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  1. yeah i completely agree, I just hope some fans arent so delusional as to think this guy is NHL ready at the moment cause he is not! Staying at Minnesota will only make those habits harder to break. If he gets a month of moose action in this year it will go a long way for him. He will have an idea of how he needs to play coming into next year. He is a supremely skilled guy and once it gets drilled in his head that he needs to play with a little more urgency this guy is going to be a star. But it will take a few years i think.
  2. he needs to get to the AHL and play under Arniel as fast as possible. Right now he has more skill than most players can dream of but his work ethic and effort level during games is lacking. He shys away from contact as much as possible(understandable for a small guy) and rarely gets involved in the boards to retrieve pucks. He does a whole lot floating around the ice when he doesnt have the puck. I think a lot of it probably has to do with playing on the bigger ice surface so he just trys to stay in open areas or whatever but it was the same during hte WJC. Playing on the moose will definitely get him going to dirty areas more often and teach him how he needs to play to make it in the NHL.
  3. tonight...hopefully they lose lol