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  1. True dat. We should start seeing the "pulling her strings" and "She's not old enough to form an opinion" crowd any time now.
  2. Once again the Attorney general of the United States is proving to be nothing more than a partisan hack and enabler of Donald Trump:
  3. Was there ever a more aptly named GM than Brian Cashman? It's like if Mike Milbury's last name was Dumtrade, or Stu Jackson's was Draftsuk....
  4. I'm hoping someone frames it and hangs it in one of president Pinocchio's golf clubs....
  5. Another loss for Bone Spurs: Cue the whinging on Twitter.....
  6. I really don't get this attitude that I often see from posters here on CDC....."it's a different country...who cares"...We see the same attitude when talking about the US. Do people still not understand that we live in a global economy? Everything is interconnected. The Brits are determined to shoot themselves in the foot and the Scots and Northern Irish get dragged down with them. Personally, I don't see it as something to be apathetic about, or amused by....
  7. You just know that if Greta wins, Trump will be on Twitter complaining about how the system is "rigged"....

    NFL thread

    Google images.....

    NFL thread

    She's still pretty good looking (way to good for Fat Donny) but a while back I stumbled across some early photos of her, sans clothing. (while "researching" a story about Roger Stone leaking them ) ...she looked damn good back then. I can totally see why Bone Spurs clicked "Add to Cart"......
  10. It's progress, I suppose, but honestly, any minor leaguer who tokes up is an idiot. it's extremely difficult to hit a 95 MPH fastball, but trying to do it when you're baked?
  11. it's Greta vs Trump for the title of Time's Person of the Year: Basically, it comes down to a choice between: A young girl who inspires and an old man who conspires A girl who says "I'm Green" and a man who says "I'm Peach" A girl who never flies and a man who always lies Here's hoping that Trump loses to a little girl.....

    NFL thread

    It certainly looks like a clear case of spying..... ......of course, we won't be 100% sure until the Durham report comes out....
  13. The effects of ACC are far reaching and one of the things we don't talk about much is the effect it can/will have on the global supply of drinking water. Of note in this article is the mention of a water supply system pretty close to home for most of us....