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  1. Virtanen Player of the Game vs. Sweden   Great effort Jake!
  2. Way to go Virtanen! Canadian player of the game
  3. Isn't Martin Pluss the guy who had an amazing olympics in 2010?   I remember wondering why he didn't get an NHL shot after the kind of tournament he had. Edit: Looking at it now, he only had 3 assists in 5 games. I just remember him being all over the place against Canada and USA
  4. Jake Virtanen Talk

    This is such a ridiculous argument    I grew up in Vancouver. Naslund was my favorite player, but I also idolized Zigmund Palffy.    Now why would a kid from Vancouver idolize Zigmund Palffy? Because I enjoyed the way he played? Because I love the game of hockey? I loved his speed and unique talent? He never played for the Canucks and he CERTAINLY was not a better player than Naslund in the early 2000's...   What's the big deal? Of course a kid can idolize a hockey player from across the country. You seem to forget that in their hey day, there was nobody who could stop the WCE. They were constantly in contention for scoring titles. Nobody could match Naslund's shooting ability or Bertuzzi's pure strength and hands. So yes, he probably did grow up idolizing them.
  5. Grenier recalled shinkaruk sent down.

    Wtf are you talking about?   Youd rather have Reinhart with his 3G3A over McCann (who alone has out scored him this season on a 4th line role), Virtanen AND shinkaruk?   Are you crazy?
  6. Gotta love our President. So glad we were blessed to have this guy as a Canuck. (I'm genuinely sorry if this has been posted before. Just got a great kick out of it and wanted to share)
  7. Highlights Thread

    I have no problem continually updating the OP with the highlights from the last, say, 5 games, and having a thread where people just post the highlights from each game so we can easily go through the pages and watch.
  8. Highlights Thread

    Can we have a highlights thread that we pin up? I always find myself skimming through GDT's and PGT's looking for Vintage Canuck or the other guys to post the most recent goal or the highlights to the game, and I think it'd be really nice to have a thread dedicated to allowing them to just post the highlights there, making it much easier to find. They can still post it in the GDT and such but perhaps into this thread as well so for the guys who are listening on the radio but frequenting the forum, we can quickly catch the highlights right after they happen, without having to go through pages of talk Just a suggestion :-)
  9. [Signing] Maxim Lapierre signs in Sweden

    Dude, Drink some coffee. There are bigger problems in the world.
  10. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    We're a Staal away from having a Subban, Staal and a Sutter!
  11. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    So let me get this straight We traded FOrsling Bieksa Bonino For Sutter 3rd Oh, man.
  12. You guys do realize that an arbitrator isn't going to just throw figures out there in between what two parties are asking right? An arbitrator is not a mediator If Bisonette goes to arbitration and says I want 8 million they're not going to give him 4 because it's in between what he wants and what the team wants. I'm sure what Holtby asks means little to nothing at all. Look at Subban who got more than he was asking It's based on performance and precedence. Asking for 8 million does nothing but aggetate the the other party who realizes how ridiculous it is
  13. Okay let me re-iterate something I said before Braden Holtby has played one, ONE full season as the starter of the Washington Capitals. Just one. You know who else was an amazing goalie in the playoffs in the early going, and posted a career year in 2005-2006? A guy by the name of Manny Legace. Would you give Legace anything north of 7 million given what he did the rest of the way? How about a guy named Mike Leighton who caught fire and carried the Flyers to the finals? Does Anti Niemi get excused from the argument, who was an amazing goaltender for the Blackhawks and Sharks fans couldn't wait to get rid of him? Why does a guy like Lundqvist deserve 8.5 million? Because he's cinsistently been an elite goaltender for almost a decade in the league. Holtby THUS FAR has proven he is an elite goalie, but he needs a bigger body of work before I throw anything North of Carey Price money at him. Period. If it takes Jonathon Toews and Patrick Kane 3 Stanley cups and several seasons of dominance to reach the top of the ladder in Player money, then Holtby is no exception simply because he's had a couple of great playoffs, and therefore shouldn't be in Lundqvist territory Negotiation tactic, sure. I get it. But I do find it hilarious that he could even potentially try to justify he's worth that much
  14. That's a great way to assume something out of nothing ! Quite the contrary - he's a great goalie, I'd say an elite one at that. Nowhere in my post did I refute that, but being the oh so glorious attention seeking CDC poster that you are, you put words into my mouth I, on the other hand, have a hard time believing every elite goalie should be asking for 8 million dollar contracts. It's hard to justify such an asking price when a guy like Carey Price is making 6.75 and a guy like Tukka Rask who, albeit the argument could be made that Holtby is the better goalie, is only making 4. Is Holtby twice the goalie Rask is? Definitely not. Holtbys resume at 25 does not match up to Henrik Lundqvists. He's only played what, one full season as a starting goalie? One other during a lockout shortened season? He's played elite up until this point of his career but two seasons and a couple of great playoffs don't put you in Lundqvist territory. Henrik has been at the top of the league for several seasons now and had earned his 8.5 million dollar contract as the face of the Ranger franchise for several seasons. Holtby has been a fantastic goalkeeper in this league and steps up his game in the playoffs, no doubt. But is he worth the salary being paid to guys like Henrik Lundqvist, Steven Stamkos, Jonathon Toews and Patrick Kane? No. Not yet anyway
  15. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/braden-holtby-asks-for--8-million-per-season-in-arbitration-140929739.html This is pretty hilarious, quite honestly. I think he knows he won't ever get the 8 million but doing something so absurd is a surefire way to sour your relationship with your current team. Update: http://prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/2015/07/24/capitals-investment-holtby-signs-five-year-30-5m-deal/ Capitals investment: Holtby signs five-year, $30.5M deal James O'Brien Jul 24, 2015, 3:19 PM EDT 2 Comments AP Braden Holtby received a huge raise on Friday, but it was more than reasonable considering his breakout season with the Washington Capitals. The team signed him to a five-year, $30.5 million contract, which makes him the seventh-highest paid goalie in the NHL. “Braden emerged as a top NHL goaltender and we are pleased to sign him to a long-term contract,” GM Brian MacLellan said. “We feel Braden is just entering his prime and in his young career has already established himself as one of the best goaltenders in the history of our franchise. He is an athletic goaltender with a tremendous work ethic and is a big part of our future.” Holtby’s cap hit comes in at $6.1 million