the video of the cops kill that 12 year old that had a pellet gun....2 seconds after they stop there car....the execute him ya sure when cops see a black male they dont to kill him before he hurts me....ffs
  5. Ok wasnt going to comment....but why does this police chief still have a job? He really didnt plan for this night well...and thats his if all cops are morons like this then no wonder people are pissed...
  6. The one question i have is how many missing or unsolved murders of women are there at the time and areas he has been...his actions seem to make me believe he could be a serial killer...the "lucky" ones just got punched and abused....creepy about the teddy bear....scary stuff
  7. Beth got killed on the tv show The Following last by a cult memeber on the front of Kevin Bacons character...true story...
  8. Torts is just as bad as Mike Keanan...I stoped watching when he was the couch...and it looks like i will have to stop watching again...untill they get rid of this guy....Hope no Canadian Team makes the playoffs....Buttman would be happy...but Sportsnet should of had a clause in there TV rights to get money back if there were no Canadian teams in the playoffs...Hope they had that clause put
  9. So CNN is calling him the "Crack Mayor"....does this mean we can call Toronto CrackCity? haha or the Crackhead MapleLeafs?? haha...This guy is pathetic...blaming the even though he doesnt have a drinking problem he has quit drinking booze forever...well he sure is ruining the Conservative Brand...haha
  10. Oh ok now I get why he is Mayor.....watched CNN and saw who voted for him....
  11. Oh so South Park Episode in 3...2....1...
  12. Poor sad....NOT
  13. Ya the guy looks like such a sweet guy....lets just let him be...typical hypocritical comment from a nut job supporter of Fords...Stopping the gravy train....well unless its for his friends that is....
  14. Didnt know you could do any legal action for someone making a statement to the police....this guy is a JOKE..I thought Chris Farley died of an OD?
  15. Funny people there say we are tree hugging pot smoking hippies....meanwhile they are fat, crack smoking bullies....haha