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  1. Tanev and Sutter for Pool Party and a 2nd that turns into a 1st if the Oilers make the conference finals.
  2. This trade would help both teams. Edmonton needs a really good defenseman and Sutter for RNH in the roles they play is close to even. RNH has a bigger upside on a non McDavid team. Dollars make sense too.
  3. Lief Rohlin Swedish Defenseman who played for Canucks for two years
  4. Hmm, not allowed to give you feedback?? Well it must be because you are absolutely bang on right!
  5. Has there ever been?
  6. Horvat or Gudbranson are the only options and the time is not right for either to be elevated to Captain. As long as Henrik is here he is captain. Period!
  7. Because they are right??
  8. Umm; the Leafs will bee in the playoffs at least 4 seasons sooner than the Cannots!
  9. Some one needs to tell Benning that, but his old school mentality will deny the realities of todays NHL.
  10. Just a little full of yourself:)
  11. Willy this isn't a try or development league! Those are your words. Guess what we are tired of you trying to coach the Canucks and tire of waiting for you to develop into a capable NHL coach!
  12. When Willie is gone the noose gets tighter on Jim and Trevor's necks which is why they are stalling big time on canning Willie!
  13. I have been watching hockey for over 50 years and I have never seen that before. Bravo Miller!!!