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  1. It was 1:11am when I went to your profile


  2. aahh... your avatar is amazing! love it =)

  3. OMG Snow?

    a COUPLE years ago . . . last time I remember going there I was an avid 5 year old hockey player, so 16 years ago!!! was it really open recently? i cant believe i missed it!
  4. OMG Snow?

    yes snow!! and snow lots!!!!! so when i get back from my 2 week vacation in hawaiiiii i can head straight to the mountains and enjoy some fresh powder!!!!!!!!!! =)
  5. Nice tattoo! I like it :)

  6. just checkin' up... you still alive?

  7. OMG Thunder?

    here are some of the screen shots from the videos i took last night, quality isnt the best, but it does the job . . . hopefully when i post this it will reduce the picture size, because i have no idea how to. . . . and now for the calmness after the storm . . . . . . .
  8. OMG Thunder?

    they're nothing too special . . . most were videos actually. two loooong videos that have a couple shots of the lightning in them.
  9. OMG Thunder?

    where was this taken from??? i headed over to crescent beach and got some wicked pictures of the lightning... i will upload them as sooooooon as i find where i put my camera . . .