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  1. You said it yourself though. Who was he given from Gillis' picks to develop exactly? Green took over a Utica team that depended mainly on non-Canuck draft picks to score and even then, they were career AHL'ers. It's not in Green's power to sign players either so what's he supposed to do? Baertschi's gone on record to say playing under Green in Utica was what revived the joy of playing the game for him and for all we know Green may have given Virtanen the fire he needed. I'm not going to say he deserves credit for developing Baer and Virt but he does deserve a lot of credit for helping these two get back on track. As for what to expect, I'd say you're pretty bang on there.
  2. Some good insights in this interview, was interesting to hear how Green was basically all types of players. I'm really curious as to why Ferraro called Green an "innovative" coach though. I guess I'm more curious as to what kind of style he will bring given what he has. I strongly believe the Sedins still have fight left in the tank; playing under the defense first structure this year and playing with Megna/Chaput did not do them any favours.. I do remember this Baertschi quote when he first went to Utica: I think there was also a quote about him saying how playing for Green made hockey fun for him again. So there's that. Will be an interesting year for sure.
  3. I'm really just using Crawford for the sake of comparison. The argument that claims winning games = excitement sounds like the NHL's argument that said "more goals = more exciting" when really it's the events that lead up to the goal or how the goal was scored. Simply put: a goal that Bure scores vs a goal that Megna scores does not generate the same level of excitement. That being said, there's an important balance there as well because obviously you don't want to sacrifice a win for the sake of exciting hockey. Also, the Canucks played defence-first hockey all year which involved forwards coming back down as far as the hash marks to help the defence and they still got lit up. Where does the idea that defence is their strength come from? The Canucks as of now have the tools to be somewhat successful offensively, they just need to be utilized properly. There were also so many times this season where if the defenseman just pinched, they would've kept the puck in and helped generate some offense but 95% of the time they'd retreat and the opposing team got a scoring chance. Horvat, Baertschi, D. Sedin, Granlund are all capable of scoring 20 goals but if you suffocate them in a defensive system that doesn't work and only tires them out, how well do you really expect them to do?
  4. How do we know his own system is going to be successful if he hasn't even been able to employ it in the AHL? If Green was indeed following Willie's system, you can bet money the Cashquilinis are taking my question into consideration when looking at Green. At the end of the day, their goal is to make the Canucks a profitable business again. If hiring someone like Crawford who has shown he can coach an exciting brand of hockey can give them a better shot at that than someone like Green, why wouldn't they? Sure, maybe there is in fact truth to their claim that they're "fans first" but just look at the way they're treating season ticket holders and the fan base here. It screams business first.
  5. A big complaint around here is the on ice product doesn't match the price of the tickets. If that's the case, and Green's style is similar to WD's, why would we want him? Everybody on here knows how boring this team was to watch this year. We all know one of the only draws to watch a game was to check out the revolving door of young guns playing and it's been like that since day one: - What's going to happen to Horvat, why is he starting on the 4th line? - Everybody wanted to see what Stecher and Tryamkin were about - How will Baertschi do on his new show-me contract? - What's Granlund really about? - What's a healthy Sutter like? - Boeser, Goldobin, Boucher etc and so on and so forth Crawford who's known for coaching a more upbeat style of play, has won in the NHL and has experience with coaching a Canucks team in transition sounds a lot more appealing to me. Don't even get me started on Darryl Sutter. We don't need to see Brandon Sutter getting PP1 time anymore. That's done. Please.
  6. Someone punch Farhan in the head
  7. it's implied for crying out loud... you don't dream to have a playoff run to lose
  8. Once he gets moving he's fine but he needs to work on getting quicker off those first few steps. So far so good though.
  9. I dont understand how edler doesnt get fired up after the amount of times he gets rocked
  10. That's actually an interesting take that I never thought of. It's possible Willie knows he can get more out of players like Goldobin and Boucher and to do that he's cutting their ice time to light a fire under them. I guess that's one justification... with Megna/Shore/Chaput he knows exactly what he's getting even if they're not the best choices that make sense. That to me still only rationalizes around 40% of his deployment decisions though...
  11. Very impressive. If they manage to break the record that's one stat that won't be broken for quite a while.
  12. Wow! Beauties by my least favourite Canucks, major props to them
  13. Sope scored 42 points in 03-04. He'd be tied for 2nd on the team with Hank, I know times have changed but come on, that's kinda funny
  14. Wow.. Sopels 40 years old now...