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  1. That was the 63 point team everyone was predicting.
  2. If we still had Forsling would we have drafted Jouelevi?
  3. I can still remember listening to games with the am reception fading in and out and then yes I remember going up on the roof of the house to install an antenna and then the next day taking all the tubes out of the television that my parents brought up north before there were broadcasts. Then watching black and white broadcasts with ghosting and lots of noise. That was Kitimat in 1966. I was 9. Good times!! Playing street hockey till you froze and then go home and have a hot chocolate and watch the Montreal Canadians and the Toronto Maple Leafs on television. Then in 1969 word came out that Vancouver would get an expansion franchise. I was a big fan before the team formally existed.
  4. Dorsett, like Prust is no longer needed. We have Gudbranson, Trymankin, Pedan and Sbisa who can all drop the gloves and Virtanen and Horvat are abrasive as well. Burrows has Canucks tattooed on his heart. There is no one better to mentor the young players than Burrows. The rise from the ECHL to the NHL to scoring BIG GOALS in the playoffs, killing penalties and scoring shorthanded goals. Burrows is an inspirational kind of mentor to our young players. Keep him!!
  5. Sigh.....smart people.......
  6. You didn't watch the game?? Then why bother posting you f%%% M$%$$ Posting here is for fans of the Vancouver Canucks. Every game is crucial now whether you are wanting to tank or to make the playoffs.
  7. I am going to guess that you didn't finish high school and don't work in a technical or professional job. Deep thinking is not something you ever engage in is it?
  8. Benning has already stated that Mathews would be the first overall.
  9. Why don't you go away? Dale Weise was a Canuck and we Canuck fans routed for him and railed against him, but ultimately he was a Canuck. Tiger Williams, Gary Lupul and Harold Snepts were Canucks and are a part of Canuck existence and always will be. Once a Canuck, always part of the Canucks story!
  10. Way to state the obvious, duh!
  11. Hutton, but why the @@@@ does McCann have to go down?
  12. Sorry Linden, but you didn't outperform guys 4 years younger than you! Maybe you have an upside, but you failed to show it here. Bye...
  13. Yes, it was another good performance by Gaunce. With Prust, Dorsett and Vey eating up roster spots I think he is Utica bound despite having outplayed all three!
  14. Shinkaruk was our best forward tonight and third star in a loosing effort. He was by far the best Canuck in the game. Hope that builds his confidence. I think he is Utica bound no matter what he does, but I think he will be a Canuck regular by the end of the season.