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  1. my friend walked down the hill late evening.
  2. lol if it as bad as it sounds i would just bail on my car and walk it. 40 mins down the hill is not bad at all especially in the snow. makes it that much more fun!
  3. people are stranded at SFU? lol how long is it to walk down that hill anyone know?
  4. its called being a grown up son.
  5. people who are desperate for a crazy snow blizzard are either kids or don't have jobs or don't drive...
  6. the sun is out! There goes the snow! bye bye!
  7. i warned my boss that if the snow is brutal im not coming to work and she was like uhhhright no your coming. so gay! im only part time!!! If they need me that bad then make me full time!
  8. most public high schools are open
  9. i think ucfv is open. but i was talking about the schools around vancouver. Douglas,Langara,Kwatlen,Cap,SFU all closed. UBC-bravely opened lol
  10. only UBC is open of all the universities and colleges lol
  11. it stopped here in richmond, they say the snow will be very heavy tomorrow morning during the commute..thats something im not looking foward to...
  12. yes i am already planning for a snowday tomorrow morning where I will take all kind of effort to drive my car to the rink and hope they are open so I can do some stick&puck instead of gonig to class!
  13. man richmond is pissing me off! Snow already ????! I dont want to wake up to like lil bit of snow covering the grass, i wanna see absolute snow chaos like the one we had in November 2006.
  14. or march&April. ive realized that ever since i moved from Montreal to here I've become very spoiled of the warm waether.
  15. i hope school is going to be closed so i can go for some stick&puck tomorrow haha