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  1. Honestly impressed with Boeser. Two goals playing on a line with Megna and set up Subban for a sweet rush.
  2. I blame OJ's lack of performance on Megna and Chaput. Clearly 100% their fault.
  3. Can't wait till Chaput and Megna go down to Utica.
  4. Burmistrov and Baertschi are looking like a good combo actually. Lots of potential for creativity there.
  5. Ya he got 18 goals last year of course he looks NHL ready
  6. Burmistrov and Upshall are standing out real good
  7. REALLY could not care less about fighting. Hit someone.
  8. Same issues as the last 3 years. Canucks Youngstars are softer than my granny's gums. Not seeing this toughness that was advertised with Gadjovich.
  9. nothing wrong with this hunger contract it makes camp more competitive and if he needs to be sent down, so be it. Not really a big deal for us fans especially since we have the cap space... maybe a bigger deal to a rookie prospect who's trying to make the team. hopefully it makes the kids hungrier
  10. Great shot, dirty hands in tight and general skills. If he can ride his momentum from playing in Arizona we've got a steal on our hands. The way he can hammer the puck and get in position for one timers makes you think about the potential hurt he could bring with the Sedins on powerplay. A BIG if, but If he pans out, I could see a 3rd line of Eriksson-Burmistrov-Rodin/Goldobin/Boeser being a handful for the opponent. Yes, that means Sutter on the 4th line with Dorsett and Virtanen/Gaunce. Better find those balls and grit, Brandon.
  11. Any defenseman who can take down Brown, Neil and Kovalchuk is a welcome addition to this team's backend IMO. Can't be worse than Sbisa.