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  1. CDC's List of Unique Experiences/Characteristics

    I once "saved" Doug Gilmour from a fat chick that was trying to drag him off to some house party. In my musical "career", I have opened for Trooper, Idle Eyes, Doug and the Slugs, Matt Minglewood, Delbert McClinton and McLean & McLean. (Twice) It's an eclectic mix... I played in a National Midget Hockey Championship in 1978. Didn't win. (Winning team got to travel to Bratislava for Worlds)
  2. Over the past few weeks I've heard conflicting reports on what Price wants. When the Cubbies "dropped out", we started hearing things like "the Jays are a much bigger player that you think" and that "Toronto is Price's preferred team", (paraphrasing) then a week later, we have Ken Rosenthal throwing cold water on the ideas, stating that the Jays "are not expected to be a major factor"... Honestly, I doubt that any of these "reporters" knows anything for sure and I think a lot of the speculation has to do with the fact that Toronto doesn't have the budget to match those of teams like the Red Sox and Dodgers. Personally, I think the Jays did get a leg up, thanks to the playoff run, but I believe that it is only a minor advantage. Money will always be a huge factor and I think in the case of older pitchers like Price and Greinke, term will also be huge. These guys are going to want to set themselves up for the rest of their careers. I too would not be surprised to see some sort of No Trade clause in any deal for DP. With all of those things in mind and considering that there will be new deals required for Bautista, Encarnacion and Donaldson in the not-too-distant future, I would still prefer to spend the money on a couple of second tier starters, like Gallardo, Zimmerman, Samardzija, or Mike Leake.
  3. Benning Linden and Willie

    The average fan is notoriously bad at judging the relative merits of NHL players, so it stands to reason that they'd be even worse at judging something like coaching, where the bulk of the action takes place behind the scenes and all they have to gauge their opinions on are results, which can be swayed by many factors that are out of the coach's control. I agree wholeheartedly with your suggestion that we as fans take a step back and allow the coach to develop a feel for the NHL game, much as we do the players. I believe that in the long run, it will be to the benefit of the franchise.
  4. Why I'm Canadian.... Why are you?

    Spider is another good Canadian choice. Not up there with Geddy, Stanley or Les Claypool, but I've seen him live several times and the guy can really shred.
  5. Benning Linden and Willie

    I was an AV supporter when many people here were crying for his head, but I'm of the opinion that the move was probably the best thing for both him and the team. It's certainly worked out well for the Rangers and I believe that in time, it will work out for the Canucks as well.
  6. If it Quacks like a Duck: WT?

    It's funny that one post after this someone claims that people "blindly support" Bieksa, when this is just blind criticism. Lets blame Juice for not being able to clear the puck when his defense partner is the one who teed it up for the Kings forward....
  7. For the "Lets Tank" Crowd

    I haven't visited this thread in a while, because I think that it's rehashing things that have already been said for the most part, but I take issue with people throwing the term "tank" around so freely. Just because a team has been bad for a few years or more, it doesn't mean they are tanking. Sometimes, teams are legitimately bad. Sometimes they draft poorly and sometimes they have goaltending/defensive issues that keep them from succeeding. What Buffalo did last season was tanking. They dumped almost all of their established players in an effort to get a franchise player in the draft. (which they did, even though it wasn't McDavid) What most of the teams mentioned in this thread have done is commit to a rebuild. The teams that have been really successful have managed to land two impact players in the short time that they were at, or near the bottom of the league. Chicago drafted Toews and Kane in successive years, while the Pens added Geno and Sid back to back and the Bolts got Stamkos and Hedman.  I for one think that a rebuild is in order and I believe that Canucks' management is doing so. They let guys like Richardson and Matthias walk and replaced them with young players. This is what I advocated doing last season and I disagree that doing so would have been "tanking".
  8. Where do the Canucks finish?

    10th, 11th....whatever. I said at the beginning of the season that they'd likely be a bubble team and IMO will finish just on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. I haven't really seen anything that makes me change my mind to this point.
  9. Benning Linden and Willie

    I was thinking much the same thing. Several of those complaints were regularly directed at AV... ...the same AV who took his team to the Cup finals the year after he was let go in Vancouver, the Conference finals the year after and who has his team first overall in the league as we speak. It's like death and taxes. CDC will always be full of people who "observe" coaching errors and they'll always think they know a lot more than they actually do.
  10. Well, I've been wrong before.... ...I think it was back in '96....
  11. NCAA football

    Well, a win is a win I suppose, but even as a die-hard Sooner fan, I have to admit that my boys were lucky on Saturday. Terrific first half and looked to be cruising to a win, then Mayfield is concussed and has to sit the second half. Enter former starter Trevor Knight and I figured a slight downgrade, but shouldn't be a problem. Problem was, Knight was terrible and the Frogs slowly chipped away until they scored the tying TD late in regulation. Correction: what should have been the tying TD. In what should earn him thousands of Christmas cards from Sooner fans, TCU head coach Gary Patterson decides to go for the win with a 2-pt conversion. The pass is knocked down by a Sooners defender and Oklahoma walks away with the win. Meanwhile, Baylor knocks off Oklahoma State, setting up the OU vs OSU match-up next week in Stillwater (home of the Cowboys) for the conference championship. The good news is that Mayfield has been cleared to practice and should play on Saturday. Oh yeah, and Ohio State lost as well!
  12. I still don't buy that Price is returning to the Jays and frankly, I'd prefer spending the money on a couple of younger arms, but in the scenario above, I'd move Hutch to the long reliever role. They're going to need someone in that spot with Hendricks' departure.
  13. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    Just in time for American Thanksgiving....
  14. Why I'm Canadian.... Why are you?

    I'm Canadian because I know what a chesterfield is (it's a couch)...I have had to plug my car in overnight, even though it wasn't an electric car...I build with drywall, not sheetrock...I understand that a robertson drill bit is far superior to a phillips and (most importantly) I have never uttered the phrase "Ice hockey". It's just "hockey". 
  15. [PGT] Nux 6-3 Hawks. Hat gate game

    That's why you always carry a 5$ bargain bin hat to a game. #alwaysbeprepared