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  1. Most forwards play all three positions, but I was primarily a center. I played more right wing than left wing, because I'm a right handed shot.
  2. I have a slightly elevated level of respect for you...
  3. So long Mag, we hardly knew ye... (Confirmed: Being a giant is dangerous both in film and in real life)
  4. I doubt that anyone cares enough to show up at your house. Besides, wasn't the Elect Stephen Harper sign enough?
  5. Yeah, probably just as well. As a former Junior hockey player and a former bouncer (I think Chon Derry can back me up on that one) I've done my share of scrapping over the years. Now that I'm in my mid- 50's, I prefer to inflict injury using my rapier wit....
  6. But to report it "differently" one has to show that they were detained because of the psychological, or behavioral actions referenced by your definition, something that is disproved by the story. Ergo, the story must be incorrect, or your interpretation must be incorrect.
  7. Yes. You said that what happened to the Ali's was not profiling. You were incorrect, as the definition that I posted from the US Legal site showed.
  8. She's here, and I don't believe that any of my posts were removed.
  9. You asked if the reporter was biased, did you not? If he, or the Ali's are not lying, then you have no basis for claiming that their detention was not based on their religion.
  10. No. It is not. It's a silly platitude that has no bearing on the discussion. If you believe that the Spectator, or the Ali's themselves are lying about the questions asked by US security agents, then say so. Otherwise, your statement is meaningless.
  11. Google John Lennon CIA. There are plenty of them. MDC it was.
  12. Who says I like quotes? I like facts.
  13. You should have seen him in his prime. He was a stone cold knockout artist. Nothing like the caricature he has since become.