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  1. By that, I suppose you mean MSM? Do you really believe that Trump is going to take on the 1st Amendment, just because he doesn't like to be called out on his (and Spicer's) BS?
  2. I suppose. Never been there myself.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by that...
  4. Not really a "bad". A lot of people assume that I'm an Instructor when they hear I work at a College. Easy mistake to make.
  5. I'm not. I work at a Community College, but I'm a technical support guy (Videoconferencing, etc.) My opinion is that it might be an idea to take a serious look at a country that consistently posts at, or near the top in education ranking.
  6. Jeff Kent and Barry Bonds has had a well publicized feud going back when they both played for the Giants. It actually happens more often than people think.
  7. Losing Bell certainly hurt, but it was the brutal play by the Steelers' secondary that cost them this game. How many times did the outside guy in zone coverage get sucked into the middle? It's zone defense, meaning you stay in your zone! I certainly didn't expect to see a professional football team unable to grasp a pee-wee football concept.
  8. Take it FWIW, but recently I was reading an article on the Chinese education system. (Specifically Math and Sciences) Chinese students in these areas consistently rank amongst the best in the world. One of the tenets of the system that I found surprising is that instructors don't move on from a concept "Until the entire class shows proficiency" with it. There is no jumping ahead for faster students. The Chinese take a slower, less condensed approach. (The Chinese feel that western systems try and integrate too much content into too little time)
  9. Just so we can avoid a silly "This is what the swamp is" argument, can we just agree that during the campaign, Trump was bad-mothing Goldman Sachs and hypocritically criticizing Hillary for her ties to them, then went on to appoint several to government positions? That might be the case if all illegals were smuggled across the border by Coyotes, or tunneled under the fence, but a large percentage are simply people who overstay their Visas. The Wall will do nothing to alleviate this element. This post takes me back to the early days of this thread, when one of the Trump supporters was actually making the claim that the Wall could be built inexpensively, because "the Chinese did it".... It's too bad that Trump is so cheap... He likely could have paid people to show up at his inauguration. Still, I suppose it's cheaper to have someone photoshop a crowd into the photos.
  10. Zero. In fact it will be a new loss, as he will also be building a 25 billion dollar wall to make sure they stay there. In addition, it will eliminate cheap construction and farm labor that the US relies on to keep produce and housing costs down.
  11. That means nothing. Even if all member nations up their spending, it won't do anything for the bottom line of the USA. Theoretically, they could reduce defense spending and put that money into infrastructure, but Trump has promised to do the opposite.
  12. You do. However, you don't promise your wife that it's going to get fixed and the plumber is going to pay for it...
  13. I don't think you understand how NATO works. The US doesn't receive payments from other member nations. Each signatory to NATO is expected to spend a percentage of their GDP on national defense. That number is 2%. Trump was complaining that some member countries don't spend that much, instead relying on pooled NATO resources. However, this doesn't mean that the US would see an influx of cash, if these nations were to up their spending. The fact is, the USA voluntarily spends more than the requisite 2%. They currently sit at 3.6 % of their GDP and Trump has promised to increase that. There really is no way to spin it. That increase is going to come out of US taxpayer pockets.
  14. Just to put this into perspective, Hadwin gained 13 strokes on this round and still only has a one stroke lead.... That's why it's called "moving day".
  15. Trolling in the Election thread, I think. (One too many uses of the word "Libtard") Can't say I feel sorry for him. Stealth actually gave him a stay of execution and he went right back to baiting and name-calling.