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  1. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    North Korean?
  2. I suppose they could always rename it the "Shoot Me" state...
  3. They certainly appear to have screwed up this latest shooting, however, I don't seem to be in possession of the same facts as you, regarding to the others. In regards to the Parkland shooting, if Trump had limited his criticism to the FBI's lack of action, it would have been fine. Instead, he had to drag the Russia investigation into the narrative, thereby making it (as usual) about himself. It takes a special kind of scumbag to try and twist the deaths of 17 innocent people into political advantage for oneself, but we already knew that Trump is "special"...
  4. Meanwhile, In Israel, Trump's homeboy Benjamin Netanyahu is having his own troubles. Of course his response to the allegations against him are predictable: Sounds like Trump left his playbook the last time he was in Jerusalem... The only thing he forgot was "believe me".
  5. The really important thing they were saying was "register to vote"....that is exactly the thing to do.
  6. I'm sure she could get an audience with cadet bones spurs if she offered to mow his lawn....
  7. He no doubt believes that he knows more than everyone else. It's the reason that he ignores not just common sense, but the advice of experts as well. Most people understand that he's overestimating his own acuity by a staggering amount, but as long as he can fill arenas with mouth breathers wearing MAGA hats and chanting "Lock her up!", he'll never come to that realization on his own. One has to hope that his inability to get anything meaningful done continues for two more years, following which, the dotards who were sitting on the fence between he and Hillary and the "principled" Bernie fans who voted for Stein, decide not to make the same boneheaded decisions they di in 2016.
  8. Silly comparison. Cars are used on a daily basis, in close proximity to one another and are subject to external influences, such as weather. Vehicle ownership is also far more representative of the population in general. Your last sentence is pure strawman. The meme clearly doesn't suggest any kind of ban. It suggests common sense regulation.
  9. Trump fans celebrating Lindsay Vonn missing the podium at the Super G... Trump over country...what a pathetic bunch of dotards.
  10. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    I don't watch a lot of curling, (usually just the big events Brier, Scotties, and Olympics, etc) but that has to be the best I've ever seen two teams play. Edin ended up at 99%, which when you consider he threw a lot of draws, is otherworldly...
  11. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    I'm not a curling expert, so I can only go with the conventional wisdom, which says that you try and maintain last rock instead of settling for one. TBH, I was a bit disappointed in the end where they gave up the steal of two. I really wanted to see Koe try the run back of his own rock, which would have given them a deuce, had they made it. I would have taken a great throw by KK, but the way Edin was playing, I think a great shot was what was called for.
  12. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    In other news, Tony Granato is furious at the Russians for putting their top PP unit on the ice late in the game and up 4-0. I don't know if goal differential means anything at this stage, or if OAR were just rubbing it in. Let's just say that it doesn't surprise me that Tony Granato is whining about something. Must be hanging around with Shani Davis these days...
  13. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    Probably too late, but nice to see the Homan rink finally get in the win column. Didn't see the game, but the 11-3 score suggests that she might have her touch back. I did watch Koe vs. Edin last night and the Swedes looked incredible. Koe's rink was playing very well, but Edin and his third Oskar Eriksson just couldn't miss. It was pretty clear to me that I was watching the two best teams in the competition, (Norway's Ulsrud rink looks a bit off this time around) and I'll be shocked if they don't meet in the final.
  14. Had to chuckle a bit at the report of how the parent company of the National Enquirer bought the story about Trump and the Playboy model, just to kill it. It's pretty well known that the head of the company is a Trump fan.....funny thing is, the official reason for killing the story was that it "wasn't credible".... Let that sink in for a moment....."not credible" enough for the National Enquirer....