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  1. Hmm, not allowed to give you feedback?? Well it must be because you are absolutely bang on right!
  2. Has there ever been?
  3. Horvat or Gudbranson are the only options and the time is not right for either to be elevated to Captain. As long as Henrik is here he is captain. Period!
  4. Because they are right??
  5. Umm; the Leafs will bee in the playoffs at least 4 seasons sooner than the Cannots!
  6. Some one needs to tell Benning that, but his old school mentality will deny the realities of todays NHL.
  7. Just a little full of yourself:)
  8. Willy this isn't a try or development league! Those are your words. Guess what we are tired of you trying to coach the Canucks and tire of waiting for you to develop into a capable NHL coach!
  9. When Willie is gone the noose gets tighter on Jim and Trevor's necks which is why they are stalling big time on canning Willie!
  10. I have been watching hockey for over 50 years and I have never seen that before. Bravo Miller!!!
  11. If I could have I would have given your post a million pluses!!!
  12. Trevor Linden and Jim Benning have shown their incompetence again and again. Only stupid people maintain faith in repeated complete failure. Common Aquilinis, it isn't decision making like this that made you rich!
  13. Ha ha ha ffning ha, no they can't, It's not S'all Good Man. Are you ....? This team has over the hill frontline players and not ready for prime time support staff. Drafting has been poor, no not Gillis, but Benning!!! How is Virtanen looking?? No coach could save this season, not even Scotty Bowman miraculously in his prime again. This team sucks! I have been a fan since 1969 when I discovered Vancouver had been awarded an expansion franchise. Over the decades the Canucks have gone through hard times. The only time I can think of when things were worse were when the Canucks traded Cam Neely. My fear is trader Jim trading Jake for some magic beans. I am not even that high on Jake, just that low on Jim!
  14. Wow.......... It was obvious that this season would be a disaster, but despite really low expectations I am overwhelmed by how bad things really are. 65 points would be overachieving for this team:( Been a fan since season one and this team right now is scraping lower than any team I can remember.