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  1. It had me wondering....what happens afterward? How do the "heavies" ensure that he keeps it on? My suggestion would be staples....
  2. Case in point: (Warning NSFW language in the video)
  3. I don't know who decided that the high angle shot on PPs would be good for TV viewers, but they're wrong....
  4. Some sort of hybrid between these two would be my suggestion. Neither are ideal, but they're the best option we have at the moment. The problem you see in some areas (like the Georgia example) is that the push for full, in person school attendance is politically based, rather that scientifically based.
  5. This is funny, coming off the heels of the Axios interview where Bone Spurs was completely schooled by Jonathan Swan on mail-in voting. One of the most telling lines was Trump's claim that it was a "new" thing....Swan looked at him like he was an idiot, before stating that it's been around since the Civil War....
  6. I would argue that Trump has already created "drastic change" and not for the better.... ....ergo, a win for Biden and a return to normalcy = "drastic change" in 2021....
  7. I watched a "panel" on one of the news websites, where they interviewed six people who voted for Trump in 2016. When asked if they would vote for him again, three said yes and three said no. One of the "yes" voters was typical MAGA. She "couldn't see what Trump could have done better about Covid 19". (yes, she said that with a straight face) Two of the other "yes" voters were more along the lines of "we need a businessman to lead us out of the pandemic". The three "no" voters were embarrassed that they had taken a chance on Trump in 2016 and viewed the other three like they were idiots. This is a small sample size, but if it's even close to being representative, it bodes poorly for Trump's chances to win the swing states, where his EC win was cemented last time around.
  8. I can't speak for @nuckin_futz but I was relatively certain....right up until the time James Comey reopened the e-mail investigation, shortly before the election.
  9. I'm curious to hear what your rationale is for this statement....
  10. I don't consider biased videos to be illuminating and in any event, I asked what you believe. Maybe you could describe in your own words, what makes Trump and Biden "the same person".
  11. Really? That's how you see it? Other than their respective ages, I see little similarity between the two....
  12. I wouldn't be at all surprised.... In addition, there is a pretty involved grievance process and I believe the union will have a lot to say about this.