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  1. Firmly on the Avs bandwagon (at least in this series) Taking them in 6
  2. I've reffed hundreds of games in my life and one thing you never want to do is affect the outcome of a game, especially on a call you got wrong. I think these guys will have trouble sleeping for a while....
  3. Lots of things to look at in that loss, but the third Boston goal was an absolute back-breaker. Andersen has to stop that shot. I thought Babs did a poor job in the series as well. I know he's the golden boy for a lot of fans, but I thought he was way too predictable in this series....
  4. ^^^Really hope KP gets a big ovation from the fans. He was a good soldier....
  5. There have been many instances of Trump supporters ITT, claiming that Trump's efforts in International diplomacy are, at worst, an indication that he's at least attempting to make peace with former adversaries and, at best, worthy of Nobel Peace Prize consideration. Not so fast, say two people with experience in the field: Click the link for the full article.
  6. As if to underscore this, trump has ordered Administration officials to boycott the WHCA dinner:
  7. There are some theories floating around that the Winterfell crypt has some kind of protective spell, like the Wall, or the cave of the Three Eyed Raven. It sort of makes sense, when you consider that the Wall was built by a Stark. Hopefully, this is the case, but I guess we'll find out on Sunday.
  8. Disturbing thought: We all know that those unable to fight are being sent to the Winterfell crypt to wait out the upcoming battle of the dead, which seems a solid strategy on the face of it. But, how do we know that the Night King won't be able to raise the dead Starks to fight in his army? Those women and children (and Sam) are going to be right in the line of fire. (This could also be what Arya is so terrified of, when we see her in the series trailer)
  9. I generally don't take things like this too seriously. It's usually a case of "All hat, no cattle", but it gives a somewhat disturbing look into the mindset of some people who have bought into the "evil immigrant / Obama, Clinton, Soros" rhetoric:
  10. PEI showing the rest of Canada how it's done:
  11. She has no choice but to cross the floor if she wants to stay in federal politics. I think it would be fairly easy for voters to send her back to Parliament as a Conservative, but as a Green, voters in her riding are going to have to decide how much they still support her.
  12. I don't believe in Hell, (or any kind of afterlife) but I sometimes hope that I'm wrong, so there would be places to send POS's like this guy to be punished after his 25 years are up, here on earth:
  13. FFS!
  14. I read an interview with Maisie Williams that suggests otherwise. While she didn't come right out and say it was her, she did say that Dave and Dan told her that "she could show as much or as little as she wanted".....