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  1. Come on that fake backpass by Baertschi was SICK!!
  2. So is this why the Canucks don't utilize Gudbranson and Tryamkins hitting ability?
  3. Has Guddy even done that in a Canucks jersey yet?
  4. They're losing because they're rattled. Surely they're thinking about the hits on Hansen and D. Sedin as well. If seeing something like triggers a reaction like what's on these boards and we only saw that through a screen, imagine how much worse it feels seeing that in person, especially if that's you're spending almost every day around.
  5. Oh yah, Mitchell on Toews was a great hit too. Even Toews admitted fault on that one.
  6. Fair hit. Torres on Seabrook. Bertuzzi on Jackman. Sucks to see Larsen go down like that but awareness is his responsibility too.
  7. This. There's more factors than meets the eye.. I'm sure this team still has tons of fans, they're just not able to afford a night out because tickets prices are too high for a team that isn't good enough in a city that's expensive to live in. What does it cost to take a family of four to a game from the burbs? For the person who isn't necessarily savvy with buying tickets via StubHub or CraigsList (or has a hard time trusting these alternatives), games are still too expensive. Assuming they take the SkyTrain, that's still $37 roundtrip. Average ticket prices are still north of $60 and even then, that's not going to get the kids to very exciting game. Then there's the concession costs, potential merchandise costs. Already that probably costs more than $300. So what's the alternative? Well, they're probably paying for a cable + internet package already which costs $75–$100+ a month so why not stay home and watch it on TV? Saving $300 sounds like a pretty good idea. On the other hand, two dudes could go stuff their faces and grab a bunch of cheap beers at some bar that has the game on for less than the cost of going to the game. Yes, that's been the case here for a while now but at least there was more of an incentive to go see the product on ice in person in 2011. Looking at the "as low as" price on for the Kings game, $119? Why???
  8. This should be interesting...
  9. Talent becomes moot without the effort. Cody's biggest knocks were skating like he had cement in his skates, his awful defensive play, and his dad. He was also wildly inconsistent and lazy. While consistency's been considered a knock for Sven, re-watch his shifts this year. The effort is there. And remember, it wasn't just Sven that wasn't scoring earlier in the year, nobody was scoring. And in regards to your comment on proof being in the numbers, okay, let's play that game. He's tied for 5th in points with Eriksson so points per dollar wise, great value right? He's played 2 less games than the Sedins, Horvat, Sutter and Eriksson He's a -1, so much less of a defensive liability than Sutter who's -11 and the Sedins who are -6 and -7 right? He's 1st on the team with 2 GWG He's tied for 3rd on the team for assists with Sutter who's playing with the Sedins and PP1. So what these numbers tell me, is that Sven's actually made pretty damn good improvement over last year and should be on track to meet his expectations for this season. Now what numbers were you looking at?
  10. Again, I think the problem is people are looking at Baertschi's age and when he was drafted. His development was clearly wrecked by Calgary and he's said many times himself, playing for Green in Utica helped make hockey fun for him again and playing his first full year in the NHL last year was a big milestone for him. I don't think anybody expected Horvat to be where he's at right now this quickly and as a result he's all of a sudden become the measuring stick for prospect development on this team. Like Linden said earlier, everybody matures at different levels. Sven's played around 150 NHL games but just remember, a lot of the games he played in Calgary he was stapled to the bench. I still think he'll have a strong second half and get 35–40 points this year which is a reasonable expectation. His pain points right now are acceleration and conditioning. If he can really hammer on those next summer, we'll see the real Sven next season. Just be patient people!
  11. A line of Baertschi-Horvat-Boeser should have people salivating here. A playmaker with a really high ceiling, a two-way player with even higher offensive upside than we expected and a big time sniper. They should, on paper, compliment each other very well. It's been stated here many times, Svens not having a bad season, he's just not getting the bounces. He's playing well in both ends... making plays and getting chances, the pucks just not going in as much as he'd like. It'll come though, I think he'll have a much better second half than his first. The one thing I hope Sven works on next summer is explosiveness. This is basically the only thing that's preventing him from having an elite ceiling. Once he gets going he's alright but his acceleration looks a little bit sluggish.
  12. Anybody else wanna see Tryamkin on the powerplay? Whether it's in front of the net or on the point I'm pretty sure he could be effective..
  13. Love it! Sign Tryamkin and Horvat now