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  1. Yep...Trump is a genius alright....
  2. You know that ICE didn't even exist before 2003, right? Somehow the US managed to get along without it before then.
  3. I wonder if there are still people out there who will claim that Trump supporters aren't racists.....
  4. Do they really though? He lost the popular vote and his approval rating has never gone above 50%. If he wins, it's because of Gerrymandering, voter suppression and the Electoral College. It's abundantly clear (to me at least) that the majority of Americans do not share his vision of what America should be.
  5. This is a fair point I suppose, but I see a couple of glaring differences: Firstly, it seems as though you and a couple of others are cherry-picking Omar, to "legitimize" Trump's statement, but the fact is, he said the same thing to three other Congresswomen, all women of color and all women who have called him out publicly. More importantly, all three were born in the US, thus making his "go back where you came from" completely racist. There really is no other way to interpret it. Secondly, Omar apologized for her comments. When has Donald Trump ever apologized for anything? If the criticism of Omar is "fair", is it then not "fair" to criticize Trump for his doubling down, rather than apologizing?
  6. I don't know how much of a "Discussion" I'd call it, kos... From what I can gather, (I admit I didn't read every post in it's entirety) most people here recognize the awful treatment that First Nations have received for many years and understand that the Canadian government (hence all of us taxpayers) are at least in some part, responsible for making things right, or as close to right as possible. OTOH, you have some posters who still buy into the myth that First Nations peoples are "given" money and rights that the rest of us don't have, just because our PM feels bad for them. We even have one poster who feels that since Aboriginal peoples came to Canada from Asia 15,000 years before there was a Canada, they are technically immigrants and thus entitled to no special consideration, despite the fact that Aboriginal Rights are entrenched in the Canadian Constitution. So really, I'd say it's a "Discussion" between facts and ignorance....
  7. That's right. We traded him for Pamela Martin, fair and square. The Yanks have to keep him....
  8. Looks like there will be a vote to condemn the Dotard's racist comments later today: Of course, any such resolution would have little impact. Trump will continue to double down with his whataboutism and the WH will continue operating, business as usual. However, this vote will also force Republicans to take a stand on one side or the other. (unless they run away and hide, like Republicans in Oregon) It could be ammunition for Democrats running against GOP candidates in 2020. In effect, Republicans will have to side with racism, or risk Orange Julius Caesar's wrath. Knowing what a bunch of cowards they are, I think that most (who actually show up) will go on record supporting the Racist in Chief.
  9. I'm betting the Albanians are a bunch of tough SOBs.... Being so close to Greece and Macedonia, there must be the odd Achilles or Alexander in the mix...
  10. I know Italy has a military, but it's honestly strange to read about any Italian in possession of a missile...'s kind of like a chapter of AA in Belfast, or a darts league in Baghdad.... When I think of Italians, I think of building things, rather than destroying them. In fact, I think they would have been the first country to set foot on the moon, had they not run out of scaffolding....
  11. Thanks for sharing Hip. I thought this paragraph needed to be underscored. My wife and my kids have status, but they certainly are not "given money" by the government. The only tangible benefits we have received are free prescriptions (for them, not for me) and the occasional tax free purchase. (We have a gas station on reserve land. They allow FN people to take delivery of purchases on their property) My mother in law is also a Residential School survivor, having been sent from her home in the Hazeltons to LeJac as a child. Luckily, she didn't have to endure the same atrocities your father did, but she did witness beatings, etc. She managed to avoid mistreatment, mostly because she did exactly as she was told. Still, it was a traumatizing experience for he and she never talks about it. I also had to smh at the "they were granted land" mantra. It was their land to begin with. All of the other "benefits" that are being decried by many of the posters here (and many Canadians in general) are the result of legally negotiated treaties. It's literally like signing a lease on something and then complaining about having to pay the rent. Certainly there is a problem with mismanagement of funds by band councils, but that is a problem that can be tackled. What it takes is leadership that won't be cowed by the prospect of instituting oversight and the resultant claims of racism that would accompany such oversight.
  12. This is exactly it. The entire 2016 campaign was all about how terrible things were and how only Trump could fix it. Now, we have progressives who think things are terrible and they want to fix them....starting with ousting the Liar/Racist in chief. If anything, they're the patriots.
  13. This just in: The Wall will be built. It will be completed in 2025. Not only that, but the state of New York is 100% behind it: Wall to be built by 2025
  14. Speaking of the racist rant by Trump, he's now saying that the targets of his attack should "apologize": If that wasn't bad enough, one of his campaign staffers is claiming that the president never said "go back" to the countries they came from and that anyone claiming he did is "lying": ...and of course, one of Capitol Hill's biggest cowards, Lindsey Graham is throwing his support behind the Racist in Chief, by calling Congresswomen "Communists" that "hate their own country".....