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  1. CDC: Where someone putting a child up to making up a story about racism is plausible, but a child making up a story is not...
  2. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    5 million is a good price for Grandy. Not sure if he's the answer to our lead-off problems, but I think he replaces Bats' numbers from last year rather easily.
  3. Tennis

    Sadly, I think you guys are right. If he could have stayed healthy, he might have been able to take the next step. I think our Canadian hopes are on DS now....
  4. pc help if possible

    I think that's the best bet. It sounds like it's a pretty high end PS, so you might even be still under warranty. (Generally, everything is 1 year, but there are some higher end parts that carry three year warranties)
  5. pc help if possible

    It actually powers off, as opposed to freezing? If it's a heat issue I'd expect it to lock up. I'd suspect a problem with the power supply, or if you're really lucky, it could even be a power setting. Make sure it isn't set to sleep, or something like that.
  6. I suppose it all depends on how broad, or narrow your definition of racist is. I tend to agree with the findings in this article in the Times:
  7. Lets not forget: Trump is always going on about "Buy American", but he imported both of his wives....
  8. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    City finally loses. Gotta say, every time I see Mo Salah, he's scoring a cracker....
  9. NFL thread

    It's funny, because watching the replay of the attempted hit, that's exactly what ran through my mind...
  10. NFL thread

    Wow...watching that replay, Williams not only completely missed Diggs, he took out the only guy who might have had a chance to stop the TD...
  11. NFL thread

    What a pathetic attempt at a tackle.... Saints: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...
  12. If you say so. I'm of the opinion that every little bit helps. Some might consider it a "waste of taxpayer money", but IMHO, is far less wasteful than a 25 billion dollar wall that will have little, if any effect on illegal immigration.
  13. Let's terrify the people of Hawaii!

    Maybe. I just found it on Google images... The "Launch / lunch" thing was just too perfect, considering the porker who supposedly has the biggest button.
  14. So, when you say "they should leave it to the federal government", you mean they should accept it as a lost cause and do nothing? I disagree. Obviously, the lawsuit is going nowhere, but publicity stunt or not, it's got people talking about Climate Change. (like us, for example) It's off the back pages where the CC deniers and the Koch brothers want it to stay. Absent any concrete action, such as reducing carbon emissions (something some states have said they will pursue on their own, in spite of the Dotard's position) raising awareness is the next best thing. The key is for the American voters to realize what a colossal mistake they made by electing Trump and make sure he serves one term only. They can then vote in someone who takes this issue seriously and doesn't bow to the whims of billionaires who want to keep the country in the dark about Climate Change until it's too late to do anything about it.