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  1. Really? Did you know much about him before he said he was going to skip the inauguration? I have to confess that I don't follow US politics so closely that I'm overly familiar with the body of work of the representative from Georgia's 5th Congressional district. Personally, I have a lot of respect for someone who doesn't just lay down and say "oh well, the people have spoken" when he doesn't believe it to be the case. I find it far more telling about his character, than whether he might have misspoken about how often he's taken the stance. Yet another thing we'll have to agree to disagree on.
  2. I misstep for sure. However, I was responding to statement "When Republicans win...." and "zero credibility" comments.
  3. I'm going to respectfully disagree, Ryan. The Bush victory over Al Gore was viewed with a lot of controversy and not just by Lewis: While it's true that the Supreme court ultimately upheld the Bush election victory, I don't agree that Lewis has "zero credibility" for questioning it's validity.
  4. Most of the Cowboys roster is "unhateable"..... ....but then there's Jerry Jones.... BTW, @Tony Romo: Like you said, in no way did the Cowboys "blow it". They got beat by a throw from a great QB, a receiver who made a great play and a Kicker with ice water in his veins. Trust me, as a Bills fan, I know exactly what "blowing it" looks like...
  5. No big deal. There's a new one opening up in 5 days....
  6. I haven't bothered to comment much in this thread, because (predictably) a lot of people are treating it as a black and white situation, where there really should be a significant amount of grey... However, after reading your posts , I'd like to welcome you to the boards and thank you for offering a balanced point of view to such a polarizing situation. One suggestion, if I may: Try and separate your posts into paragraphs. You have some excellent points, but as someone who's been here for many years, I can tell you that a lot of people won't bother to read what looks to them like a "wall of text". (Even if it is a small, Un-Trump-like wall)
  7. My guess is that he opens with Red Solo Cup and closes with How Do You Like Me Now... Trump will later tweet how "Highly underrated" he is.
  8. I see that Jennifer Holiday has pulled out of singing at the inauguration. (Mind you, I saw it on, so it might be fake) It's all good though. Maybe Toby Keith can do two sets...
  9. Meh. I read it a lot and from what I see, they pretty much call it as they see it. But I doubt we'll ever agree on this one...
  10. Happy? No. Indifferent? Certainly. As long as someone (SNET) picked up the HNIC games, I'd be fine with it. There are lots of other news outlets that I trust.
  11. Shi Davidi with some info on the Jays' outfield situation. It might not make Bautista fans happy, but it makes sense to me: I'd still prefer to see a deal for Blackmon, but I'd be okay with Pagan otherwise.
  12. Yeah, I don't really buy "the CBC is left wing" mantra. I can see how some right-leaning people might think so, because people like Trump get so much negative press. However, I think this is more a case of a guy who does and says things newsworthy (whether good, or bad) on a daily, or sometimes hourly basis. Looking a for the past couple of days, I see a lot of stories critical of Justin Trudeau. I see the same on Certainly neither entity was kind to him when he spoke out in favor of Fidel Castro. Wait a minute, you make a statement without any evidence to back it up and that's "proof positive"? CBC sometimes advocates my views and sometimes it does not, however, it hardly means that I "love" it.
  13. I have to believe that this is something that Brook Jacoby has worked with him on, especially last season when they tried him at lead off. I'm hoping that it's something that you can learn and the KP shows improvement in the coming season. Whether he ever makes it back to the top of the order, I can't be anything but a positive if he starts taking his share of walks.
  14. Doesn't matter. Burnsie is worth 2 guys anyway....
  15. Pillar's biggest problem is that he has a terrible eye at the plate. If he could learn to lay of bad pitches and take the walks when they're there, the Jays wouldn't need to find a lead off guy.