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  1. More rain in the wack
  2. I made it in at 730 this AM Hwys pretty lousy, what gives the plows should be on the go all night wasn't snowing HWY 7 a piece of crap ahhh privatization
  3. 20 cm in the wack
  4. Its been fine move to the Kootenays or Okanagan whiners snow removal in my strata has been exceptional
  5. Playing your banjo out on the front porch with some straw hangin out your mouth lately? Seriously tho what is with you and banjos?

  6. 15 cm here in Promotory Happy New Year
  7. wear a condom next time
  8. huge wreck westbound at Vedder canal Hwy 1 closed
  9. cloudy but no current rain or snow in the wack my roof is still under warrenty no worries
  10. California could be under national guard rule in a month
  11. still snowing in the wack no rain
  12. rode the #1 new west to chilliwack this afternnon. Roads improved after sumas turnoff 2 serious rollovers between Mt Lehman and 264. icy slow down folks
  13. HWY 1 out in chwk is a skating rink shiity drivers off road all over 3 hrs for tow-truck
  14. clear in the wack
  15. wicked driving conditions between Abby and Chillywak