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  1. [Proposal] Edm-Van

    Loui wasnt a cap dump but at this point im sure the canucks would love to dump him at this point. i shudder when i think of having Lucic AND Errikson until 2023. no one will take either off our hands in a year or two because they will be even older with less production than they do now
  2. Tank Thread

    Never expected them to be a championship team or even a playoff team but you’d figure they’d win the odd game they are one giant dumpster fire
  3. Tank Thread

    It boggles my mind how they can suck so bad with Eichel O Reilly Reinhart and Ristolainen
  4. They are not trading a franchise Norris trophy candidate for the next 15 years for a 28 year old injury prone dman and a 22 year old with 9 career goals the pick isn’t getting moved, we just have to accept that no matter where we pick we’re getting an absolute stud
  5. Van..Lucic(Proposal / Discussion)

    So you want close to 20 million tied up in Kane Lucic and Erickson for probably the next 5 years? Guaranteed bottom 3 finishes for all 5 if they did something that moronic, benning would be fired and flogged edmonton wouldnt give up a top 10 pick for a salary dump with table scraps coming back
  6. (Proposal) Vancouver & Toronto- Draft Day Deal

    I agree we need a change of culture, but it’s not like we have 2 20 year old guys ready to burst onto the scene and slot into the top 6 and put up 50-60 points, not quite yet anyway. I’m dead set against going expensive free agent route Until some of the young guys are ready there’s no one really to replace them
  7. Paying a guy 10+ million a year in his late 20s is the opposite of what we should be doing these Tavares Karlsson trades signings are not and should not happen
  8. For Tanev I think a mid to late 1st but no prospect
  9. (Proposal) Offseason moves

    We could offer Tavares league max and he stilll wouldn’t come here. Much rather continue to build through the draft anyways. Signing superstar free agents is the way to make the playoffs, building through the draft is how to win championships
  10. (Proposal) Vancouver & Toronto- Draft Day Deal

    Last thing we need 2 lengthy ufa signings underperforming. Once he got his extension he’s probobly only good for 18 goals 35 points and yes a lockeroom cancer
  11. (Proposal) Vancouver & Toronto- Draft Day Deal

    On the fence with Kane, he very well could put up 30 this year, get his lengthy extension and coast like he did in his last deal. The only time he hit 30 was on a contract year then he didn’t score more than 20 for 5 seasons
  12. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    i agree i think a second was the most we would have got. should have taken it
  13. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    after fifty years of getting absolutely bent over when it comes to no true number one Dmen it has to go the other way eventually. It just HAS to
  14. Canucks Playoff Watch

    Exactly. Too much doom and gloom around here. I’m not saying plan the parade but jeez goaltending has been much better than anyone could have hoped for they’re competing every night pp and pk have vastly improved let them keep doin what they’re doin and get into the playoffs and see what happens
  15. The Future of the Vancouver Canucks

    I don't think any team starts a season with the forgone conclusion they will be sellers at the trade deadline. Even I feel you're Arizona or New Jersey the goal every year should be to make the playoffs. I agree the Erikkson deal was way to long term but was likely required to sign him.