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  1. [Trade] Jaromir Jagr to Panthers

    Makes sense for everyone. The panthers don't need any more youth and Jagr is cheap. The devils probably resign Jagr in the summer and trade him again this time next year.
  2. [Rumour-Eklund] Kane on his way out

    Anything less than Kassian + Horvat would be a steal.
  3. [Speculation] Big Trade Coming Up?

    Canucks won't be in on any big trades, but one or two more losses and the Oilers really need to make a big move.
  4. a) It's no revelation that the Vancouver media makes a living out of making stories out of nothing. He sure sounds defensive about being a bad teammate which makes you think maybe there's some credence to that.
  5. Canucks difference maker this coming season

    Kassian's a big part of the potential future of the Canucks. He's the furthest along of the 'prospects'. If he can crack 25+ goals then the Canucks have a first line forward they'll seriously be lacking for the next few years. The same can be said for Bonino .
  6. Any team can potentially compete if enough variables go right. The problem is the Canucks have a lot more variables than the top contenders. - Can the Sedins get back to ppg players? - Can Bonino replicate his performance last year? - Can one of the young guys, especially Bo Horvat, step up? - Was Ryan Miller's time in St.Louis an anomaly? - Can Kassian develop his game further from last year and actually become a top 6 forward? - etc. etc.
  7. Anything more than a 4th would be great.
  8. [Report] Callahan signs extention with Lightning

    So officially that trade looks like: To NYR: Martin St Louis 2nd Round Pick 2015 To TBL Ryan Calahan 1st Round Pick 2014 1st Round Pick 2015 7th Round Pick 2015 I guess any deal that ends with you being in the finals is OK but wow did Tampa get a lot out of that.
  9. Would trade Shinkaruk + 6th + any roster played not named Sedin or Kassian in a heartbeat. Florida probably doesn't take that deal though. Now Horvat + 6th + a roster player would probably get it done.
  10. [Report] Ilya Bryzgalov to test free agency

    The problem is he had expectations of a solid #1 up there with Miller/Lunqvist/Luongo/etc. In reality, he's can put up 30-45 games reliably. Possibly a good 1b and can be a number one if needed to fill in. He'll be a good fit for someone.
  11. Jovo is negative value. The pessimist would say Phaneuf is negative value in which case: Kadri + 8th overall for 1st Overall. The optimist would say Phaneuf is worth a 2nd/3rd so then it's: Kadri +2nd+3rd + 8th overall for 1st Overall. Tough to match either way.
  12. So can we assume A V wasn't the problem?

    I don't think either management or ownership ever thought he was the problem. But the team needed a change, and he was the easy change to make, especially given the salary cap situation this year. There's a reason he got re-hired within months of being fired.
  13. Where did it all go wrong?

    How about a salary cap going down millions and subsequently our biggest free agent signing was Brad Richardson?
  14. How good could Clouts have been?

    For better or worse, he'll always be remembered for one shot from center ice.
  15. TORTS Interview

    Everyone at the start of the year knew the Canucks had a mediocore team, playing in the toughest division, that would challenge for the Wildcard. Torts has done exactly as predicted. The biggest problem is he raised false expectations at the beginning of the year with their impressive record and predictably burnt them out. The end result was likely the same no matter what though. I think a lot of people, including MG, are being blamed for a team that was just as much a victim or circumstance (re: lower cap, toughest division) than anything else. With that being said, change is sometimes good for the sake of change, and that probably falls on MG this year.