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    [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    it's one of those mysteries in a player can just lose it after being successful. Just like Jonathan Cheechoo, or David Duval....
  2. One thing I'm wondering about can't force the president to testify under oath, but do FF jr and Ivanka enjoy the same level of immunity? According to Cohen, they were updated as well. They could certainly lie, but it's one thing to lie on Twitter, or Faux's quite another to lie to Congress.

    2019 Election thread

    Wasn't sure which thread this story belongs in. Mods can move if necessary:

    BC Man Faces Death Penalty in China

    Yes, we've all seen how you "don't care" and we're all suitably impressed with your "hangin' is too good for 'em" attitude....

    BC Man Faces Death Penalty in China

    It was out of China...which means the real drug dealers are Chinese nationals.... ....but killing them doesn't make any political point, so....
  6. He actually admitted it. I stopped taking him seriously after that.
  7. If I ever start a country band, that's the name I'm using...
  8. Politics aside, this is serious and hopefully Betsy has a full recovery: I'm just thankful there were no Grizzly bears around when this happened....
  9. aaaannnd the latest distraction from the shutdown, the Mueller Investigation etc., is an oldie but a goodie..... SPACE FORCE ! In other news. several new suggestions for the Space Force logo have been made (I like the Death Star one):

    NFL thread

    This is hilarious:

    Kinder Morgan Pipeline is too risky for BC Coastline

    This seems the appropriate thread for this article: Vancouver city councillors have voted to join cities such as Los Angeles and London in declaring a climate emergency. The city clerk's office says in a social media post that councillors voted unanimously to approve the motion. Councillor Christine Boyle, who moved the resolution, says staff now have the mandate to "dramatically strengthen" Vancouver's climate action plan. She says that could include new methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond the city's current climate targets and creating a special working group to support Vancouver's efforts to transition off of fossil fuels. The resolution also calls for a framework to ensure communities most vulnerable to the impact of the changes are supported first. Boyle says climate change is already affecting Vancouver residents and addressing the emergency won't be easy. "We are a smart city, capable of doing difficult things," Boyle says in a news release. "We need to respond to this crisis urgently and compassionately with path towards a more equitable society." Vancouver's carbon pollution levels are seven per cent below 2007 levels, representing an average reduction of less than one per cent per year over the past decade. An average annual reduction of over three per cent is necessary to meet the city's 2030 targets, the release says.
  12. Reports are that there will be two new characters for season 8. A boy and a girl, both young: The TV series has long since passed the timeline of the books, so there aren't many clues about who the characters might be. They are described thusly: "a Northern girl, between 8-10, who comes from a family of soldiers" "A straight talking girl with a Northern accent, remarkable for her dauntlessness and integrity". The boys is described as being from a poor family, physically fit and agile and with a striking face. If the description of the girl has you thinking of Lyanna Mormont, you're not alone. In the book series, Lyanna has a younger sister named Jorelle. This would be the early favorite, although it's worth noting that both the Umbers and the Karstarks have been welcomed back into the fold by Jon Snow, so it's possible that the character hails from the Northeast, not the northwest. There is less to go on about the boy, (We don't even know where he is from) but the part about "from a poor family" makes Flea Bottom a possibility. (Did Joffrey miss another of Robert's bastards?) One theory that is yet to be confirmed has Jon and Dany shutting down the government, unless the Seven Kingdoms give him funds to re-build the Wall. They say that the White Walkers will pay for it through the fantastic new trade deal he made for importing Giants and Thenns....

    The World Events Thread

    I was shocked when I read about it. For sure, there are always going to be one or two racists in among hundreds of employees, but this particular place seemed to be full of them, top to bottom. As I said earlier, it's the kind of thing you would have thought had disappeared in the 70s and if it hadn't, you would have expected to see in Tupelo, not Toledo....

    BC Man Faces Death Penalty in China

    It might be considered alarmist, but at this point, I have exactly zero trust in the Chinese government. How easy would it be for drugs to be "found" in the possession of a Canadian athlete? If something doesn't change dramatically between now and then, I don't believe it's safe for our athletes to travel to the PRC. Edit: Completely agree about awarding a human rights abuser with the games. In fact I had a bit of a rant against it, here on CDC in '08.

    [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    I've seen this in a couple of places and TBH, it seems mainly speculative. Reports are that Harper turned down a 10 yr - 300 million contract from the Nats. I don't see how the Jays could make a better offer and I certainly don't see them as a true contender, for a few years at least. It's fun to think about, but I'm pretty skeptical that we'll see Harper, or any other high-priced Free agents in a Jays uni next season.