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    [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    I think the best we can hope for with Tulo is that he gets healthy at some point in the season and is able to contribute in a meaningful way. Then, hopefully, he could be moved to a contender at the deadline. (with the team eating some of the salary, of course)

    Favourite Lyrics

    As a fan of both Led Zeppelin and Tolkien, The Battle of Evermore has always resonated with me....

    Kabul wedding hall blast kills 43 people

    In a way, I think both Phil and Lancaster are correct. There is no easy solution, but it's obvious that western intervention has made things worse in many cases. If it were up to me (and obviously, it's not) I would get out of the Middle East altogether, but ease the path for immigration for anyone wishing to escape repressive regimes, such as ISIS, or the Taliban. Easy to say and much harder to do, but as a wise man once said, worthwhile endeavors often are.

    The Case of the Missing Saudi Journalist

    Again, with all the noise about the Saudis' complicity in Kashoggi's murder, the real crime of the regime is ignored: These are the "friends" that Trump and his ilk are so staunchly standing behind....
  5. Disagree. I don't think Trump wants people to not pay attention to him. Quite the opposite actually.

    [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Gotta disagree there Chuck. If keeping Vlad on the farm for the first month of the season gives the team an extra year of control, it's a no-brainer to do it. And, as I already pointed out, Gurerro himself is on record being okay with it.

    Favourite Lyrics

    Different album, but I always thought Skateaway was a really underrated song....
  8. I've said it before....the press corps should just stop going to these briefings. Let SHS lie into an echo chamber and Faux News can be the party of one, spreading their usual propaganda for Bone Spurs. If you really want to stick it to Trump, ignoring him is the best way to go about it. Above all, he wants attention.

    [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Nope. Wilbur more or less explained it.

    Kabul wedding hall blast kills 43 people

    The BBC shed a little light on that claim:
  11. it's a combination of that and the fact that somewhere, Hillary Clinton is sacrificing a chicken and sticking pins into a mock-up of the NYSE.....
  12. So the Blowhard in Chief was asked who should be Time's Person of the Year. One guess who his answer was..... If there's any justice (pun intended), the winner will be Christine Blasey Ford....

    [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Shi Davidi was talking about this at the GM meetings. It has something to do with the years of service thing. The Jays are calling it "development" just so the reason isn't so obvious. Don't worry about Vlad, though. Stephen Brunt asked him about it and his response was basically "I've waited my whole life to be an MLB player. What's another month or two?"
  14. Luckily, Trump is wearing a coat so you can tell them apart.....

    The Case of the Missing Saudi Journalist

    Once again, we see that money "Trumps" basic human decency:‘maybe-he-did-and-maybe-he-didn’t’-trump-says-us-will-stand-by-saudis-despite-khashoggi-murder/ar-BBPV77M?li=AAggNb9 According to the CIA, MBS not only knew about it, he ordered it.... ...but what do they know...? Maybe someone should remind Bone Spurs who carried out the 9/11 attacks.....