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  1. I think this is vastly inaccurate. It isn't a case of wanting to shut down "something they disagree with"'s a case of wanting to prevent someone from disseminating an outright lie to millions of people simultaneously. Not only is Trump making a blatantly false claim, but in the course of doing so, he is defaming a woman years after he tragic death and causing a tremendous amount of pain to her family. You know what's "amazing" to me? The lengths that some people will go do to defend the indefensible....
  2. @Van40 and I were having a discussion about this in the World Events thread.....
  3. @Me_ are you sure you have the right thread? That would be about the 4 cops who killed the black guy by kneeling on his neck, right?
  4. How much better would these boards be if everyone just took this advice....(not specifically you, Jimmy)
  5. Just curious.....did you have a hard time finding diapers because of Covid19?
  6. The Lincoln Project strikes again:
  7. There is no good reason for people to support Donald Trump, but Brian Klaas of the Washington Post does a pretty good job of explaining why they stick with him, no matter what:
  8. Just saw a portion of a Stephen Harper interview and if it hadn't been for the lack of bluster (and the video feed) I would have assumed that I was listening to Donald Trump.... His 2015 election loss was the media's fault.....the networks refused to run negative ads about his opponent (I guess we just imagined those "nice hair though" ads )....the BBC would be "by far" the most conservative broadcaster in Canada, if it were a Canadian outlet.... I'd like to go back to 2015, just to vote this clown out of office again....
  9. It was around when I was going to school, but I never experienced it personally. I do remember being kicked by a gym teacher once and a Socials teacher who used to hit students with one of those wooden pointers.
  10. I was wondering the same. Not many have experienced "older" days than I have, and I didn't experience that at all. Closest thing was, a school wide lice check, after a couple of kids were found with the infection. This would have been late 60's....
  11. It's actually true.... Albertans all drive like it's their first time behind the wheel. The don't use N Stickers, because it's assumed anyway....
  12. i guess we're supposed to think that somehow these guys are behind the pandemic, or are at least somehow prolonging the shutdown, in order to line their pockets, but it doesn't really stand up to scrutiny.... There are better ways to make money than this.....ways that don't require crippling the economy or massively inflating the debt. And for those who believe that Gate is behind the pandemic itself, he doesn't need the money. He already donates much of what he makes. What's funny is that the trained seals who sit up and applaud Trump for donating his 400k salary, completely ignore the philanthropy of people like Gates and Buffet. Besides, if Bill Gates really wanted more money, he'd just create a new crappy OS...
  13. Yeah, not sure about that part....could be you saw it on Twitter right away, because it's such an immediate medium. Takes a bit longer for the networks to get their stuff together. Either way, there's no hiding this. The segment I watched on Cuomo's show yesterday had Amy Klobuchar as a guest. She isn't satisfied with the firings....she wants charges laid against these cops, as do most reasonable people.....
  14. I'm sure this revelation will surprise nobody.....except, of course, those who have been trying to make the case that the Republican party is not attempting to suppress minority voting in November: